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Toshiba is many things among them counts the LED TV manufacturers. The Japanese multinational firm is widely popular for its laptop range as well as other electronics items. But if you aren’t aware of their LED Televisions, then, you should be. Cuz, the brand claims to be an innovator in the field with some of the unique features in the respective segments. Let’s give you insight into the Toshiba LED TV line-up in India.  

What’s the story of Toshiba LED TV?

The company has been sitting on a range of innovations, which had to lead them to introduce the Televisions. The Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer was one of the first to introduce a Television to the world. Over the year, they have grown their Television business quite rapidly. All thanks to the innovative steps taken by the company. Which is why they’re currently a leading provider of the display panels in many regions of the world.

What’s the history of Toshiba?

This Japanese conglomerate was founded in Minato of Tokyo province. Founded by Tanaka Hisashige in July 1875 as country’s first manufacturer of telegraph equipment. It was not until 1978 that the company got its iconic name, Toshiba. Satoshi Tsunakawa is the current CEO and president of the Toshiba Corporation. The Japanese conglomerate mostly deals in the Electronics, Semiconductors, Social Infrastructure, Computer hardware, Home Appliances, Electrical equipment, and many other entities. With over 140 years of existence, the company has spread its existence all around the world.  

What’s the product portfolio of Toshiba’s TV business?

Toshiba has a broad TV business which caters to various segments of the market. Below are the type of Televisions Toshiba sells in the market.





5.Smart TV

Why should you buy Toshiba LED TV in India?

The primary reason why you should buy a Toshiba LED TV in India is that they claim to offer best-in-class specification. Toshiba is a brand that is loved for reliability and quality. Plus, the brand is known for being innovative, so, you can expect the unique set of features on their Television sets in India. Toshiba might not be called an incumbent player in the country, but it indeed is an incumbent player in their home market. And that should count for something.

Why buying a Toshiba TV on BestPriceOn is a good idea?

We offer the complete and updated Toshiba LED TV price list which would not only help you browse all the Toshiba line-up at one place. But would help you decide which one’s the most suitable fit for you.

FAQs - Frequent Asked Questions on Toshiba TV

What is the Toshiba LED TV warranty period in India?

Following the industry standard, Toshiba LED TV offers at least 12 months warranty on their model, which can be extended if you opt for the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). Whereas some select models come with more than 1-year warranty as a standard. During the warranty period, users can have their TV set repaired cost-free. Of course, conditions apply.  

Where can I buy a Toshiba LED TV in India?

Toshiba LED TV is sold offline as well as online in India. You can find them on any leading e-retailer and on any brick and mortar retail stores in India.

How to connect to Toshiba Television customer care in India?

To contact the customer care you can either dial their hotline or else drop an email to their official email ID. Both of these details are available on company’s official website.

How to find the Toshiba Television service centre in India?

Unfortunately, the brand has not shared any details regarding this on their official website. We would suggest connecting with customer care to know more about this.

Toshiba is a Japanese electronics conglomerate that manufactures consumer electronics, semiconductors, computer hardware, medical, office and electrical equipment. This more than a century-year-old company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It serves worldwide and is heavily popular as a LED TV manufacturer in India. There are 7 models of Toshiba LED TV available for purchase in the country.

The Company has been in India for quite a time and their television set is a popular entity in the nation. The Toshiba LED TV compete with other affordable brands such as Intex, Videocon, Sanyo, Weston, Sansui, etc. With Toshiba being a century old name, it is easier to rely on such brands than newbies. The company was one of the first to launch 3D Television sets in late 2010.

Talking about the Toshiba LED TV, they look sleek and offers high-quality pictures at HD and Full HD resolutions. They come in various types of sizes ranging from 32-inch to 55-inch. As for the price range, the cheapest LED set comes at Rs 19,918 and costliest comes at Rs 90,245. The features of these LED TVs includes high-picture REGZA engine, PC input, HDMI, USB 2.0 and more. There is a model that comes powered by an Android OS. Thus, it allows you to do more tasks than any other models.

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Toshiba Television Price List in India

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  • Funai(3)
  • Haier(22)
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  • Infinity-Electric(1)
  • Intec(3)
  • Intex(12)
  • Koryo(1)
  • Krisons(2)
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  • LG(109)
  • LeEco(3)
  • Live(1)
  • Lloyd(17)
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  • Toshiba(4)
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Latest Toshiba Television Price List in India 2018

Toshiba Television Price ListPrice
Toshiba 40L2400 40 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 37230
Toshiba 55L5400 55 inch Full HD Android LED TV Rs. 90245
Toshiba 55L2400VM 55 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 61077
Toshiba 32P2400 32 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 27037