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Simmtronics is a semi conductor company that manufactures hard disk drives, Tablets, mother boards, Memory modules, Simmbook,low cost PCs and more. Simmtronics is the OEM of hard disk drives for brands like Western Digital and Seagate. Headquartered in delhi, Simmtronics has 4 manufacturing units. While one of them is in India, the rest are scattered in Singapore, and UAE. Simmtronics tablets price start as low as INR 2000 and go up to INR 7000. The price varies according to the features and technical advancements they come with. The Simmtronics specifications on a broad stroke, can be said that they’d be featuring an Android operating system.

Simmtronics Tablet Price List in India

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Latest Simmtronics Tablet Price in India 2017

Simmtronics Tablet Price Price
Simmtronics Xpad X801Rs. 3649
Simmtronics Xpad X722Rs. 2000

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