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VU is an Indian manufacturing unit that is linked to Zenith India group. While Zenith India aims at providing electronic equipment like the mouse, Keyboards, LCD screens to the masses at a very reasonable price, VU aims in to bring innovative luxury products to its users at a very reasonable price. VU is currently headed by Devita Saraf.  VU smart TV featured 4K LED TVs in India in 2015.

The television market in India

Gone are those days of black and white televisions that once gratified the needs of people of the nation. With the arrival of advanced technology and multinational manufacturers offering feature-loaded televisions at an affordable price, smart TVs are the most sought-after television models of today. While both the rural and urban sectors have been observing growth in terms of being digitally connected, televisions undoubtedly play a significant role in daily life. Smart televisions today, along with their fast speed processor and cutting-edge technology, unravel the opportunity for users to enjoy a diverse range of activities like playing games, watching videos online, and staying connected to the world with the help of Wi-fi. Some of the most popular TV brands that dominate the Indian market scenario include Samsung, LG, Onida, and Panasonic. However, the India-based VU TV has been able to offer immense satisfaction to customers in compliance with their unsurpassed quality offered at low VU tv prices.

About the company

Established in the year 2006 by Devita Saraf, VU Television was launched with the aim of launching the first high-tech brand for youth. This India-based LED TV and display manufacturer takes pride in being able to develop products in compliance with human factors approach which was brought into existence by the MIT Media Lab, Boston. After having a turnover of INR 1 Billion in the year 2012, the company introduced ultra-high-definition-television. Being the largest selling brand across e-commerce platforms in India, the brand is now available in 60 countries. The company is estimated to generate sales of INR 8.5-9 billion by 2018. Offering unmatched quality products at an affordable price, they have become one of the most popular brands in the nation.

Here is the list of tv models offered by VY at affordable VU tv price along with their specifications:

Quantum Pixelight HDR Supreme:

VU (75) 190cm Quantum Pixelight HDR Supreme: Offered at high-end VU tv price of INR 2,09,999, this model amalgamates captivating metal design while engrossing the user with innovative features crafted to add convenience. While vivid colours and visuals are guaranteed by the incorporation of Quantum Pixelight Optical layer that controls multiple zones backlight, the presence of local dimming HDR technology embraces the user with images as they are in reality. Besides having 55000 sound holes on the metal front speaker that create an immersive audio experience, it features audio technology from Dolby digital and Dbx-tv. Helping the user watch movies, videos, and television shows at ease, this television features one-touch access. Other features include HDMI ports, USB, tabletop mount, 4K upscaling, HEVC decoder and so on.

VU (65) 163cm Quantum Pixelight HDR Supreme: Priced at VU tv price of INR 1,04,999, this model has been engineered to mesmerize the user with aesthetically pleasing appearance and an unmatched performance. Made of metal, this model has made the daunting task of accessing 4K content available online easier than ever. Besides being user-friendly, it comes adorned with 50000 sound holes that efficiently gift the user with clear and rich sound. The very presence of QLED ensures better picture in compliance with widened colour gamut and accurate image. Unsurpassed quality watching experience is ensured with this model by bringing together so many cutting-edge technologies.

Pixelight HDR 4K Smart:

VU (75) 190cm Pixelight 4K HDR Smart LED TV: Eliminating all dissatisfactions related to resolution, this model seeks to offer refined viewing experience with the help of a number of features including A+ grade pure prism panel. The addition of minimalist finishing along with the aluminium metal frame adds to the interior. Unraveling the rejuvenating avenue for one to enjoy the highest quality audio, this model brings in the benefits of Total Sonics, Total Surround and Total Volume. While a glitch-free watching experience is guaranteed with the presence of fast processor, screen mirroring and sharing easily enable viewers to watch content shared from smartphone. The beauty of this device is that it soothes the eyes by offering smoother motion transitions with the help of motion estimation and compensation algorithm. It has been priced at VU tv price of Rs 2,50,000.

