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  • Rs. 20175
    Available in 1 Store
    • 2GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 8MP
    • 2600 mAh
  • Rs. 19499Rs. 32980
    Available in 2 Stores
    • 2GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 5MP
    • 2300 mAh
  • Rs. 11980
    Available in 2 Stores
    • 1GB + 4GB
    • 8MP + 5MP
    • 1900 mAh
  • Rs. 12999
    Available in 2 Stores
    • 2GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 5MP
    • 2720 mAh
  • Rs. 10935Rs. 13490
    Available in 2 Stores
    • 3 GB + 16 GB
    • 13 MP + 5 MP
    • 2730 mAh
  • Rs. 7500
    Coming Soon
    • 1 GB + 16 GB
    • 5 MP + 2 MP
    • 1900 mAh
  • Rs. 8990Rs. 9990
    Available in 1 Store
    • 2 GB + 16 GB
    • 8 MP + 5 MP
    • 2500 mAh
  • Rs. 13990Rs. 14990
    Available in 1 Store
    • 3 GB + 32 GB
    • 13 MP + 16 MP
    • 3000 mAh
  • Rs. 16999
    Coming Soon
    • 4 GB + 32 GB
    • 13 MP + 16 MP
    • 2930 mAh
  • Rs. 37000
    Coming Soon
    • 6 GB + 128 GB
    • 12 MP + 5 MP
    • 4080 mAh
  • Rs. 9999
    Coming Soon
    • Rs. 26899
      Coming Soon
      • Rs. 29990
        Coming Soon
        • Rs. 22990Rs. 25990
          Available in 1 Store
          • (20+8)MP +16MP
          • 4GB +64GB
          • 3055 mAh
        • Rs. 17800
          Coming Soon
          • 13MP +16MP
          • 4GB+32GB
          • 3000 mAh
        • Rs. 29990
          Coming Soon
          • 16MP +20MP
          • 4GB +64GB
          • 3320 mAh
        • Rs. 14990
          Available in 2 Stores
          • 13MP +16MP
          • 3GB +32GB
          • 3000 mAh
        • Rs. 31999
          Coming Soon
          • (13+5)MP + (8 +5)MP
          • 6GB +64GB
          • 4000 mAh
        • Rs. 8490
          Coming Soon
          • 13MP +20MP
          • 4GB +64GB
          • 3000 mAh
        • Rs. 21999
          Coming Soon
          • (13 +13 ) MP +20MP
          • 6GB +128GB
          • 4500 mAh
        • Rs. 14999
          Coming Soon
          • 13MP +16MP
          • 4GB +32GB
          • 4200 mAh
        • Rs. 22990
          Coming Soon
          • 16MP +24MP
          • 4GB +64GB
          • 3225 mAh

        Latest Vivo Mobile Price in India 2017

        Vivo Mobile Price Price
        Vivo XshotRs. 20175
        Vivo X5 MaxRs. 19499
        Vivo Y22Rs. 11980
        Vivo V1 MaxRs. 12999
        Vivo Y55sRs. 10935
        Vivo Y25Rs. 7500
        Vivo Y53Rs. 8990
        Vivo Y66Rs. 13990
        Vivo Y67ARs. 16999
        Vivo Xplay 6Rs. 37000

        Best Upcoming Vivo Mobile Phones

        All About Vivo Mobiles

        The leading global smartphone maker saw its inception in 2009. It is a subsidiary of the BBK Electronics group based out of Guangzhou, China. This group also owns the brands like OPPO and OnePlus. The company made it to the top 10 smartphone makers in the world list in the first quarter of 2015. Apart from China and India, the company has expanded to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Vivo leverages the title sponsorship of leagues and world cup matches for cricket and football to gain a strong offline presence in the market. The company has already bagged title sponsorship for four consecutive years of IPL (Indian Premier League), they would be heading the title sponsorship for FIFA 2018 and 2022 World Cup as well, which is a huge event.

        Vivo Mobile Specifications

        • RAM:

          The time has gone when Vivo thought to offer 1GB and 2GB RAM is fine. Nowadays, the company leads the market 3GB and 4GB RAM enabled smartphone range. While the 2GB RAM models are still alive and kicking at the entry level, you won’t find them in the mid or higher range models. RAM is one of the important aspects of the smartphone that you would find responsible for multitasking at large. Thus, these days a powerful processor is accompanied by either 3GB or 4GB RAM.

