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Symetium is a mobile manufacturing company founded in September, 2013. The Project Symetium smartphone was started in July 2014 and the company has been active since, across all the electronic media. With ‘removing the line between mobile and desktop devices’ as its main agenda, the Symetium’s operating system is built similar to a PC which can also be flowy in mobiles. The company pressures on the point that its mobile phones need not be mobile phones anymore but 5-inch portable computers, which can be easily accessed when connected with a mouse and keyboard. The company’s first model, which would be a 6GB powerhouse will be released in the mid-2017 according to the sources.

Symetium is a mobile that is one of a kind. This no compromise phone turns into a computer when it is connected to a monitor through a docking station. The device acts as a keyboard, CPU and mouse. Thus enabling you with the computer experience in times of need.

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Latest Symetium Mobile Price in India 2017

Symetium Mobile Price Price
Symetium 6GB RAMRs. 39500

Symetium Mobile Specifications

Symetium mobiles are soon to be launched and will be revamping the smartphone space with the performance it has to offer. The Symetium mobile price is slightly on the higher side but the specifications offered on the device sure look to give back value for money for every rupee spent on it. The Symetium mobiles have state of the art processors, storage units, display units and all the additional features that make it one of a kind. Now let's get into the details.

  • Connectivity Features:

    Connectivity would take another meaning when Symetium mobile is in the circumference. When a tablet is connected to the mobile, the symetium suppresses the UI of the tablet and runs its own UI thus enabling the user to convert the tablet to a screen and the mobile as the CPU. When the phone is connected to a HDMI port the screen accustoms itself to become a PC friendly device by making arrangements for a virtual keyboard and mouse on the large screen.Apart from these, the Symetium mobile in India offers NFC, advanced version of Bluetooth, and all the bells and whistles the premium phones from the competition have to offer.

  • RAM:

    RAM is the component in a smartphone that decides the speed at which the device is able to multitask, run applications and more. The RAM on the Symetium mobile is 6GB and this is much higher than what the laptops and notebooks of today have to offer. This vast amount of RAM enables the user to multitask and run applications and games on the go without having to close the apps that are running on the background. From playing games that require high graphic processing capabilities to making last minute changes on your presentations, it does it all in a breeze.

  • Processor:

    The Symetium comes with a Snapdragon 830 processor that enables multitasking and helps the phone to run high graphic content games and effortlessly switch through apps using its Android Marshmallow operating system. The presence of a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) has not been confirmed yet. However we have reasons to believe that an Adreno 505 or Mali T GPU could be present under the hood. This configuration along with the 6GB RAM ensures that the device matches up to the tagline of being the no compromise phone. The phones comes with 64/128 and 256GB variants of internal storage capacities.

  • Display:

    Unlike the other premium phones in the market, the Symetium mobile does not have a large screen that will require you to use both your hands when using it. The phone rather has a 5-inch OLED screen that has a output resolution of 1080p. This structure is protected from physical damage by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass version 4. This display structure has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Battery:

    The battery on the Symetium mobile is far ahead than being called satisfactory. It comes with a massive 4000 mAh battery that lets you be off the charger for at least a day. The presence of Quick charge or fast charge has not been mentioned yet. Guess, we'll have to wait for the Symetium mobile release date in India for more info on this.

  • Camera:

    The Symetium mobile that is going to be released has not turned a blind eye towards its camera section. The phone features a powerful 24MP primary camera with flash units to get you that perfect photography experience. The selfie shooter rather looks small numerically, but, the 5MP front camera is said to be equipped with wide angled lenses to ensure that you get to capture all the selfie moments.

Types of Symetium Mobiles

    Frequently Asked Question On Symetium Mobiles

    • 1. When is the Symetium mobile going to be released?

      The Symetium mobile release date in India has not been confirmed yet. Sources have reason to believe that this product has been temporarily put on hold. We will keep you updated on its release date. Stay tuned.

    • 2. What is better: OnePlus 5 or Symetium mobile?

      The OnePlus 5 and the Symetium mobile are one of a kind. The things that are in common are their advanced processors and high RAM. However, Symetium yearns to overthrow the computer, while OnePlus 5 to overthrow the next smartphone.

    • 3. What is the Symetium mobile price?

      The Symetium mobile price is speculated to be around INR 39,500 upon launch.

    • 4. Where are the service centers for Symetium mobiles in India?

      There is no information currently available on the Symetium mobiles service centers in India. There are reasons to believe that the online merchants would be handling customer service for this or they would tie up with brands like Xiaomi or Lenovo who have a strong mobile presence in India.


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