Siemens Washing Machine Price List

Siemens is a German-based multinational conglomerate which manufactures home appliances, power generation & medical technology, railway vehicles, automation, fire alarms and PLM software among others. Founded back in 1847, the company has been growing since with a revenue of around 80 billion euro. Headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Siemens is the largest electronics manufacturing company in Europe.

Siemens Washing machines are exclusively for above mid-range customers as their price range varies from Rs 25000 to Rs 75000. Also, most of the Siemens washing machines come with front-loading, fully automatic technology. An entry-level Siemens washing machine at a price of Rs 27500. These models come with 7kg capacity and features like Anti-foam control, Overheating protection, Auto balance system, Anti Vibration Rubber, and max spin speed of 1000 rpm.

On the other hand, a high-level Siemens washing machine comes with additional features like Aquaproof, Wave drum, 9kg capacity, 1379 rpm and water consumption of 65 liters. The Siemens washing machines come with 2-year product warranty and 10 years of washing motor warranty. And this warranty does not cover any physical damages to the exterior and plastic parts.

The installation and demo sessions will be provided free of cost where you an authorized service engineer installs the product at your time of convenience.


Washing machine market in India

The washing machine market in India has been growing at a steady rate at least in the urban sector. The primary reason for that, washing machine saves time and offers convenience to those who have less time and more things to get done. Even though the statistics show that the rural and semi-rural areas have barely been using washing machines.

It can’t be said that washing machine is a luxury item as many national and international brands have come up with washing machines at an affordable price. Some of the most dominant washing machine manufacturers include Videocon, Whirlpool, Lloyd, Godrej, IFB, LG, and Samsung. However, the Germany-based Siemens has taken the bid to offer feature-enriched washing machines that make the daunting task of washing clothes a cakewalk.

About the Siemens

Founded in 1847, the Siemens came into existence under the name of Siemens & Halske. Werner Von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske were the two pioneers behind this company. It started off its journey by building the first long-distance telegraph line in Europe. Headquartered in Berlin and Munich, this company has been recognized for products in the domain of power generation technology, medical technology, railway vehicles, water treatment systems, fire alarms, and PLM software. Being €83.049 billion enterprises today, the company functions under the supervision of CEO Joe Kaeser. They take pride in being present in 190 countries as well as 285 production and manufacturing facilities.

History of the Siemens in India

Here is the list of Siemens washing machines available at affordable price tag along with features:

Siemens (iQ700) Front Load Washing Machine WM16W640IN: Gifting the use with a reliable and efficient washing machine to do laundry, the iQ700 front load washing machine by Siemens has been designed to perform accurate detergent dosing in compliance with the i-Dos automatic dosing system. Unraveling the rejuvenating path for one to have 65% reduced cleaning time. This Siemens washing machine is able to offer superior quality performance even with a 20% less energy with the help of VarioPerfect technology.

Ensuring reduced noise with iQdrive motor, this Siemens washing machine helps the user to stay at the top of performance in terms of having clothes cleaned at ease. Both minimal use of water and monitored washing load is guaranteed by the presence of ActiveWater Plus technology. The incorporation of wave-droplet design unleashes the scope for one to have a thorough yet gentle cleaning of the finest textiles or clothes.

Siemens (iQ700) Front Load Washing Machine WM14W790IN: Engineered to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, this Siemens front load washing machine has been made to be adept at removing the odor of the cloth with the help of Sensofresh programme. Besides being aesthetically pleasing as well as sturdy, it is ideal for those who are willing to have an effective as well as efficient laundry that comes with the quiet iQdrive motor.

Offered at an affordable price, this washing machine boasts featuring a VarioPerfect high-performance program that can actually cut down the cleaning time up to 65%. The inclusion of wave-droplet designed by WaveDrum makes it convenient for one to have clothes cleaned rigorously yet in a gentle manner.

Siemens (iQ700) Front Loading Automatic Washing Machine WM14W540IN: Taking pride in having the iSensoric that has the capacity to influence perfect wash results. This Siemens front-loading washing machine has been adorned with features that will leave one amazed. The inclusion of stain removal programme paves the path for one to get rid of deep-seated and stubborn stains.

Functioning with the help of intelligent as well as durable iQdrive motor, this Siemens washing machine features consumption indicator. It can let the user know about the amount of water and electricity consumed before the programme starts. Besides helping one to save up to 50% energy in compliance with the EcoPerfect technology. This Siemens washing machine can also reload which will eliminate worries regarding the forgotten laundry.

Siemens (iQ500) Front Load Washing Machine WM14T469IN: Featuring impressive speed that has the capacity to clean clothes in 60 minutes only. This Siemens washing machine has been manufactured to be efficient at reducing wash cycle duration up to 65%. Driven by the intelligent and effective iQdrive motor, this Siemens washing machine has been designed to be stable with the help of anti-vibration side panels that reduce vibrations during the process of washing and spinning. While the presence of advanced sensor technology paves the path for one to save water, the wave droplet design makes the daunting task of gentle cleaning a cakewalk.

