XOLO Tablet Price List

XOLO is a sub-brand of the homeland smart devices brand ‘Lava International’, based out of Noida. Since its arrival in the Indian market, it has become a game changer. The brand has a stronghold in the market when it comes to the mid to high-end handset range. The brand is gaining recognition not just in the market but also in the minds of people. In the market when we look at the kinds of different users that we might find, at least a large number of users prefer knowing and trying out new and emerging brands. These users can be the ones who are keen on switching handsets very frequently or maybe the users who like to have secondary devices. Talking about having a secondary device for extra help, people globally like switching to feature phones because they serve good for talking and texting purposes and are easy to carry. But there are people who like to have yet another smartphone rather than a classic feature device. This category of people invests in mid-high level smart devices. 

Xolo has a very fresh and smart approach in the market. This brand offers new brand image by offering fresh designs, innovative features, and upgraded technology. The brand is taking user experience to another level altogether. Every generation of mobile users are enthused with Xolo and its super smooth flawless performance that it is offering through its feature phones, smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices. By gaining the trust of different segments of the consumer chain the brand is quickly moving towards a higher level of success. 

Since the establishment in 2012, Xolo has done some outstanding work, came up with brilliant collaborations and have created enviable gadgets. The brand till date has partnered with industry leaders like Intel, NVIDIA, Broadcom, AMD, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and MediaTek among other technology leaders. These partnerships have resulted in higher sales happy satisfied customers who seek for advancing technology. When the brand entered the Indian market as a fresher it took aggressive marketing strategies like TV commercials, internet marketing, newspaper advertising, and what not. Sponsored events and got recognition, within 6 years it reached a place that promises further growth at faster and positive pace. 

If we look at the strategy of Xolo, as a brand it believes that the smartphone experience is made of an impeccable balance in the right software and hardware. The fusion needs to be taken very seriously and needs to be trimmed as you climb the ladder of success gradually. The R&D team of Xolo is based in India and China and is day and night working towards the development of customizable software and high-end user experience. The development needs a high level of sincere dedication, which the brand has shown throughout these years and has resulted in being one of the most sought-after brands in the India market. The proprietary software platform of HIVE and the thought process of the software believe that the user should creatively contribute, the feedback from the users increase the creativity ratio and helps in adding new dimensions. The contributions help the makers to understand what the customers worldwide desire from their smart devices. For Xolo all that matters is, in the end, it delivers top-notch usage and ownership experience to its users at any cost, maybe this mantra has gotten the brand so further ahead in the game. 

The brand is known for bringing in new and unexpected devices, for example, Xolo was the brand to launch the very first dual camera phone in India. And also the collaboration with Flipkart and Snapdeal is still the most talked about Xolo. 

Looking at the timeline of what all achievements that Xolo has as a brand are talkable and are appreciated both by market critiques as well as its users worldwide. Starting with the release of world’s first smartphone powered by Intel the Xolo X900 on 23 April 2012. This handset was priced at INR 22,000 and had some fresh specifications which made this device a premium accessory. With this handset, Lava International commenced its long-term partnership with Croma, a national chain of consumer electronics and durables. 

Talking about the special ailments of this handset, the device featured the Intel Atom Z2460 processor with Intel hyper-threading technology and supported HSPA+ 3G connectivity. All the above specifications were making the gadget junkies go mad for the smartphone. The other specifications included a high-end 400MHz graphics support and full 1080p HD video encoding, which made this device a pro in the entertainment and gaming segments as well. Also, it featured an 8MP lens with digital zoom and Burst shots feature. With a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, it delivered a crisp visual experience and booted on Android Gingerbread and was designed to upgrade to Android Icecream shortly by a planned over-the-air software system. The duo of 1.6GHz Atom processor and hyper threading technology made smooth multitasking a possible. 

Moving ahead in December 2013 Xolo released India’s first (TDD-LTE) 4G smartphone the LT900 via Flipkart. This handset was the first in India to support a 4G TDD-LTE network and that upgraded the reputation and desirability of Xolo. LT900 was priced at INR 17,999 and as yet again proved to be a premium accessory in the market which was stated a must-have among the gadget lovers. The specifications included a 4.3-inch HD IPS One Glass solution display and a huge 1810mAh Li-ion battery that could provide life to the handset for long hours straight. With a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Dual-core processor coupled with 1GB RAM, this device from 5 years back can easily beat present devices in multi-tasking. The LT900 booted on Android 4.2 Jellybean and had a 384GHZ Adreno 225 GPU that provided sharp gaming experience. With an internal memory of 8GB that could be extended up to 32GB, the device did justice to its price. 

By 2014 the number of achievements was increasing at a fast pace. In 2014 Xolo came up with the world’s first lightest smartphone the XOLO Win Q900s, weighing only 100g. This smart device surprised the tech world and shook it quite hard. Then in the same year, Xolo became the first brand to become the regional partner for Liverpool Football Club in India, this step made the brand a personal favorite of all the football fans in India and increased the sale by a noticeable percentage. Later that year Xolo came up with its proprietary user interface platform HIVE. till 2014 The brand achieved immense success and is going strong since its establishment.

While talking about Xolo and the devices that it manufactures, how can one forget the tablets?

 Starting with the Xolo tablet price range of several tablets, all the tablets are aptly priced according to the specifications. The very first tablet was the Tegra 4, which was the world’s fastest 7-inch tablet powered by NVIDIA. The Xolo tablet price at its launch in 2013 was INR 17,999. 

The tablet got available online and on store immediately after its launch. The tablet claimed to be the world’s fastest tablet and it did prove to be right. The tablet specifications included a 7-inch HD LCD IPS display and was powered by 1.8GHz Tegra 4 processor. The tablet was powered by a 72-core GeForce GPU and a Quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU. Booting on Android 4.2 the updates were directly available from NVIDIA directly. With 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM, the tablet could be expanded up to 64GB via a microSD card.  The plus point was that this tablet weighed just 320 grams. This tablet was light and smart, had a sleek finish. The device got immediate popularity because of its high speed and effortless processing. 

The latest of the tablets that Xolo has released it the Xolo Win Tab. This Xolo Tablet price starts at INR 21,999 and it comes with Windows 8.1 pre-installed with Microsoft office. Xolo tablet specifications make the life easier for its users and is quite affordable if you have a mid-high level budget. 

Basically, Xolo is a loved India brand which not only created space for itself in the hearts of us Indians but also, globally. The brand stands for sincerity and dedication and will surely achieve much more in the coming years. 

XOLO is a sub brand of the Lava International Pvt. Ltd., which is a multi-national company based out of Noida, India. XOLO operates as a separate brand in the market and is popular for its online exclusivity. With less offline market promotion, it helps XOLO to aggressive price their smartphones in India. And with strong demand of affordable tablets in India, they have introduced a range of tablets as well. So, if are looking to buy Android tablet in India, then, XOLO is a brand to take look at. XOLO has partnered with pioneer processor manufacturers like Intel and AMD to introduce a powerful yet affordable tablet range. Whether you are looking to buy a tablet for streaming Netflix on the go or play graphic intensive games, then, XOLO tablet price list is for you. Talking about the cost of ownership, XOLO tablet price starts at Rs 9700, which is quite generous for the specifications it offers.

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XOLO Tablet Price List in India

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XOLO Play Tegra NoteRs. 16973
XOLO Tab 8 QC800Rs. 9700
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