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Sony Corporation is a Japanese conglomerate which has spread its dominance across several businesses such as electronics, entertainment, film production, and gaming. Previously known as Sony LCD WEGA, the Sony televisions are now renamed as Sony Bravia. According to Sony, BRAVIA stands for ‘Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture’. Sony Bravia LED TVs are manufactured in Japan, Mexico, and Slovakia. Sony Bravia is the first one to launch Android TV in May 2015. Sony Bravia Android TV allows users to enjoy internet TV apps like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu among others. Also, you can download and access apps from Google Play Store to your smart TV. It is easy to connect a Sony Bravia to the internet as it comes with Wi-Fi Direct feature straight out of the box.

The Television market in India

While television continues to be an integral part of life when it comes to staying connected to the rest of the world, the rapid growth in the television market has been caused by declining prices, the inclusion of innovative technology and increased income. Both the rural and urban sector in India has large untapped markets which the giant television manufacturing corporations target with every new device launch. Some of the most popular television brands that dominate the Indian market include LG, Videocon, Samsung and so on. However, the Japan-based Sony has been able to engross the users across the rural and urban sector with quality sony TVs offered at economic sony tv price.

About the company

The Japan-based Sony Corporation was established in the year 1946 when Masaru Ibuka came up with the plan of opening an electronics shop in Tokyo. After the arrival of Akio Morita, the company changed its name to Sony in the year 1958. Taking pride in being the 105th in the Fortune Global 500 list published in the year 2017, the company today offers products in the domain of electronics, gaming devices, entertainment and so on. Besides being the fifth largest television manufacturers across the globe, the company today is ¥17.660 company. It functions with the help of 1,28,400 highly skilled and proficient employees who strive to add to the user experience.

History of the company in India

After stepping into the Indian market in the year 1994, Sony became synonymous with cutting-edge technology and innovative features. Being present in almost every major towns with the help of 20,000 dealers and 300 outlets, the company has opened ‘Sony Centre’ which is the company’s primary point of contact with the user.

Here is the list of television models offered by Sony at affordable sony tv price along with their specifications:

A1 OLED: Unleashing the best opportunity for the user to experience a whole new world, the Sony Bravia A1 OLED ensures breathtaking visuals with natural colours. While the presence of 8 million self-illuminating pixels pave the path for the user to have exclusive contrast in images, the 4K HDR processor makes sure that the images appear as they are in reality. Catering to the need of having detailed pictures, this device has been engineered to handle a variety of HDR formats including HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and Dolby Vision. The Acoustic Surface Technology guarantees that the visuals are accompanied by immersive audio that comes from the entire display. The Sony Bravia A1 OLED has been made available at sony tv price of Rs 3,04,900 (139 cm) and Rs 4,64,900 (164 cm).

Z9D LED: Amalgamating magnificent picture processing and smooth motion, the Sony Z9D LED has been recognized for its capacity to engross the user with cinematic grandeur. Besides making the scenes incredibly real in compliance with the Backlight Master Drive, the device brings in the 4K clarity that is further accompanied by highly detailed pictures. In order to add to the interior, the television has been adorned with premium gold bezel which also dedicatedly keeps the focus on the picture. This model is priced at sony tv price of Rs 3,04,900 (164 cm).

X95E LED: Embracing the user with captivating visuals, the Sony X95 LED features extraordinary brightness with the help of the Slim Backlight Drive+ technology and offers immersive audio experience in compliance with the magnetic fluid speakers. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, this device comes adorned with X-tended dynamic range PRO which offers up to ten times the contrast of conventional LED televisions. Besides being recommended by Netflix, this model features slim side speakers, subwoofer in stand and so on. It starts from sony tv price of Rs 2,04,900.

X94E/93E LED: Branded as the television that makes it possible for the user to have ‘supreme brightness, stunning realism’, this model has been made available at sony tv price of Rs 1,84,900. Making it easier for the user to experience detailed visuals in an ultra-slim design, this model functions with the help of 4K HDR processor X1 Extreme. Helping the user to have an engaging experience, this television features Dolby Vision which makes the images even more dramatic. This model is available in three options i.e. 139 cm, 164 cm and 189 cm.

X90E LED: Incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced features, the Sony X90 is known for the exceptional picture quality that it offers. Starting at sony tv price of Rs 1,44,900, this model boasts of clarity and detail. The TRILUMINOS display makes sure every single colour is reproduced in the best manner possible. Being available in 123 cm, 139 cm and 164 cm, this model also allows the user to enjoy smartphone experiences on the bigger Bravia screen. Relying on the narrow aluminium frame, the television brings in a slim and attractive look while the presence of Motionflow XR technology keeps the moving sequences smooth and sharp.

X82E LED: Making the daunting task of having every shade and hue reproduced in the perfect manner possible, the Sony X82E LED comes equipped with 4K X-Reality Pro that is capable of refining and sharpening images in order to make the details appear. A thrilling audio experience is guaranteed with the inclusion of the 4 x 4 sound system. Designed to blend in the living space, this device also comes with voice search feature that allows the user to find content without wasting time. The IR Blaster remote provides the ultimate peace of mind as it can help the user to control other devices located within the home. Being available in 108 cm, 123 cm and 139 cm, it starts at sony tv price of Rs 87,900.

X70E LED: The Sony X70 LED combines 4K picture quality, ClearAudio+ technology and many more cutting-edge technologies in order to engross the user with an immersive experience. Starting at sony tv price of Rs 65,900, this model also enables the user to have access to videos from YouTube directly. Ensuring the superior quality texture, contrast, quality and edges, the X70E is recognized for its capacity to embrace the user with fine details. Besides featuring built-in wifi, this device brings in the powerful cinematic s-force front surround that has been designed to naturally emulate three-dimensional sound fields.