VU (65) 163cm Pixelight 4K HDR Smart LED TV: Taking television watching experience to a whole new level, this model relies on premium design and smart operating system that ensures faster booting. In a bid to gift the user with the topmost picture quality and clarity, this device comes equipped with dbx-TV Dolby sound that makes the user feel as if they are right in the middle of the action. Featuring pre-licensed Youtube and Netflix, it supports cloud storage in order to facilitate the user to watch videos from Dropbox. Dimming specific areas on the screen in compliance with the Ultra Dimming technology, this device ultimately makes it possible for the user to have a mesmerizing visual experience. It has been made available at VU tv price of Rs 1,16,000.

VU (55) 140cm Pixelight 4K HDR Smart LED TV: Starting at inexpensive VU tv price of Rs 64,000, this model has been recognized as one of the most popular in its category due to the top-notch quality visual it offers and comforts it adds to one’s life at a moderate price. Catering to the need of having perfect, detailed, and beautiful pictures, this device has been crafted to redefine the decor. An immersive audio experience is guaranteed by the presence of dbx-TV and Dolby both of which accompany the breathtaking visuals. Manufactured to be ideal for game lovers, this model comes loaded with 30 games in HD resolution. Rendering images as accurate as in reality, this model brings the absolute celebration to home.

Another model (s) available in this category are as follows:

VU (50) 127cm Pixelight 4K HDR Smart LED TV (Rs 57,000)

Iconium 4K Smart:

VU (55) 140cm Iconium Series UHD TV: Offered at economic VU tv price of Rs 64,000, this model takes pride in being one of those 5% television models that have passed A+ grade rating. The classical elegance that it brings with the help of Piano Black design is second to none. The strategic incorporation of the in-built box speakers paves the path for the user to stay engrossed with real stadium surround sound experience. Featuring VU Smart Control, this device lets the user be at the top of the game as one can control the television even from the cell phone. In order to feed the Indian video content hungry audience, it has amalgamated some of the most viewed channels like Hungama, Eros Now, so on and so forth. Further addition of wifi and ethernet connectivity gifts the user with smart access to numerous applications.

VU (49) 124cm Iconium Series UHD TV: Being one of the flagship models of the Iconium 4K Smart series, this model maintains the integrity of picture while featuring modern appearance. Made to be efficient enough to create more stereo separation than any traditional television, this model features inbuilt box speakers which offer unmatched quality audio experience. It takes pride in being the first smart television that has been manufactured to support PC casting at ease. The inclusion of Opera tv store facilitates the user with a diverse range of cloud based apps that offer both infotainment at a touch. It also reveals the opportunity for the user to enjoy ADS technology which guarantees high transmittance of every picture. It comes at VU tv price of Rs 50,000.

VU (43) 109cm Iconium Series UHD TV: This next-to-life television intends to gratify the desire of the user to have breathtaking pictures, immersive audio and overall unparalleled experience. While the integrity in picture is achieved with the inclusion of the A+ grade panel, the presence of PopSmart operating system ensures easy-to-use interface and smart operation. Made available at economic VU tv price of Rs 42,000, this device has been made to be adept enough at adjusting and repairing any sort of colour deviation in order to offer vivid colour and images. The dynamic contrast is further accompanied by proprietary motion enhancement function.

Premium Smart TV:

Premium Smart (49) 124cm Full HD LED TV: Priced at competitive VU tv price of Rs 50,000, this model has the efficiency to stand apart from the crowd, thanks to incorporation of a number of breathtaking features. Besides achieving integrity in picture quality, this television also embraces the user with DTS sound. While the linear user interface facilitates the users with user-friendliness, the screen mirroring option makes it easy for one to have the content shared from smartphone via LAN or wifi. The quad-core CPU game centre comes preloaded with 30 games that are ideal for those who wish to stay entertained round the clock. Incorporation of 1:1 Pixel Mapping processor paves the path for one to have increased sharpness and accuracy when any gadget is connected to this device as the device can match the resolution of the gadget without any problem at all.

