Videocon Television Price List

Videocon Industries Limited is consumers electronics manufacturer founded in 1979. The company started with manufacturing picture tubes and their own CRT Televisions. They have grown with the TV industry as it transitioned to LED Technology. Being touted as the third largest picture tube manufacturer in the world,  the company has 17 manufacturing plants including India, Mainland China, Mexico, Italy, and Poland. Today Videocon LED TVs are available in the market in a wide variety ranging from Curve TV, Smart TV, DDB LED TV to Windows Powered TV.

The television market in India

Television has always been a crucial part of daily life as it reveals the scope for one to stay both informed and entertained. The television market in India has been observed to grow in recent years with the rapid adoption of digital technologies, reduced broadband tariff, declining prices of LED components and so on. While the Indian television market is estimated to cross $9 billion by the year 2021, the number of DTh users is expected to reach 62 million. While some of the most dominating companies include Samsung, Sony, LG and so on, the India-based Videocon has been able to meet the expectation of users by offering innovative technological features at affordable videocon tv price.

About the company

The India-based Videocon Industries Limited came into existence in the year 1979 and was founded by Venugopal Dhoot. Taking pride in being the third largest picture tube manufacturer across the globe, the company today is $5 billion global conglomerate. Offering superior quality products in the domain of consumer electronics and home appliances, this company has 17 manufacturing units within India along with plants in Mexico, Mainland China, Poland and Italy.

Here is the list of different TV models offered by Videocon at affordable videocon tv price along with their specifications:


VRC55QA49SA: This 139cm 4K ultra HD television has been designed to be synonymous with colour, clarity and detail. Priced at high-end videocon tv price of Rs 94,990, this model is adept at offering crisp images with 8.3 megapixels. This smart TV paves the path for one to enjoy browse the internet as well as enjoy content available on the internet. Besides coming equipped with enhanced features like borderless screen and screen mirroring, it facilitates the user with HDMI-CEC with the help of which one can easily engage into the immersive audio-visual experience with the content available on different devices. Featuring 1.07 billion colours, this model comes with dynamic contrast, 400 nits brightness, selectable picture modes and so on.

VRC5QA49SA: Coming with the 123cm display, this 4K ultra HD television comes with an aesthetically pleasing look while embracing the user with a plethora of features crafted to take the entire audio-visual experience to an entirely new level. Made to be efficient enough to offer 4 times more pixels than full HD, this curved LED model unravels the rejuvenating avenue for one to enjoy online content at ease. Priced at videocon tv price of Rs 76,990, this device also has been embellished with features like borderless screen and screen mirroring as well. The presence of selectable sound modes like news, movie, music, standard and user makes it easier for the user to feel the real excitement. Connectivity features present in this phone include USB 2.0, HDMI, RF IN, AV-IN, USB Input 3.0 and so on.

VRC43QA49SA: This 108cm 4K Ultra HD TV presents one with the opportunity to stay engrossed with accurate details and pristine images. Besides aiding one to stay connected to the realm of social media and VOIP services like Skype, this device also empowers one with the capacity to connect and share data across devices. Made available at videocon tv price of Rs 64,990, this model comes with 1.07 billion display colours, dynamic contrast and 350 nits brightness. The strategic inclusion of auto volume leveller along with selectable sound modes makes it possible for one to have unsurpassed quality audio.


VRP32HH23XAJ: Offered at affordable videocon tv price of Rs 28,990, this device relies on the Eyeconiq engine in a bid to offer optimized skin tones as well as sharper images. Manufactured with Gaussian, colour and other noises, this model unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for one to have seamless performance. Made to be adept at doing USB to USB file transfer, it helps one to stay connected with other devices for the sake of staying entertained. Producing 1.04 million pixels, it paves the path for one to relish an enhanced viewing experience. The inclusion of the 7 bands graphic equalizer offers absolute engrossment by providing one with instrumental clarity along with noiseless voice precision.