X75E LED: Paving the path for one to reside in the world of entertainment, the Sony X75E has been engineered to offer comfort to the eyes while making the visuals more breathtaking than ever. While the presence of HDR unleashes the opportunity for one to have visuals filled with greater details and clarity, the inclusion of ClearAudio+ technology gifts the user with an emotionally enriching experience. It takes pride in being recommended by Netflix as well. Being available in 108cm and 123cm, this model relies on an ultra-sleek design that adds to the interior. The Sony X75E is offered at sony tv price of Rs 69,900 onwards.

X94D/93D LED: Being the Red Dot Award winner of 2016, this model amalgamates some of the finest attributes that will leave the user speechless. Besides banking upon the Slim Backlight Drive, this device unravels the rejuvenating experience for one to get immersed into visuals in compliance with the 4K clarity. Priced at sony tv price of Rs 2,14,900, this model boasts of functioning with the help of advanced image processing engine that has been engineered to enhance resolution in the most dynamic manner possible. Being ideal for a premium interior, this television features power-saving mode as well which assists the user in saving energy by making an adjustment in the display brightness.

W77E LED: Opening the gateway to the world of natural colour and thrilling bass, the Sony W77E LED relies on TRILUMINOS display in order to map colour from a wider palette which in turn embraces the user with every shade and hue. Made available at sony tv price of Rs 57,900, this model is capable of rediscovering every detail, thanks to the X-Reality Pro picture processing. The built-in subwoofer is ideal for listening to the powerful cinematic soundtracks. Decorating itself with an aluminium finish, this television is adept at hiding cables within a stand at the back.

W62E LED: Branded as the television that embraces the user with extra entertainment and deeper bass, this model ensures that the visuals come with a dynamic look. Starting at sony tv price of Rs 32,900, this model has been made to be adept enough at reducing noises as well as refining images in the most efficient manner. Priced at affordable sony tv price of Rs 32,900, this model comes equipped with inbuilt subwoofers. The beauty of the subwoofers is that they empower the user with the ability to hear deep bass riffs as well as soaring vocals. Incorporating X-Protection Pro, this model has been engineered to be robust and protects itself from humidity as well as lightning strikes.

W56D LED: Guaranteeing beautifully detailed viewing, this model seeks to offer unmatched user experience by enhancing low-resolution content with X-Reality Pro. Outstanding quality picture clarity is ensured with the strategic inclusion of X-Reality Pro Picture while the slim profile adds to the interior in the most subtle manner. Made available at inexpensive sony tv price of Rs 36,900, this model features screen mirroring with which one can enjoy content from the smartphone at ease. Adding to the convenience, the device also lets the user playback through the USB.

Why buy Sony television

Sony has been one of those brands that have stayed in the forefront in the Indian market for a long tether. Offering a diverse range of products at economic sony tv price, the company has gratified thousands of customers over years. Here is why Sony has remained the first choice for many when it comes to purchasing TV:

Clarity and Quality: Ensuring outstanding picture quality in compliance with the X-Reality Pro, the TVs offered by Sony at affordable sony tv price ensures sharper images and detailed visuals.

Audio: Incorporating some of the cutting-edge audio technologies like ClearAudio+, Acoustic Surface and so on, the TVs sold by Sony ensure a thrilling and immersive experience.

Aesthetic Appearance: Helping people to decorate their interior with some of the most aesthetically pleasing television sets, Sony has earned a position of repute in the Indian market.

Sony Bravia TV price starts from Rs 13000 and goes up to Rs 350000. Few of the popular models from the family are Sony Bravia KLV-48 inch HD Smart LED, Sony Bravia KLV-32 inch HD Smart LED, and Sony Bravia KLV-22 inch Full HD LED. Also, Bravia comes in Ultra HD LED variants which start from Rs 75000. Sony Bravia also supports Google Cast just with a touch. All you need to do is connect your phone and the Bravia to the same Wi-Fi network and start casting. Sony Bravia display is a rich LED experience with HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD (4K) technology which start from 1920x1080 resolution and go up to 3840x2160. One such high-end TV is Sony Bravia KD-65X9350D, which is a 65-inch UHD 4K Smart LED TV and prices around Rs 350000. The high-end LED model comes with 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports, 2 pairs of 3D glasses, built-in Wi-Fi, EPG, Light Sensor, headphone jack and magnetic fluid speakers.

The Sony Bravia installation will be done by an authorized service engineer at free of cost. The service engineer will install the TV at your desired place in your home within 2-5 working days after your purchase. Also, there will be a free demo session by the engineer who explains the features and the functionality of your new Sony Bravia. Be it any issues regarding your product or services, you can reach Sony Bravia customer care at the toll-free number 1800-103-7799 and also there is a chat option where you can interact with a customer care executive. And if there is any complaint regarding your product, there are many authorized Sony service centres across many cities in India.

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Latest Sony Television Price List in India 2018

Sony Television Price ListPrice
Sony Bravia KLV-48W562D 48 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 67900
Sony Bravia KLV-22P402B 22 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 13346
Sony Bravia KLV-40R482B 40 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 48819
Sony KD-55X9000C 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart 3D LED TV Rs. 274800
Sony BRAVIA KLV-22P413D 22 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 13099
Sony Bravia KLV-32W562D 32 Inch Full HD Smart 3D LED TVRs. 32699
Sony Bravia KDL-48W700C 48 inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 71973
Sony Bravia KDL40W700C 40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 48999
Sony Bravia KLV-24P423D 24 Inch WXGA LED TV Rs. 16900
Sony KD-43X8500C 43 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart 3D LED TV Rs. 75696