        • Processor:

          As a cost cutting measure, Vivo mobiles usually gets equipped with MediaTek processor, while other times you can see them sport Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Both the chipsets makers supply Octa-core processors to the smartphone manufacturer for their handsets. The graphics processing unit with Qualcomm is Adreno, while MediaTek is coupled with Mali graphics processor. They handle graphics intensive tasks on Vivo mobile phones.

        • Display:

          As you will hear from this anyone, the display is one of the significant factors that makes a smartphone good or bad in terms of the experience. You will see Vivo mobile phones sports displays resolution from HD to 2K. But these handsets mostly comes equipped with HD and Full HD resolutions. Sporting Corning gorilla protection for scratch resistance surface, some handsets come equipped with 2.5D curved glass. That’s one of the reasons why the design of the Vivo phones is quite beautiful.

        • Camera:

          The camera department is where Vivo excels with its selfie camera experience. One of its kind in the industry, Vivo has introduced dual front facing the camera for DSLR like bokeh effects on your selfie portraits. Reimagining the camera experience for the selfie lovers, the company has also introduced high-resolution front sensors on some of the handsets. It is unbelievable how front camera is packed with more features than the rear on Vivo mobile phones. Just fascinating stuff!

        • Battery :

          The battery life is an aspect that can’t be ignored. And that’s why Vivo mobile phones come equipped with proprietary fast charging called VOOC. Most of the Vivo comes with this fast charging technology, independent of the chipset maker. The battery capacity is almost constant on all Vivo mobile phones as they revolve around 3000 mAh capacity. Vivo is yet to introduce a handset in India with 4000 mAh capacity battery.

        Types of Vivo Mobiles

        • V Series:

          This is the series of handsets that company keeps highlighted. They are mostly marketed in the mid-range segment and sometimes in mid-higher range. The V Series of handsets from the house of Vivo sports premium metal unibody design. They come equipped with best features such as a processor, cameras, high capacity RAM and storage, and good battery life. You can’t argue for the price they come at, as they tend to offer a premium look and finish. V is for the flaunt!

        • X Series:

          The ultimate flagship series with high-end performance and specifications are all what this lineup is about. The X Series initially focused on the design, as it used to offer slim body models. But that has been changed looking at the requirements of the consumers. They now focus on better performance with top notch processors and high amount of RAM at play. If you are looking for unmatched performance in a handset from the house of Vivo, then, the Vivo X series could be your choice.

        • Y Series:

          The Vivo Y series of handsets are designed for the youth generation. Sporting stylish elegant look, best in class specifications, and intuitive software interface allows it to capture the hearts of the teenagers. The Y series of Vivo handsets come with an outstanding configuration that seek performance and power. The smartphone in this section enables users to make the most of the entertainment on the go with expandable storage up to 256GB on all Y series of handsets.

        Why are Vivo Mobiles different from other mobile phones?

        Vivo Mobile offers a selfie experience that no other mobile phone possibly can. The dual cameras on the front offer wide angle shots, bokeh effects, and high-resolution details capture than any smartphone could offer. Vivo mobile has mastered the selfie experience alongside maintaining the expertise on design, performance, and charging technologies.

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        Frequently Asked Question On Vivo Mobiles.

        • 1. Will Vivo mobiles receive Android 7.0 OS Nougat update?

          The company hasn’t promised anything related to the Nougat based FunTouch OS update yet. You have to stay tuned as we update the information regarding this.

        • 2. Do Vivo mobile phones offers LED notification light?

          Yes. Most of the Vivo phones comes LED notification light. It helps in understanding whether you have received a notification or not when your device is in silent. This way you don’t miss out on checking the notifications.

        • 3. Can I insert my 4G SIM card on a Vivo mobile to use it?

          This would depend, although, all of the new Vivo mobiles comes with 4G LTE support, some of the old models, if you are purchasing them, then, do check our website to know about whether they come equipped with a 4G network support or not.

        • 4. Can Vivo V5s charge as fast as other Vivo mobiles?

          Since Vivo V5s doesn’t come with VOOC fast charging support, it won’t charge a fast as other VOOC enabled Vivo mobiles.

        • 5. Can I record a 4K video using Vivo mobile?

          No, you can’t. The Vivo mobile doesn’t come equipped with a camera lens that can support a 4K video recording.

        • 6. Can I change the Screen Unlocking Theme?

          Yes you can. Just go to i Theme, then go to Local Lock Screen, then select a new method. You can also get numerous lock screens online at i Theme. Just download from there and set it.


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