Sparkey-Plus Power Bank Price

Sparkey Plus is a subsidiary of Anker technologies that specializes in providing small scale power back up units for electronic equipment. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Sparkey Plus as a brand has expanded its network and reach to various parts of Asia and Europe. The Sparkey Plus powerbanks specifications include the presence of advanced technologies like Quick charge. This allows the powerbanks to get charged in less than hour and the cell structure helps them hold the charge for longer durations even when in use. The Sparkey Plus powerbanks price is kept marginally low to help them penetrate the smartphone market and reach millions of lives.

Sparkey-Plus Power Bank Price List in India

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Latest Sparkey-Plus Power Bank Price in India 2017

Sparkey-Plus Power Bank Price Price
Sparkey Plus 315 10000mAh Power BankRs. 2000
Sparkey Plus 6600mAh Power BankRs. 689
Sparkey Plus 816 12000mAh Power BankRs. 999

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