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Vizio Tablets are manufactured by Vizio Inc. which is a private American company headquartered in California.  The company was started in 2002 with employees and now the net value of the organisation is more than 700 million US dollars. Vizio is a major manufacturer of HD Tv’s, Sound bars, Recorders and other home entertainment based electric equipment.  Vizio competes with Swipe Tablets and BSNL Tablets in the tablet space.

Vizio has launched 2 of its models in the tablets space in India. The Vizio Dongle Tab VZK01 and the Vizio 3D Wonder Tablet. Both of the models are available in India and the Vizio tablets are priced at less than INR 3000.

The Vizio Tablet Costco is one of the products that Vizio launched and had positive reviews around the world, especially in the US. The specs of the Vizio tablet Vizio 3D Wonder Tablet are efficient for the price tag. It comes with 4GB ROM and has an option to expand up to 32GB. The 3600 mAh battery provides adequate battery life for your binge watch videos and hog on your favourite games.

This Vizio tablet reviews were positive as the product was an ideal example for value for money and the 7 inch LCD screen displayed a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

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Vizio Tablet Price List in India

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