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In these modern times, we have surely noticed one fascinating part of technology. It has never come to an end and you always get to experience something new in the field. Mobile phones and computers are the pioneers of the present technology we work with. And why not? Mobile phones have made our lives so much easier by giving us the power to connect with anyone from anywhere. And so smartphones are now an integral part of our life. Year in, year out, irrespective of our interests, we all are curious about the new and upcoming technology making our day to day activities easier and faster. And a very good way we can stay updated is by observing the upcoming mobiles and upcoming smartphones in the market.

The past year, 2017 has witnessed a huge boost in technological trends in smartphones. These trends have proven to be much more supportive than the previous technological times. Starting from the most evident bezel-less display screen making our viewing experience much better. This design was made possible by Xiaomi and Apple. In upcoming mobiles, we will get to see more of bezel-less screens in smartphones by other popular brands or at a budget-friendly rate. In fact, the Redmi Note 5 priced under INR.10000 comes with this design technology.

In upcoming mobiles of 2018, we will also witness the dawn of 5G compatible phones. This is an indication that soon enough we can enjoy internet at much faster speeds. iPhone 9, that is going to launch this September is predicted to have 5G compatibility. Other than that, Google Pixel 2/XL2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S9, HTC U12, LG G7, etc are top smartphones that are predicted to be compatible with 5G connectivity.

The major trends are as mentioned above. The rest is mainly an update in most of the general features of the phone. More of wireless charging will be seen in the upcoming mobile phones. Also, the Dual camera will now become a thing in cheaper phones. As an example, you have the recently launched Lenovo K8 Plus that comes under INR. 10000. Google has started the rumors about the Android P that comes with better and enhanced features. The Android P is likely to launch soon this year. In fact, a developer preview was also made available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Till the time Android P would be made available for all android phones, the upcoming mobiles will have Android Oreo. Another feature that will be a major update in the upcoming mobiles is the Wifi 802.11mc which can give us more accurate connectivity indoors. You can expect many of the high-end upcoming mobiles to have a faster LTE capability thanks to Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor chip which gives a better performance. The next possibility is seen in the upcoming smartphones when it comes to security it would be much more advanced as we all move ahead of fingerprint scanning.

These were the predicted technology in the upcoming smartphones. Each major brand in the mobile industry is at an attempt to give you the best of smartphones. Below are the smartphones that can possibly make a mark on the market with their upcoming set of mobile phones.



Apple has been ruling the smartphone market for a long time. In the last series, the groundbreaking series of iPhone was the iPhone X that broke all the rules with three aspects. The infinity display was made possible by getting rid of the home button and the camera was placed differently. The upcoming iPhones are predicted to have a similar design. The additional feature would be the 5G compatibility. The iPhone X also created a concept called Animoji where your conversations and expressions are enacted by animated animals. It is limited so far, but you will surely get to see more of it in the upcoming iPhones; iPhone 9 and 9 Plus. It is also predicted that the processor of the iPhone would be boosted for a faster performance with a 4GB RAM. Also, this year the new iOS 11.3 update is much awaited with enhanced features and a lot to do. When it comes to the display, Apple might go one step further by introducing OLED display in their upcoming range of smartphones that have the capacity to revolutionize upcoming smartphones.

The new iPhones are predicted to be launched in the month of September this year. To know more about iPhone 9 and 9 Plus, check out BestPriceOn.


Google has surely started with a range of smartphones much later. The release of Nexus was surely groundbreaking, however, once Pixel was launched, it proved to be one of the best smartphones. On October 2017, Google launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. These phones were a hit for the camera and an easy to use the assistant. Also, Google offered unlimited cloud storage on these mobile phones. So far Google used to rely on third parties to come up with smartphones. But now as the Giant has acquired the HTC smartphone team, there is a lot to be seen in Google Pixel 3 and other upcoming Google phones with it. Of course, these mobiles would have Android P as their operating systems, but other than that Google is attempting to take their security up a notch. It is predicted that the next Google phones are likely to have an Iris Scanner for security. It could also be possible with an even more improved camera the engineers at Google are working on. Another key factor predicted is that Google is improvising on their speakers for a more refined sound. The next Pixel phones are much awaited and are likely to release in the month of October this year.


Huawei is one of the most established and recognized brands in the world of telecommunication. In 2012, the company entered the mobile phone market with a blast. Presently, Huawei mobiles have become really popular. Honor, another brand by Huawei has won a lot of hearts after the launch of Honor 9i. When it comes to the Huawei Upcoming mobiles, the Huawei Y9 has created a huge buzz. The phone is launching in the month of March. The Huawei Y9 price is likely to be near INR. 15999. What’s highlighting about this phone is that it is predicted to have dual cameras located at the back as well as the front. This gives you the power to click brilliant pictures of landscapes as well as your dear selfies. The battery is also boosted up to 4000mAh.

When it comes to Honor, one of the smartphones, the Honor 9 Lite, was launched in January this year. After a remarkable response to Honor 9i, 9 Lite was made available at a less expensive price. Another Honor Mobile waiting to be launched in March is the Honor 7C. The Honor 7C is a low range mobile phone. What’s noteworthy is that it has a powerful camera and a large bezel-less display.

