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Sony Mobile Communications was founded in 2001 and is practically young blood in the mobile industry when compared to players like Samsung and LG. But Sony Mobile is a part of a much bigger conglomerate, even bigger than some of the other electronics giants in the market. The Japanese electronics manufacturer set a separate mobile venture to expand its presence in the mobile industry. That’s how Sony went out to create its iconic premium flagship line-up, the Xperia Z.  

Here’s a whole Sony Mobile price list in India along with the information on where you can find cheapest Sony Mobile in India online. We enlist all leading e-commerce platforms Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and more.

Sony Mobile Price List in India

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Latest Sony Mobile Price List in India 2018

Sony Mobile Price List Price
Sony Xperia XA2Rs. 21999
Sony Xperia X DualRs. 22990
Sony Xperia C6 UltraRs. 25999
Sony Xperia XLRs. 24833
Sony Xperia G3112Rs. 19999
Sony Xperia XZ PremiumRs. 56599
Sony Xperia XA UltraRs. 20981
Sony Xperia XZRs. 33990
Sony Xperia XRs. 22990
Sony Xperia tipo dualRs. 6999

Best Upcoming Sony Mobile Phones

All About Sony Mobiles

When Sony entered the market with its mobiles, the industry was expecting a handset maker who can offer premium quality products as the only handful of brands were there with limited choice. Sony Mobile was known as Sony Ericsson in its first decade of presence. The brand let its presence felt with a range of music-centric and camera-centric devices. The industry changed with Android in the scene, and that’s when the iconic Xperia Z lineup was released. India has received the lineup quite well as it offers best in class specifications. The 7000 employee strong Sony Mobile has been ranked as fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The brand has been called aggressive as they have unveiled two flagship products a year. They have so far released a series of handset focusing primary camera, selfie camera, performance, and battery life. Sony Mobile has many first to its name and one of the recent one is the 4K resolution display.

Sony Mobile Specifications

  • Processor:

    Sony Mobiles are ahead on its performance game as most of their handsets come equipped with Qualcomm processors. Only select handsets from the house of Sony have been seen sporting a MediaTek processor, mostly in the entry or mid range. The flagship range comes equipped with the latest generation Qualcomm flagship chipsets. Thus, offering best in class performance.

  • RAM:

    On Sony Mobile phones you won’t find RAM to be an issue as you will on many other handsets. The brand claims to offer best RAM management thanks to its custom interface. When it comes to RAM on board, the Japanese mobile manufacturer has streamlined its range from 2GB to 4GB. The company has given fair treatment to its segments like entry and mid level, while the flagship line-up is yet to see a 6GB RAM unit. Maybe the brand thinks it's probably unnecessary, which can be said true to an extent.

  • Display:

    The display on Sony Mobile phones are futuristic! Sony as a company has evolved ahead in technology, and that’s how the company stay ahead in adopting the latest technologies on their handsets. While Sony is probably not the first holder of 2K resolution display, but it is indeed a first holder of 4K resolution.

  • Cameras:

    Sony might have overachieved in the camera department as no other brand dares to showcase camera capabilities close to what Sony Xperia Z lineup has shown. Whether it's about rear camera or front camera, Sony Mobile has bested both the worlds. Offering one of the highest resolution rear cameras on its flagship line up, Sony introduces impressive camera technologies that you haven’t probably heard of commercially on any other handsets.

  • Battery Life:

    Smartphone has become an integral part of our lives and you probably could not live without your handset. That’s why battery life on smartphones is of so much importance. Despite the fact that battery life on Android phones is quite bad, Sony has managed to offer two-day battery life. It’s an incredible feat!

Types of Sony Mobiles

    Why are Sony Mobile phones different from other mobile phones?

    They are different for one simple reason - Premium Quality. Whether you take Sony Mobiles in the mid-segment or higher segment, they both are priced quite higher than their competition. It’s because the company doesn’t compromise on the quality of their handsets. May it be a mid or high-end range, Sony Mobile phones comes equipped with best in class material for prolong usage. And that’s why Sony mobile phones sport sturdy design as compared to other brands. A solid body blended with elegant design makes for the best features in town.

    Frequently Asked Question On Sony Mobiles

    • 1. What is the warranty period on Sony Mobile phones in India?

      The standard warranty on the Sony Mobile phones is 12 months. It can be availed by users at any Sony authorized service center across India. The user is entitled to free of cost repair on manufacturing defect or replacement if need be.

    • 2. Do Sony Mobile phones come equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass?

      Yes. All the mobiles come equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. What it means is that the Sony phones offer protection for display from scratches.

    • 3. All Sony Mobiles offers support for 4G LTE?

      Yes. All the new Xperia X lineup comes equipped with 4G LTE support.

    • 4. Can I remove the battery on the Sony Xperia Mobile?

      No. All the Sony mobile phones in new Xperia X range comes with a unibody design.

    • 5. Is there an OTG support on the Sony Mobile phones?

      Yes. Sony Mobile phones come equipped with OTG support.

    • 6. What is my Xperia Theft Protection (MXTP)?

      These days mobile thefts has been increased massively. Thieves will steal your mobile phones and resell it in the black market. So, to keep your Sony Xperia phone safe, Sony has introduced this plan which is called My Xperia Theft Protection (MXTP). It is solution to all mobile theft problem. For detailed information about this service, you can visit


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