VRP43FH24XAJ: Made available at videocon tv price of Rs 46,990, this full HD television has been manufactured to embrace the user with the increased low saturation of colour as well as decreased oversaturation in compliance with the inbuilt 10-bit Eyeconiq video engine. It unravels the rejuvenating avenue for one to have stunning details and crystal clear pictures. Instrumental clarity is guaranteed with the 7 bands graphic equalizer. It comes adorned with selectable picture modes inclusive of vivid, home, sports, user and hi-bright. Besides offering Soen sound box, this model comes with other features such as USB to USB file transfer, ECO vision, OSD languages, HDMI input, ARC and so on.

Liquid Luminous TV:

VKV50FH18XAH: Depending upon quad-core processor and Android KitKat 4.4, this model comes with a 127cm display and amalgamates some of the most sought-after features in order to offer breathtaking images.  Priced at videocon tv price of Rs 56,990, this device comes embellished with liquid luminous technology that has been incorporated to reproduce 95% of what human can actually see. Making the entire audio experience a delightful one, this model has been developed with Soen technology that elevates the impact of sound by bringing in the combined power of intelligent amplifier design, art acoustic design, and advanced transducer technology. The USB personal video recorder makes the daunting task of recording live programs at ease.

VKV40FH17CAH: Made available at videocon tv price of Rs 37,990, this DDB LL TV has been engineered to provide the user with full HD resolution that guarantees breathtaking details and crystal clear images. This fully integrated digital TV ensures that there is no transmission loss while offering exceptional quality audio-visual experience. Apart from featuring liquid luminous technology, this device intends to gratify the need of having natural colours on the screen. The beauty of this television is that it can efficiently upgrade itself automatically. Making it easier than ever for one to establish a connection between TV and the home theatre, the audio return channel eliminates the need for a second cable.

VJU40FH17CAH: This 98cm TV model is one of the most prominent models offered in the Liquid Luminous series and combines qualities essential for the unparalleled audio-visual experience. Priced at inexpensive videocon tv price of Rs 32,990, this device performs much better than conventional LED TV which can offer up to 72% colour reproduction only. Powered by DDB, this model makes sure that no transmission is lost and crisp HD viewing experience is delivered. Coming equipped with 16.7 million colours, this device features both Dynamic Contrast Improvement and Directional Correlation Deinterlacing. Connectivity features incorporated in this TV include HDMI input, RF IN, AV IN, PC audio IN, and so on.

VMA40FH11CAH: Featuring 98cm display, this model has been crafted to offer up to 92% colour reproduction, thanks to the inclusion of the liquid luminous technology. The inclusion of 16.7 million colours along with 450 nits brightness makes it easier for one to have crystal clear pictures and pristine images. The audio system incorporated in this device adorns itself with auto volume leveller, selectable sound modes, boom box and graphic equalizer. Priced at videocon tv price of Rs 37,990, this device comes embellished with audio return channel which is known for its capacity to transfer audio from the TV to the home theatre system. Incorporating 178-degree viewing angle, it seeks to redefine the viewing experience from every corner of the room.

4K Ultra HD TV:

VRC55QA49SA: This 139cm 4K Ultra HD TV has been crafted to deliver unsurpassed quality performance with up to 4 times pixels in each and every frame. This smart TV lets the user stay connected with the internet that offers a diverse range of entertainment content. Made available at videocon tv price of Rs 94,990, this curved LED also features inbuilt wifi connection that makes it cakewalk for one to stream videos from the internet. While the borderless design adds to the interior in the most significant manner possible, the presence of screen mirroring feature makes it easier for one to watch the smartphone content on the big screen. Incorporating 1.07 billion display colours along with dynamic contrast ratio, this device guarantees an audio-visual experience like never before.

VNV50Q549SA: Paving the path for one to experience smoother appearance of details and curved as well as diagnostic lines, this 123cm crystal 4K ultra HD TV is offered at videocon tv price of Rs 72,990. Featuring dynamic contrast ratio along with 380 nits brightness, this device features selectable picture modes i.e. standard, soft, hi-bright, user and vivid. The auto volume leveller is further accompanied by selectable sound modes. It comes embellished with 4GB Nand flash memory and connectivity features like USB input 2.0, SPDIF, HDMI and so on.