Premium Smart (43) 109cm Full HD LED TV: Made available at economic VU tv price of Rs 38,500, this model doesn’t only come equipped with A+ grade panel but also features piano black design which is synonymous to elegance. Relying on the fastest processing speed and enhanced operating system, this device offers unmatched viewing experience. Apart from featuring pre-licensed Netflix and Youtube, this device rejuvenates the user with screen mirroring from mobile devices as well. Facilitating the user with smoother transition, it provides the user with smooth motion rate which makes the entire visual experience even more soothing.

Other model(s) available in this Premium Smart Tv series include:

Premium Smart (32) 80cm HD LED TV (Rs 20,000)

PopSmart TV

VU (49) 124cm PopSmart Full HD LED TV: Combining an immersive audio experience along with aesthetically satisfying appearance and smart operating system, this model has been recognized for the picture quality that it offers. Designed to be able to change its brightness and contrast in compliance with the dynamic contrast feature, this model also comes embellished with ADS panel that guarantees the sharpest images even in bright light. This PopSmart Full HD LED TV takes pride in having digital noise reduction feature which reduces noise and disturbance, thanks to the advanced TV processing algorithms. Other features that come with this include PC connectivity, network ethernet port, smart control media sharing, so on and so forth. It has been made available at VU tv price of Rs 44,500.

Other models offered in this series include:

VU (43) 109cm PopSmart Full HD LED TV (Rs 37,500)

VU (32) 80cm PopSmart HD LED TV (Rs 22,000)

Here are the models offered by VU in its Play Series:

VU Play (55) 140 cm Full HD LED TV (Rs 45,000)

VU Play (50) 127 cm Full HD LED TV (Rs 39,000)

VU Play (49) 124 cm Full HD LED TV (Rs 39,000)

VU Play (43) 109 cm Full HD LED TV (Rs 33,000)

Why buy VU TV

Thousands of users have preferred VU over other brands when it comes to purchasing televisions. Here is why VU remains one of the most sought after brands in India:

Immersive Audio Experience: Helping people to experience audio like never before, the tv models offered by VU at affordable VU tv price come adorned with cutting-edge audio technology. VU caters to the need of everyone irrespective of whether one is in search of Total Sonics or stadium surround sound.

Pre-licensed Netflix and Youtube: In order to help users quench the thirst of watching outstanding content, tv models offered by VU at affordable VU tv price come adorned with pre-licensed Netflix and Youtube.

Quality Visual: Paving the path for one to have accurate images as they are in reality, the VU tv models deploy some of the most superior technologies available.

Where to buy VU televisions from

While one can easily get to know about the exclusive VU stores from the official website, one can also rely on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart in order to purchase VU tv models at economic VU tv price. However, one should always make purchase from authorized dealers only.

VU wanted to increase their reach online and reduce their retail store presence as much as possible, as supplying customer’s online ensured that the costs of the product went down by 35-40%.  VU 40 inch smart led tv was one of their products that was launched in this venture.

The VU 102cm (40) ultra hd (4k) smart led tv is one of the popular products from the house of VU. Scroll through the catalog of VU smart TVs here. Our comparison tools and TV finders help you get the find a product that fits your needs while giving your the best prices from various merchants.

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Latest Vu Television Price List in India 2018

Vu Television Price ListPrice
Vu 50K160GP 50 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 36999
Vu LTDN65XT780XWAU3D 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV Rs. 106999
Vu LED55uH8475 55 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 49999
Vu 24JL3 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 9999
Vu H75K700 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV Rs. 199999
Vu 32K160M 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 13700
Vu 43S6535 43 Inch UHD Smart LED TV Rs. 39799
Vu 32D6475 32 Inch HD Ready Smart LED TV Rs. 15499
Vu 40D6575 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 17999
Vu 49D6575 49 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 26999