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Washing machine is now an integrated part of our lives. You find an advanced machine in a laundromat and at a residence too. Washing machines in India have evolved a long way since their inception in India. In the early days, there were not many washing machine brands and the options too were limited. There was a time when a certain washing machine was considered exotic if it came with a dryer outside the primary tub. And today, a basic washing machine comes with facilities and features that will leave one baffled.

A washing machine is a cleaning mechanism that uses water as its agent unlike the dry-cleaning method of washing clothes and apparel. In the nascent stages of the washing machine, the cleaning process was done with wooden panels and the whole unit was set up with wood. This structure evolved to steel units with closed tops that were kept on a constant low flame to keep the water in the unit warm.

It was not until the world war II that the washing machines industry took a revolutionary turn. After the attack on the Pearl Harbor, the finances to the washing units were suspended to manufacture more arms from the government. However, private institutions were given the freedom to conduct their research and take over this space. This moment was the time that changed the washing machines industry as people understood the potential this market had to offer.

But again, we are a long way from there and the evolution is at such a scale that numerous models have now emerged and getting to know them takes some time. In this plethora of options for you to choose from? What parameters would you choose to find to the best washing machine in India?  Would you go with the newly launched best top load washer 2017 or would you opt for the most reliable washing machine?

So, to introduce to you to the world of washing machines, the brands, the types, and their respective washing machine price list, we have classified out a catalog of ‘em and come up with this.

Types of washing machine:
To break this down for you. In the current industry, there are 2 two types of washing machine an individual or a commercial agency can buy and they are:

Top load washing machines
Front load washing machines

Best washing machine in India 2016 (Top load):
Top load washing machines in India have been around for a while. The incumbent players in this space where brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida, Videocon, and a few others. However, in the 21st century, there are very few players who are still acing the game and a lot of new guns have joined the league too in India. So here we have a list of the best washing machine in India 2016 & early 2017.

5 Best top loading washing machines in India 2016:

Best top load washing machines in India 2016 are comparatively cheaper than the front load washing machines. Hence getting yourself, a fully automatic top load washing machine will not be a very expensive affair when compared to the those of front load models. So, in this list of best top load washing machines in India 2016, we have begun from the highest price and come down to the lowest. Al of these provides the best value for money (According to us).

IFB is one of the best top load washing machines brands in India and also excels in the front load sector. IFB TL85SCH is one of the most expensive top load fully automatic washing machine and is priced at INR 30,189. This one features 8 wash modes, 2 years warranty, an intelligent LCD display unit, Water inlet selection and a lot more under its hood.

#2 Whirlpool 8KG:
This whirlpool best top load washing machine is an ideal choice for those users who have a fairly large family (In this context: more than 4 people). The load capacity of 8KG delivers a large wash load and hence eliminates from keeping the washing machine in use for long hours. The 360-tumble wash and various wash modes make this an ideal choice if you are looking to get yourself one of the best top load washing machine in India 2016.

#3 Samsung WA11J5750SP/TL 11KG:
The load capacity for this washing machine is incredibly high and is currently the highest in the list. Samsung washing machines in India have been proved to be one of the best washing machine companies that provide value for money, great post-sale service, and long product life.  This washing machine offers a 10year warranty on the motor, a 2year warranty on the overall device, multiple wash modes, eco tub clean, and a few more exciting features that will make you choose this. It is currently priced at INR 35,000 and is available with all the major online merchants.

#4 LG T1077TEEL1 9KG:
LG has a range of fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines in its front and best top load washing machines in India 2016. This is comparatively expensive when compared to what its competitors have to offer. This LG washing machine in India surely looks smaller on figures but compensates for it with features like Turbo drum, jet spray plus, and smart closing door. If you are looking to get yourself a high-end LG top load washing machine, this is an option you should consider putting on your list.

#5 Fisher&Paykel WA85T60FW1 8.5KG:
Fisher&Paykel is a new contender that has joined the club to win it’s the throne and be called the best washing machine in India 2016. While this is the most expensive product in the list of, its value for money does not reach the same ranks.

