Yu Mobile Price List

YU is the subsidiary brand of Micromax Informatics, it is the company that was created with an aim to provide a custom smartphone ecosystem. Yu Mobile users would have access to a range of exclusive services, which would allow them to store data, catch a cab, order food, and host things. All this can be accessed from the home screen of the custom interface.   

Here’s a whole YU mobile price list in India along with the information on where you could find the cheapest YU mobile in India online. The complete Yu mobile range can be shopped through our website, as we enlist where you can shop Yu phones. These handsets go on sale on various leading e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon India.

So, if you are looking to purchase a Yu mobile in India, we suggest you take a look at this Yu yureka mobile price list. We will be keeping this price list updated with latest and upcoming Yu mobiles in India. 

Yu Mobile Price List in India

  • Popularity
  • Price Low to High
  • Price High to Low
  • Yu×
  • Rs. 5490Rs. 5740
    Available in 1 Store
    • 2GB + 16GB
    • (8+5)MP + 5MP
    • 2230 mAh
  • Rs. 5990
    Available in 3 Stores
    • 2GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 5MP
    • 2500 mAh
  • Rs. 8899Rs. 12499
    Available in 3 Stores
    • 4GB + 32GB
    • 13MP + 5MP
    • 4000 mAh
  • Rs. 8199Rs. 14999
    Available in 3 Stores
    • 3GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 8MP
    • 4000 mAh
  • Rs. 6299
    Available in 3 Stores
    • 2GB + 8GB
    • 8MP + 2MP
    • 2000 mAh
  • Rs. 7999Rs. 14999
    Available in 3 Stores
    • 3GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 5MP
    • 3000 mAh
  • Rs. 5099
    Available in 2 Stores
    • 1GB + 8GB
    • 8MP + 2MP
    • 2000 mAh
  • Rs. 8999
    Available in 1 Store
    • 13MP +8MP
    • 4GB +32GB
    • 3200 mAh
  • Rs. 5999
    Available in 1 Store
    • 13MP +5MP
    • 2GB +16GB
    • 2500 mAh
  • Rs. 13999
    Available in 1 Store
    • 16MP +8MP
    • 4GB +64GB
    • 3930 mAh

Latest Yu Mobile Price List in India 2018

Yu Mobile Price List Price
Yu YuphoriaRs. 5490
Yu Yureka PlusRs. 5990
Yu YunicornRs. 8899
YU Yureka NoteRs. 8199
YU Yunique PlusRs. 6299
YU Yureka SRs. 7999
Yu YuniqueRs. 5099
Yu Yureka BlackRs. 8999
YU Yunique 2Rs. 5999
Yu Yureka 2Rs. 13999

All About YU Mobiles

YU Televentures was set-up as a subsidiary of the Micromax Mobile in 2014. Yu smartphones claims to empower its consumers with the freedom to choose and create their own experiences. The brand debuted its first device, Yureka with custom Android OS, CyanogenMod, which allowed users to develop themes, fonts, and easily modify developer level settings from one touch. Providing an experience like never before! But YU Mobile and Cyanogen parted away, and later YU had to create its own software interface, which reminisces the stock UI but claims to offer Cyanogen level customization. The initial YU handsets have seen tremendous response from the consumers. The brand has so far introduced a dozen handsets, apart from that they have a fitness band, power bank, mobile printer and a health device for measurement of body temperature, blood pressure, and ECG.

YU Mobiles Specifications

  • RAM:

    Yu Mobiles offer best in class RAM on their smartphones. According to the range, Yu handsets come equipped with the amount of RAM required to seamlessly run the device. The RAM is a significant part of the device configuration and company realizes that as they have provided the sufficient amount of it.

  • Processor:

    Talking about the processor on Yu Mobiles, the Indian smartphone maker has mostly opted for the Qualcomm chipsets as they offer higher performance, incredible battery efficiency and do support for high-end features. Whereas the MediaTek processors aren’t as quick in performance as they claim to be. Moreover, they don’t support high-end features, thus limiting the hardware support on a device. At least 3/4 of the Yu Mobile range comes equipped with a Qualcomm processor. Which is a great thing for consumers!

