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Swipe Technologies is an Indian smartphone and tablets manufacturer, which saw its inception in 2012. The Founder and CEO, Shripal Gandhi has the vision to lead their brand to be among the top 5 brands in India. The Swipe mobile started with tablet’s manufacturing and  has evolved a lot since its establishment. The brand has made a range of Swipe Elite mobile range, which has been well received among the affordable smartphone consumers in India.

Here we have a whole Swipe Mobile price list in India along with the information on where to shop for the cheapest Swipe Elite Mobile in India online. We share the availability of the Swipe mobile at various online stores including Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and more.

Swipe Phones Under 5000, Swipe Mobiles 4g

Swipe Mobile Price List in India

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Latest Swipe Mobile Price in India 2017

Swipe Mobile Price Price
Swipe Elite PlusRs. 5999
Swipe Elite Note 16GBRs. 6499
Swipe Konnect StarRs. 3333
Swipe Konnect PlusRs. 3999
Swipe Elite 2 PlusRs. 3740
Swipe Elite MaxRs. 12999
Swipe Elite StarRs. 3666
Swipe Konnect GrandRs. 2899
Swipe Elite PowerRs. 6999
Swipe Konnect 4GRs. 2499

Best Upcoming Swipe Mobile Phones

    All About Swipe Mobile

    Swipe Technologies is an Indian brand but has headquarters in Singapore with its base of operations in Pune, India. Collectively working with a research team in Singapore and design team in India, the Swipe 4G Mobile offers best in the class affordable range of smartphones for the Indian consumers. The young company has a team of industry veterans working to put the expertise in information technology and nanotechnology to optimize the digital lifestyle experience with their Swipe mobiles. The company employees more than 500 skilled people to innovate for the consumers.

    Swipe Mobile Specifications

    • Processor: :

      Offering a mix of Qualcomm and MediaTek processors, Swipe handsets offer both type of processors on their handset range. Some models are equipped with Octa-core MediaTek processors, while some come with Quad-core Snapdragon processor. The graphics processing units are different for both of these chipsets. The MediaTek relies on Mali GPU, while Qualcomm’s graphics support comes from Adreno GPU. You could be sure that Qualcomm will offer better chipset level support than MediaTek, but doesn’t underestimate the MediaTek for its affordable price tag. It is also capable of showcasing incredible performance out when optimized for the usage.

    • RAM: :

      The Random Access Memory, a circuitry that is the most important part of computing. With mobile computing, the dependency on RAM increases as they demand more memory considering the experience during the application usage. While Android is an open source system, it does indeed need a high amount of RAM to work without any lag. That’s why Swipe mobiles come with at least 2GB RAM on their latest generation of Swipe Elite phones. The maximum RAM you’d see on a Swipe mobile is 4GB. The company is yet to introduce a mid-higher range model with 6GB RAM.

    • Display: :

      The screen size usually revolves around 5-inches, but the range starts from as low as 4-inches and goes up high to 5.5-inches. Swipe mobiles come equipped with IPS LCD displays, which are said to be vibrant. The screen resolution on Swipe Elite series starts at HD (720p), while the Konnect series of handsets come with (540p) FWVGA resolution. But do make a note that there is a full HD resolution display offered by a Swipe Elite Max. And currently, that’s the only model. While in future, the company may surely offer many more displays with full HD resolution.

    • Camera: :

      The camera capability of Swipe mobiles is quite good when compared to the other Indian smartphone brands. Their latest models come equipped with at least a 13-megapixel rear sensor and a 5-megapixel front sensor. The camera specifications on most of the Swipe mobiles includes a phase detection autofocus, HDR, filters and beauty mode. These camera features are as good as it gets from the affordable handsets.

    • Battery::

      The battery life on these Swipe mobiles is on par with the industry standards. All the latest Swipe mobile phones come equipped with a 3000 mAh capacity battery. For consumers who are looking a marathon battery on a swipe mobile, they have a couple of options as the brand has released several handsets that come equipped with around 4000 mAh capacity battery.

    Types of Swipe Mobile

    • Elite: :

      Currently, the company focuses on the Swipe Elite mobile phones, which is their flagship series of handsets. They are not high-end phones if the flagship word got you like! But what we meant to say is that among Elite and Konnect, Elite handsets do look like flagship products. Sporting latest chipsets and camera features the Swipe Elite range is truly for the smart spender. It offers best in class performance, efficiency, battery life and looks. All at an incredibly affordable price tag!

    • Konnect: :

      This range of Swipe mobile phones is for the first time consumers who are new to smartphones. Offering best of the performance, display, design, camera and battery experience, the Konnect range of phones are pretty compact in size. Sporting a clean elegant design, they are the best options if someone who is new to Android and is looking for a basic Android phone to start their smartphone journey with. The stock experience ensures that it’s easy to use the interface for first time users.

    Swipe Mobile Price Range

    Why are Swipe Mobiles different from other mobile phones?

    Swipe mobile brings a range of essential features at the unbelievably affordable price tags. These devices offer value for money. Whether you are looking to start your Android smartphone journey or upgrade to your existing device, Swipe mobile is a recommended choice for budget consumers out there. And that’s how Swipe mobile is different from other mobile phones in the market.

    Frequently Asked Question on Swipe Mobile

    • 1. Does Swipe phone come with VoLTE support?

      This depends on the model, the new generation phones comes with VoLTE support, while the old generation Elite phones come with LTE support only.

    • 2. What is the warranty period on a Swipe mobile phone?

      The warranty period for a Swipe mobile phone is 12 months. Under the warranty period, owner of the Swipe mobile can ask for repairs or replacement if need be. Please check the warranty policy on company’s official website for full details.

    • 3. Are Swipe mobiles CDMA SIM compatible?

      Yes. The Swipe mobiles support CDMA radio format, which means you can insert a CDMA SIM card inside your Swipe mobile. And it will enable you to make calls and texts over the network, just like on GSM networks - 2G/3G/4G.

    • 4. Can I connect an OTG on Swipe Mobile?

      This would depend on the model you have or looking to purchase. You can check for the OTG compatibility on our website. Just search the device name and head over to the gadget page, scroll down and see the OTG compatibility.

    • 5. Will I receive Android 7.0 OS Nougat update on my Swipe Mobile?

      The company hasn’t shared any news regarding this major software update. You would have to wait for this major upgrade for an unknown period. Stay tuned for the update on this.

    • 6. Is Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing supported in Swipe 4g mobile?

      Yes, you can create the hotspot to share internet from swipe mobiles.

    • 7. Is there Hindi language support available in the Swipe 4G mobiles?

      Yes, Swipe 4g phones comes equipped with Hindi language support.

    • 8. How to take a screenshot on a Swipe Elite 4G?

      Press Power button and Volume down button simultaneously. Hold both the buttons for 1-2 seconds until a camera shutter sound will be heard. Once you hear that sound, it means the screenshot is taken on your device. You can view your screenshot in the Gallery.


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