Fully automatic washing machines:

A fully automatic washing machine in India can be classified in two major brackets. They are front-load fully automatic washing machine and top load fully automatic washing machine (s). There are a variety of fully automatic washing machine manufactured by brands like LG, Samsung, Whirl Pool, IFB, Bosch, Lloyd, and more.  Here we have classified the best fully automatic washing machines depending on their brand and type.

5 Best fully automatic top load washing machine, Cost, and specifications:

#1 Haier HWM58-020 5.8KG:
Haier washing machines have been around in every household and commercial units for a prominent amount of time. Haier is known for the brand, the value for money it provides, and all of this is topped by the reliability it gets to the table. This 5.8KG best fully automatic top load washing machine comes with 6 wash programs, Rust-free body, digital display, a double spin tub for that extra clean finish and quick wash. If you are looking at the catalog of the best fully automatic top load washing machines, this one can you be yours at a price of INR 11,990.

#2 Whirlpool White Magic 6.2KG:
Whirlpool electronics is a home appliance manufacturer that provides Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Kitchen appliances and washing machines. There are a variety of top load and front load washing machines that Whirlpool manufactures. The Whirlpool White Magic 6.2KG is one of the best fully automatic top load washing machine. This is priced at INR 13,999 and gets to the table 2 year comprehensive warranty, Spa wash system, four wash programs,  Agipeller with Spa drums, a steel drum and intangible values like value for money, reliability, and trust over the brand.

#3 Godrej WTA 640 EL 6.4KG:
This one is one of those best fully automatic top load washing machines that comes to you with 10-year warranty at no additional cost. This top load fully automatic washing comes with durable exterior and rust-free interiors. Featuring 4 wash modes, Auto memory restart, 4 water levels and intelligent wash, the Godrej washing machine is an ideal choice for those who are looking to get a washing machine to cater to the laundry needs of 3-4 people.

#4 LG 6.2KG:
Lucky GoldStar gets to you the best fully automatic top load washing machine in the market in the price range of washing machines under 20000. This one is priced at INR 14,999 and at the price marked it offers a Turbo Drum, Punch Plus 3 pulsator, Magic Filter and Auto-restart along with 8 wash modes and 2-year warranty on the body and 10-year warranty on the motor.  Thus, making it one of the best LG fully automatic washing machine.

#5 Haier 7.2KG:
This one is another entry from Haier washing machines. This top load washing machine features a few more add-ons than the previous one from the house of Haier in the list of the best fully automatic top load washing machines. This is currently priced at INR 18,999 and gets you elegance in the form of 8 wash programs, Near Zero pressure technology and Double spin drum, Air dry technology, Double magic filter, and 2-year warranty on the device.

5 Best fully automatic front load washing machine (s) under 20000

A Front load washing machine has always been doing something more than catering to your laundry needs and that something more is bringing in finesse while doing it. Front load washing machines are more elegant and classy in terms of physical appeal when compared to top load washing machines. Here we have curated a list of washing machines that are front load machines and are also light on your pocket.

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Washing Machine Price List In India

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  • Whirlpool(22)
  • Fully Automatic Front Load(133)
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  • 8 KG and Above(88)
  • Below 6 KG(21)
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  • Built In Heater(94)
  • Child Lock(224)
  • Digital Display(211)
  • Door Lock(17)
  • Shock Proof(35)
  • Self Cleaning Tub(28)
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    Latest Washing Machine Price in India 2018

    Washing Machine PricePrice
    IFB TL80SDG 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 27499
    Samsung WA62H4000HD/TL 6.2 Kg. Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 21080
    Bosch WAB16160IN 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine (WAB16160IN)Rs. 26480
    Bosch WAK20167IN 6.5Kg Fully-automatic Washing MachineRs. 27240
    Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL 6.5 Kg Semi-automatic Twin-tub Washing MachineRs. 11299
    LG P8837R3S 7.8Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 14400
    LG T7577TEELK 6.5Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 28999
    Weston WMI-803 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WMI-803)Rs. 9800
    LG T9003TEELK 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 26944
    Bosch WAX16160IN 5.5 Kg Front Load Washing MachineRs. 25001