VKV50FH18XAH: This 127cm television functions in compliance with a quad-core processor in order to cater to the need of having images without any blur or interruption. The inclusion of the Android KitKat 4.4 paves the path for one to have fast and convenient performance under any circumstances. Offered at videocon tv price of Rs 56,990, this device embraces the user with all natural colours, thanks to the incorporation of liquid luminous technology. Offering an enriched audio experience, the Soen technology facilitates one with clear sound that is backed by intelligent amplifier design. Other features offered include audio return channel, USB personal video recorder, smart connect, over the air software upgrade and so on.

VKV40FH18XAH: Priced at videocon tv price of Rs 42,990, this full HD TV has been engineered to engross the user with a number of features. Besides coming adorned with full HD resolution, it comes with expandable memory up to 32GB in order to ensure non-stop entertainment. While smooth performance is guaranteed with the presence of quad-core processor, the inclusion of SOEN technology empowers one with the ability to experience clear sound even at higher volume levels. Featuring 16.7 million colours, it adorns itself with mega contrast ratio, 450 nits brightness, selectable picture modes and so on. Other features include ARC, AV IN, Miracast, PC Audio In, USB personal video recorder and so on.

Other models available in this series are:

VJU40FH17CAH (Rs 32,900)

VMA40FH17CAH (Rs 36,900)

VJU32HH12CAH (Rs 22,990)

VMA32HH12CAH (Rs 23,990)

Why buy Videocon TV

Videocon has been trusted by many for years as they have been able to deliver on the promise of offering quality at affordable prices. While India continues to have a competitive television market filled with many multinational manufacturers, Videocon has earned a position of reputation and here is why many people go for Videocon:

Soen Technology: Empowering the user to have unsurpassed quality audio experience, the Videocon TV models come equipped with Soen technology that is known for elevating the impact of sound with the help of intelligent amplifier design.

Selectable Picture and Audio Modes: Providing one with the opportunity to select from the available picture and audio modes, the television models offered by Videocon open the door to the life-like images and sound.

Connectivity Features: Incorporating connectivity features, the models are intended to make the task of staying connected to the virtual world easier than ever.  

Talking about the Videocon LED TV, they come powered with cutting edge LED technology. Thus, providing a sharp and crisp picture. The LED TVs features gesture control, Wi-Di (Wireless Display), and Active 3D technology. These incredible set of technologies are sure to elevate your viewing experience.

Videocon LED TV offerings has evolved from standard definition to High Definition to Ultra-high Definition. The current generation of LED TVs from company packs all the latest performance and looks. Today a complete entertainment package needs more than just a cable-channel running capabilities. With Smart OS, USB, HDMI and Dolby Sound, the interaction possibilities are endless.

What We Offer:

At BestPriceOn, we provide a full list of Videocon LED TV available in the market. The list is kept up-to-date on regular basis. We thrive to provide latest price and availability of the products. With our filters feature set preferences and find the best priced product. We aggregate pricing of the products from various retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. This is a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs.

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Latest Videocon Television Price List in India 2018

Videocon Television Price ListPrice
Videocon VMA40FH17XAH 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 27698
Videocon VMA32HH02CAH 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 18486
Videocon VMA40FH11XAH 39 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 28592
Videocon VMR32HH02CAH 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 16999
Videocon VKC55FH 55 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 70654
Videocon VMA22FH02CAW 22 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 10400
Videocon VKX50FH16FA 50 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 58000
Videocon VJU32HH 32 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 16799
Videocon IVC32F02A 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 16500
Videocon VJW20HH-2F 20 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 10923

Frequently Asked Questions on Videocon LED TVs

  • 1. Where can I buy a Videocon LED TV in India?

    You can buy Videocon LED TVs in India from all the leading e-commerce website. But we would suggest taking a look at Videocon LED TV price list at BestPriceOn. We have put together a price list that will help you find the desired Videocon LED TV in India.