Toshiba Laptop Price List

Toshiba is a Japanese conglomerate that has been around for more than a 140 years in the market. The brand is quite popular among the people with their laptops, pendrives, and other storage related products. The company since its inception has forayed into many businesses and it has only fulfilled their mission to provide for all. The most significant and one of the profitable products of the company is Toshiba Laptops.

If you have been looking to purchase Toshiba laptops in India, then, you are at the right place. We have a whole list of Toshiba laptops price in India with respect to their availability on various ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and more. Take a look at the specifications of the Toshiba Laptops.

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Toshiba Laptop Price List in India

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  • Below 12 inch(0)
  • 12 inch - 12.9 inch(0)
  • 13 inch - 13.9 inch(0)
  • 14 inch - 14.9 inch(0)
  • 15 inch - 15.9 inch(2)
Memory (RAM)Clear
  • 2GB(1)
  • 4GB(1)
  • 8GB(0)
  • Intel Atom Dual Core(0)
  • Intel Core i3(1)
  • Intel Core i5(0)
  • Intel Atom Quad Core(0)
  • AMD Dual Core(0)
  • Intel Celeron Dual Core(0)
  • Intel Celeron Quad Core(0)
  • Intel Pentium Dual Core(0)
  • Intel Pentium Quad Core(0)
  • Intel Core i7(0)
  • AMD Quad Core(0)
  • Others(1)
Operating SystemClear
  • DOS(0)
  • Linux(0)
  • Windows 8 Pro(0)
  • Windows 8.1(0)
  • Windows 10(1)
  • Windows 8(1)
  • Mac OS(0)
  • Others(0)
Hard Disk CapacityClear
  • 320 GB(0)
  • 500 GB(1)
  • 750 GB(1)
  • 1 TB(0)
  • Others(0)
Hard Disk RPMClear
  • 5400 RPM(2)
  • No(0)
SSD CapacityClear
  • 32 GB(0)
  • 128 GB(0)
  • 256 GB(0)
  • 512 GB(0)
  • No(2)
Screen ResolutionClear
  • 1366 x 768 Pixels(2)
  • 1920 x 1080 Pixels(0)
  • 1280 x 800 Pixels(0)
  • 1600 x 900 pixels(0)
  • 2560 x 1600 Pixels(0)
  • 1440 x 900 Pixels(0)
Battery BackupClear
  • 3 Hours & Above(2)
  • 5 Hours & Above(0)
  • 7 Hours & Above(0)
  • 9 Hours & Above(0)
  • 1.5 Kg & Below(0)
  • 2 Kg & Below(1)
  • 2.5 Kg & Below(1)
  • 3 Kg & Below(0)
  • Others(0)
Touch ScreenClear
  • Yes(0)
  • No(2)
  • 1 Year(2)
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  • Black(1)
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  • Silver(0)
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  • Toshiba
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Latest Toshiba Laptop Price List in India 2018

Toshiba Laptop Price ListPrice
Toshiba Satellite C50-B I0015 Laptop (Core i3 3rd Gen/4 GB/500 GB/Linux)Rs. 27000
Toshiba Satellite C50-A I0013 Laptop (Core i3 3rd Gen/2 GB/500 GB/DOS)Rs. 25699

All About Toshiba

Established in 1875, the Toshiba corporation has come a long way from being called as Japan’s first Telegraph equipment manufacturer. Over the years, the company has made several acquisitions that has lead them to distribute their operations in four separate groups: Digital products, Electronics devices, Home appliances, and social infrastructure. Toshiba has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, where it houses more than 2,10,000 employees. The company has total of 39 R&D; centers which are dedicated to creating innovation in the industry. They have had more than 2400 patents in the United States alone, which made them fifth largest company among the likes of IBM, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, and Canon.

Toshiba Laptops Specifications

  • Operating System:

    The operating system is one of the key features when it comes to selecting a machine for you. Based on your requirements you can do that. Toshiba laptop comes pre-installed with Windows OS. They offer various options to choose from, such as Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise Edition. According to your needs, you can opt for the one you are seeking for. Duly note that the different versions of Windows OS offers different features, while Home & Pro versions can be used by any individuals, the Enterprise version is recommended for organizations. They come equipped with a set of apps that would be resourceful for an organization.