One Plus:

One Plus entered the smartphone market with a blast leaving many other smartphones behind. In fact, the recently launched One Plus 5T has become the most demanded and a dream phone to many. And why not? Using a One Plus 5T has surely made the smartphone experience interesting. What’s next is the upcoming One Plus 6 that is likely to be launched in the middle of the year. The One Plus 6 is certain to give you an optimum picture quality with their enhanced cameras. Also, one of the predicted features that could get all the attention is its display. One Plus is planning to make the screen of One Plus 6 with an AMOLED display. This has surely set the bars higher than expected and holds the capability to bring about a new revolution when it comes to display screens.


Samsung has been ruling the smartphone market and several times it has also been the most selling smartphone. This year the biggest buzz created is for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. The phone has a 6.2-inch display with a brilliant color quality. The phone is likely to have 5G compatibility in it. Also, it comes with 256GB internal memory which is like a playground for all your apps and data. Another Samsung mobile getting attention is the Samsung Galaxy X that comes with an OLED display for a better viewing experience. Samsung Galaxy Z5 and Samsung Galaxy J9 Pro are other popular upcoming phones by the brand.


Nokia has forever been a beloved brand in mobile phones. It has made an amazing comeback, initially with feature phone Nokia 3300 and then a range of smartphones. The Nokia 5 got a very good response for its design and quality. Also, it had a unique feature where both, the rear and the front cameras could be used at a time to click a picture. The highlighting part was it came on Android. The upcoming Nokia smartphone is the Nokia 7 which is predicted to be launched in March this year. Nokia 7 would be having a Type-C USB for faster charging and data transfer. Also, it has a powerful battery to work for longer hours. Another mobile likely to be launched this year by Nokia is the Nokia Swan which is a perfect blend of a phone and a tablet. It comes with an amazing camera and many other multi-functional features.

Many upcoming phones by various brands like Xiaomi, Sony, Lenovo, Asus are also offering best of their performance in their upcoming range of mobiles. Newer brands like Turing and ZTE are likely to get some attention with their new launches.

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Upcoming Mobiles Price List in India

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  • Rs.20000 - Rs.24999 (59)
  • Rs.25000 - Rs.30000 (84)
  • Above Rs.30000 (127)
  • Motorola(18)
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  • Intex(14)
  • Sony(29)
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  • Oppo(31)
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  • Above 6 inch(64)
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  • Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160)(6)
  • 2K(2560*1440)(79)
  • Full HD (1920*1080)(284)
  • WXGA (1366 * 768)(0)
  • HD (1280*720)(211)
  • Quarter HD (960*540)(8)
  • FWVGA(854*480)(34)
  • WVGA(800*480)(10)
  • VGA (640 * 480)(0)
  • HVGA(480*320)(1)
  • QVGA (320*240)(10)
  • Others(68)
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  • Up to 2 MP(1)
  • 3 MP(1)
  • 5 MP(49)
  • 8 MP(87)
  • 12 MP(89)
  • 13 MP(251)
  • 16 MP and Above(212)
  • No Primary Camera(5)
  • 10 MP(0)
  • 15 MP(4)
  • 1 GB Below(16)
  • 1 GB(63)
  • 2 GB(141)
  • 3 GB(172)
  • 4 GB(203)
  • 6 GB(81)
  • Others(2)
  • 8 GB(18)
  • 1.5 GB(13)
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  • Nvidia(0)
  • Samsung Exynos(6)
  • Snapdragon(344)
  • Intel(2)
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  • Single SIM(77)
  • Dual SIM(627)
  • Triple SIM(1)
  • Four SIM(1)
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  • 2 GB(5)
  • 3 GB(3)
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  • 8 GB(50)
  • 16 GB(158)
  • 32 GB(199)
  • 64 GB(187)
  • 128 GB(66)
  • Others(2)
  • 256 GB(17)
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  • AMOLED(125)
  • OLED(10)
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  • Up to 32 GB(106)
  • Up to 64 GB(62)
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  • Up to 256 GB(238)
  • Others(8)
  • No(65)
  • Up to 200 GB(6)
  • Up to 2 TB(20)
Camera FeaturesClear
  • Auto Focus(620)
  • Flash(677)
  • Optical Zoom(49)
  • HD Recording(411)
  • 4K Recording(38)
  • Bluetooth(698)
  • Wifi(694)
  • 2G(705)
  • 3G(698)
  • 4G(679)
  • GPS(691)
  • Removable Battery(102)
  • Fingerprint(336)
  • Accelerometer(642)
  • LightSensor(226)
  • Proximity(604)
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Latest Upcoming Mobiles Price List in India 2018

Upcoming Mobiles Price ListPrice
Nokia SwanRs. 62999
Samsung Galaxy XRs. 29990
Sony Xperia XA2Rs. 21999
Samsung Z5Rs. 6999
Lenovo K7 NoteRs. 14999
Lenovo A8000Rs. 9999
Sony Xperia XA2 UltraRs. 35990
Apple iPhone 9Rs. 75000
Symetium MobileRs. 39999
Nokia EdgeRs. 19999
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