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Turing mobiles is a high-end smartphone manufacturer based out of San Francisco, California. Other than manufacturing smartphones they are also into production of Consumer Electronics/Devices, Mobile Technologies, Nano-coating, Liquid metal, and Encryption. From the house of Turing comes the first of its inventions the Turing phone Cadenza.


This particular device from the house of Turing is designed keeping in mind the essentials of security over cyber networks. A ton of Research and Development is gone into making the phone a part of a ‘protected communications network’. Turing mobiles do not run on the regular Android OS as they are more prone and susceptible to cyber crime.  When two turning mobiles are connected to each other in their secure networks, it is safe and things and are impenetrable. Thus, creating a network that makes the transfer of sensitive and confidential data secure.


Turning phone cadenza makes this possible with the integration of Sailfish OS and Android OS. Let me break this for you. The Sailfish OS is a secure platform that lacks an appealing UI like Android. Turing cadenza specs include a Sailfish OS that runs alongside an Android Nougat variant. As these are carefully crafted on a Linux set-up, it becomes close to impossible for cyber threats to enter its protective network.


The Turing phone Cadenza release date in India is scheduled to be around July 2017 in two batches. The phone should be out soon and the people are not sure if they would want to get their hands on one. For, the Turing phone cadenza price in India is marked at INR 59,999. That said, Turing mobiles were never targeted to the average smartphone user but were made in mind keeping that niche that has the need for cyber security and this phone will be their biggest shield and weapon for cyber security.



> When will the Turing phone be released in India? 

There is no official announcement from the company yet, but the Turing Phone Cadenza will be released mostly by the end of 2017.


> How can Turing phone manage with just 4000 mAh battery? 

Even though it comes with 2K display, 12GB RAM, 60+20MP cameras, the Turing phone Cadenza comes with dual Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors. These processors make sure the battery is optimally used, at the right places.


>  Will the Turing Phone Cadenza be any good for gaming? 

Good? It’s going to be awesome! The phone comes with 2 Adreno 540 Graphics Processing Units coupled with a 12GB RAM.


> Is the Sailfish OS any better than Android OS?We would say no! Sailfish, which is loosely based on Linux, is a lightweight operating system but it has its drawbacks. You get limited usage on this OS as you can’t access as many apps you do on Android.


> With these specifications, can Turing phone take over PCs? 

Definitely, yes! Except that it lacks the screen size of a PC, the Turing Phone comes with all the futures a computer can have, and honestly, more than that!


> Is there any other known phone that runs on Sailfish OS? 

Yes. Intex Aqua Fish is the first phone in India to run on Sailfish OS. It runs on Sailfish 2.0.2.


> What’s the price of Turing Phone Cadenza in India? 

Turing Phone price in India is expected to be somewhere around INR 60000. But experts say that it’s going to cost more given its 1TB data capacity and never-before cameras.



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Turing Phone CadenzaRs. 55999

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