  • Display:

    How do you like your display? Sharp, elegant, and high in resolution? Then, Yu Mobiles have it for you. With a dozen devices in its inventory, Yu mobile has different types of displays to offer. They mostly utilize IPS LCD screen technology, unlike Samsung phones, which comes with Super AMOLED displays. The AMOLED technology is any day better than LCD when it comes to whites and blacks, but the color vibrancy is far better on an LCD screen as they offer broader color gamut. The screen size of the Yu Mobile ranges from 4.7-inches to 5.5-inches, which is an ideal size for a smartphone these days. Talking about the resolution, it starts at HD and goes up to 2K.

  • Camera:

    The camera specifications are quite important on a smartphone these days. The main reason behind that is a current generation of consumers who have totally replaced a digital camera with their smartphone camera. And that’s why the brands have begun to focus on offering improved rear and front camera experience. Whether you want to capture a beautiful scene or post a selfie on social media, smartphone cameras are quite handy and powerful. Yu Mobiles usually sports a 13-MegaPixel sensor on the rear and a 5-MegaPixel sensor on the front.

  • Battery:

    The battery life on YU Mobiles is claimed to be the best in class as the company focuses on offering efficient processors and optimizes interface processes to reduce power usage. Most of the YU mobiles comes equipped with at least 3000 mAh capacity battery, while the older generation models sported battery a capacity of around 2500 mAh. There are currently only two models that comes equipped with a 4000 mAh capacity battery. That is the highest capacity battery you can see in the YU mobile range.

Types of YU Mobiles

  • Entry Range:

    Yunique, Yunique Plus, Yuphoria and Yureka Plus - These are the four Yu Mobiles that are released by the Yu Televentures in the Indian market so far. Their entry level phones sport stunning design, best in class performance, an incredible set of cameras, and a software experience so brilliant that you’d never want to put down the phone.

  • Mid Range:

    This segment of Yu Mobiles starts around Rs 9K and goes up to Rs 14K. These handsets have made quite a mark in the industry. Offering a design that looks nothing short to a high-end premium, a performance that will take your gaming to next level, and battery life of a lifetime. Could the company have done any better than this! I guess not.

  • High-end Range:

    This is a range where currently only one model is housed. Yutopia comes equipped with high-resolution camera setup, massive RAM, flagship Qualcomm chipset, 2K resolution display, quick finger print sensor, and several other features. The company has promised to introduce an iteration every year. Let’s wait for the next batch of a flagship product.

Why are YU Mobiles different from other mobile phones?

YU has attracted a lot of audience because it claims to offer best in class software experience. Whether it's entry, mid, or high-end range, the company has a streamlined interface experience across its devices. YU mobiles give you the freedom to customize software experience, unlike any other mobile phones. And that is why it offers a unique experience.

Frequently Asked Question On YU Mobiles

  • 1. What is the warranty period of YU Mobile?

    Yu Televentures offers 12 months of warranty on their Yu mobile lineup in India. Under this period, users can get their handset repaired free of cost or replaced if need be. For more, read the warranty policy of the company on their official website in full detail.

  • 2. Will YU Mobile get Android 7.0 Nougat update?

    YU Televentures has not shared any details regarding the major software update on its Yu Mobiles lineup. Stay tuned on this, we will update once the information comes out.

  • 3. Does YU Mobile offer dual 4G SIM support?

    Yes. All the Yu Mobiles come with 4G support on dual SIM slots. You can insert the 4G SIM cards on both the slots and they’ll be detected.

  • 4. All YU Mobiles comes with fingerprint sensors?

    Not all of them. A Select range of handsets in the Yu mobile lineup comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor. You can filter this feature and find out currently how many Yu mobiles comes equipped with this feature.

  • 5. Can I expect official Cyanogen OS update on Yu mobiles?

    No. Cyanogen and YU Televentures have parted ways, which is why there won’t be any official updates. But you can surely side load the Cyanogen OS.

  • 6. Does Yureka Plus support USB OTG?

    Yes, Yureka Plus supports USB OTG.

  • 7. Does Yureka Plus support HD recording?

    Yes, it supports 1080p ( 30 fps ) and 720p ( 60 fps ) HD recording.

  • 8. Does YU Yureka Black phone comes with dual SIM slots?

    Yes. YU Yureka Black supports dual SIM slots, which means you can insert two SIM at a time on this Yu mobile.


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