  • RAM:

    These days the standard RAM on laptops has been increased to 4GB. On most of the laptops in market you’d see at least a 4GB RAM with an expansion slot for further improvement. The Random Access Memory is an integral part of multitasking, it ensures your machine can handle the pressure of running several applications, or just a couple heavy duty application. Though, not every thing regarding the multitasking depends on RAM.

  • Processor:

    The processing power is something that defines how powerful a machine can be in terms of computing. The high powered chipsets ensure that users don’t have to suffer while doing any kind of tasks. The Toshiba laptop in India are powered by Intel processor, while there are some model that comes equipped with AMD processors too, but they are not offered to Indian consumers. The processor range starts from i3 and goes up to i7, with i5 being the mid-level processor.

  • Display:

    You don’t have to worry about display on a laptop, unless you are investing a ton of money. If you’re seeking an average performing laptop and looking for a budget machine, then, you don’t have much options but to go with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. The ultrabooks and convertible Toshiba laptops on the other hand offers high resolution screen that goes from full HD to even 2K resolution.

  • Battery:

    This varies a lot as per the type of Toshiba laptop you select from. There are ultraportables, convertibles, and performance based laptops from the Japanese maker. The first two types offers incredible battery life, some models claims to offer up to 16 hours of battery on a single full charge. There are some 2-in-1s that comes with fast charging support.

Types of Toshiba Laptops

  • Ultraportable:

    This range of Toshiba laptops are for consumers who are looking to get the best performance, display, and battery life out of their investment in the laptop. All this is offered by ultraportable toshiba laptops. They are called ultraportables for the their ultra slim body and lightweight. The detachable ultrabooks are the latest in its technologies. Duly note that this range of Toshiba laptops come with a high price tag, as they are crafted very well, showcasing the best technology has to offer.

  • Tecra:

    The Tecra series of Laptops are made by Toshiba to showcase the latest advancements in mobile computing. They come equipped with the latest ports, encryption technology, plus offers great solid styling as well. There are total of three Tecra series laptops. All of them are marketed as the product for business consumers. The business workhouse laptops brought to you with latest processor for high performance, so you don’t have to stop your work at any cost.

  • Satellite Pro:

    This range of Toshiba laptops is for the smart consumer, who wisely invest their money in the products that fulfills their current demands and are future ready too. The Toshiba Satellite Pro lineup are rugged laptops that weighs around 2Kg and thus not for the weak hands. Crafted with finest material, they are build to survive harsh conditions. They would come with latest generation Intel processors, HDD storage and all the essentials one require on a laptop.

Toshiba Laptops Price Range

Why Toshiba Laptop are different from other Laptops?

The Toshiba laptops range is one of the finely produced lineup of laptops. Whether you are looking for a high performance machines, ultraportable machines, or smartly priced high-quality machines, then, Toshiba has that for you. Not many laptops manufacturer could offer such versatility. And that’s why Toshiba laptops are unique in the market.

Frequently Asked Question On Toshiba Laptops

  • 1. What is the warranty period for Toshiba laptops in India?

    The Toshiba laptops comes with a 12 months warranty period. This is a carry in warranty, which means you’d have to head over to a service center to avail the warranty services on your laptop.

  • 2. Does Toshiba laptops comes with a backlit keyboard?

    This depends on the model you purchase. While the backlit option is not available for any of the Satellite Pro or Tecra series lineup, there are only few ultraportable models that offers this feature.

  • 3. Can I insert a DVD in a Toshiba laptop?

    Yes. Only if the device comes with a DVD reader/writer drive. This option would be available only on Satellite Pro or Tecra machines, while ultraportable laptops from the house of Toshiba won’t offer this specifications.

  • 4. Is there a SD card slot on any of these Toshiba laptops?

    These days most of the Toshiba laptops comes equipped with a slot to insert a SD card. But there would be some models without this feature. You can browse for the laptops with SD card slot by applying filters on our finder tool.

  • 5. What are the accessories bundled in the retail box of a Toshiba laptop?

    There would be a laptop, battery and adapter for charging your device. That’s it. Don’t expect anything more, because that’s an standard practice.

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