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Videocon Industries Ltd was established in the year 1986. It started with the name Adhigam Trading Pvt. Ltd. During their first year, they manufactured paper tubes. In 1987, they released black and white TVs and colour TVs along with washing machines. Later on, the company released a range of air conditioners and entertainment systems.

Today, Videocon has a diverse portfolio including products like refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, audio products, home theatres, and ovens. The company not only manufactures but also assembles and distributes. Although it works under many names in different sectors like energy and products, it operates under Videocon Telecommunications Ltd. globally for mobile communications and services. They have 17 manufacturing units in India and in other countries like China, Mexico, Italy, and Poland.

Ever since its incorporation, Videocon has added a lot of household gadgets to the list along with consumer electronics. Over the years they have now become the third largest manufacturers of picture tubes in the world. To diversify further, they have recently launched a range of budget-friendly tablets and phones which is the need of the moment. Videocon has created good quality tablets for its target market under the pressure to compete with other brands. All the basic needs of the consumers have been taken into consideration when it comes to the specifications. Most of their new tablets have a 3000 mAh battery which provides users with a good battery life. They also provide good connectivity to WiFi, GPS, 3G, and USB ports. Generally, the tablets come with a 7-inch display which is good enough for reading, web browsing and gaming. Almost all products are comfortable for one hand usage. All of its tablets are operated by Android OS. Thanks to the mass production and low manufacturing costs, the company is able to provide more for less. This a stark proof of the fact that Videocon is trying to regain its charm in the market. The company has grabbed the opportunity in the fast-growing tablet market in the country and is strategically setting a foot.

The latest tablet Videocon VT85C is a 3G calling device whose price in India is INR 8999. It is powered by a Cortex A9 dual-core processor and a 3000 mAh battery. This 7-inch tablet has 1GB of RAM and a 5MP rear camera. On the storage front, it has to 32GB of expandable storage.

Tablet Market in India

According to the market research by CyberMedia Research, 4G tablets have about 50 percent of the market share. Android tablets have an increasing demand but the Windows-based products are not doing well. Datawind is leading the market followed by iBall and Samsung in terms of sales. There is still a demand for Wifi based slates mainly by the youth. At the same time, there is an increasing need for SIM-based tablets. Demand for 3G and 4G based tablets has increased by about 30 percent in 2017. On a whole, the mid-range tablet market has grown by over 48 percent and the tablets above INR 20000 are seeing a major decline. Compared to mobiles and laptops, there are not enough options in the tablet market. It is dominated mainly by three brands- Samsung, Apple and Micromax. Micromax is famous among low budget customers because of its low price and decent specifications. Videocon has joined them in the race to make budget-friendly products. Online shopping has made it easier to get hold of such options. With a Best price on, we help you compare and find the product that suits your needs the most.

The Videocon VA72 Specifications

The Videocon VA72 is one of the cheapest tablets in the market. It offers both 3G and WiFi connectivity along with HDMI. Packing in a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM it is good enough for web browsing and watching videos. This 7-incher packs a 2800mAh battery which is a great deal at this price. The storage is expandable upto 32 GB. The Videocon VA72 price in India is INR 2999.

The Videocon VA75 2G Calling Tab Specification

The Videocon VA75 2G Calling Tab is priced slightly more than the VA72. It comes with the added benefit of calling and a slightly bigger battery life. It has an expandable memory upto 32GB. Most Videocon tablets, including this one have a 7-inch display. For video calling it has a 0.3MP front camera and a 2MP rear camera. The Videocon VA75 2G Calling Tab is priced at INR 3449.

The Videocon VT85C Tablet Specifications

This tablet comes with both WiFi and calling. Packing 1GB of RAM, it runs on a 1.2 GHz processor. For video calling, it provides a 0.3MP front camera. For photography, you get a 5MP rear camera. With this tablet there is the benefit of using it with a SIM card or on WiFi. It packs juice in a 3000mAh battery which goes a long way. The Videocon VT85C Tablet is priced at INR 8100

The Videocon V Tab Max specifications

This is one of the most affordable and efficient tablets by Videocon. It can be used on WiFi or on 3G. Powered by a 1.3GHz processor, it packs 1GB of RAM which makes it function smoothly. One of the best features is that it has 16GB of internal storage which can be further expanded upto 32GB. It has a 0.3 MP front camera and a 2MP rear camera. To carry out all these functions is a 3000mAh battery. The Videocon V Tab Max is priced at INR 3429.

The Videocon V-tab Esteem specifications

The Videocon V-tab esteem lacks good cameras but makes up for it on aspects. It comes with 1GB of RAM and runs on a 1.3 GHZ processor. It has a 8-inch display which is slightly bigger than the rest of the Videocon products. The main USP is it’s 4000 mAh battery that lasts for a very long time. On the storage front, it has 16GB of internal memory which can be further expanded upto 32GB. One can access the internet by both WiFi and 3G. The Videocon V-Tab Esteem is priced at INR 6999.

Here is a list of some other tablets by Videocon

The Videocon Ace Plus tablet

The Videocon VT79C Tablet

The Videocon VA81M tablet

The Videocon VT71 tablet

The Videocon VA81 tablet

The Videocon VT75C tablet

The Videocon VT87C Plus tablet

The Videocon V-Tab Ace Pro Tablet

The Videocon VA72K tablet

Why Videocon?

The company may not have made it to the top when it comes to the tablet, but it does offer good prices and specifications. Videocon tablets satisfy basic needs of the consumer. They come with a good build quality. If you want the luxury of a tablet for a affordable price, you can choose from Videocon’s portfolio. Their tablets range from INR 2999-9999. Videocon has managed to cater to millions who want budget friendly devices. So if you are looking for something that has a good battery life and connectivity, you’ve come to the right place.

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Videocon Tablet Price List in India

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