Siemens (iQ500) Front Load Washing Machine WM14T461IN: Being one of the finest washing machines offered by Siemens, this model has been exclusively designed for those who value time and would love to have laundry done in no time. Offered at an affordable price, it features Speed+ technology that has the capacity to clean the clothes only in an hour.

Unleashing the best opportunity for one to avail effective laundry care, the device functions in compliance with the iQdrive motor that has been made to be robust as well as intelligent. Incorporation of ActiveWater Plus technology ensures that the minimal amount of water is used while the clothes go through a gentle cleaning process offered by the wave-droplet design.

Siemens (iQ500) Front Load Washing Machine WM12T461IN: Crafted with care, this front load washing machine brings the powerful iQdrive motor that is adept enough at offering an effective laundry care. The greater stability is enjoyed with the incorporation of the anti-vibration side panels. The user gets to save a few hundred bucks on the water bill with the ActiveWater Plus technology that puts advanced sensor technology into use. Introducing WaveDrum droplet design, the washing machine ensures that the user gets to have clothes washed gently yet rigorously.

Siemens (iQ500) Front Loading Washing Machine WM12T460IN: Carrying large easy-to-read display, this Siemens front loader features iQdrive motor along with other features that will leave one amazed. Besides ensuring efficient laundry care, this Siemens washing machine is able to save energy up to 50% in compliance with the EcoPerfect technology. The presence of the reload function makes it much easier and convenient for one to add clothes as the water levels allow. A gentle laundry care is guaranteed with the finest wave droplet design incorporated.

Siemens (iQ300) Front Load Washing Machine WM12K269IN: Designed to be one of the most efficient and powerful washing machines offered by Siemens, this product comes with Speed+ technology. Ensuring reduction in wash cycle duration up to 65%, this Siemens washing machine takes pride in having WaveDrum’s breakthrough wave droplet design. While the presence of volt-monitor guarantees that voltage fluctuations are monitored and regulated, reduced vibration is ensured by anti-vibration side panels.

Siemens (iQ300) Front Load Washing Machine WM12K169IN: Having earned reputation in its category, this front load washing machine comes with a plethora of features that have been introduced for the sake of making the task of washing clothes an easy and convenient one. While one can easily add clothes at the last minute with the start/reload function, greater stability during washing and spinning is confirmed with the anti-vibration side panels.

The volt-monitor present in the front load washing machine ensures that the washing machine is protected from the unstable electric supply. Eliminating all the worries regarding the effective cleaning of the fabric, the wave-droplet design offers unparalleled efficiency.

Siemens (iQ300) Front Load Washing Machine WM12K168IN: Boasting of having the sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care, this washing machine comes equipped with SpeedPerfect technology that provides the user with perfect wash results in up to 65% less time.

The inclusion of Volt-monitor has gifted the user with the opportunity to stay away from worries in the circumstances of power supply fluctuations and also ensures an automatic resumption of a wash cycle. Offered at an affordable price tag, this product is ideal for those who are in search of a sensor-controlled washing machine that is efficient and helps one to save time.

Siemens (iQ300) Washing Machine WM10K168IN: Paving the path for one to embrace the power of progressive technology in every wash, this washing machine comes adorned with iSensoric technology that is perfect for superior quality laundry care. Assisting one to get clothes washed in 65% less time, this washing machine offers effective and efficient laundry care with the WaveDrum technology.

On the other hand, it also comes with Volt-Monitor that can be relied upon in case of power supply fluctuations. Paving the path for one to have water saving laundry care, the washing machine is controlled by a sensor in the most efficient manner.

Why choose Siemens washing machines?

Many people choose Siemens when it comes to choosing washing machines due to a number of reasons:

#1 Sensor Controlled Technology: Unraveling the rejuvenating avenue for one to experience the iSensoric technology, the washing machines offered by Siemens have been adorned with sensors for the sake of optimum efficiency.

#2 Volt-Monitors: The presence of volt-monitors paves the path for one to be away from worries even when there are power supply fluctuations. They ensure the automatic resumption of the wash cycle.

#3 Wave Droplet Design; Introducing the wave droplet design, the washing machines by Siemens make sure that the clothes are washed in a manner that is rigorous yet gentle.

Where to buy Siemens washing machines in India?

Finding a dealer of Siemens is easier than ever with the official website. It provides a map that showcases a list of brand stores or dealers according to the city, state or even the pin code. However, online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliQ offers a diverse range of Siemens washing machines at the most affordable price. We suggest you take a look at this Siemens washing machine price list and select the desired model.

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Siemens Washing Machine Price List in India

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Latest Siemens Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

Siemens Washing Machine Price ListPrice
Siemens WM10K160IN 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 27999
Siemens WM10K260IN 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 32090
Siemens WM12K168IN 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 28999
Siemens WM08B260IN 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 32500
Siemens WM12S460IN Automatic 8 Kg Washing MachineRs. 60980
Siemens WT44C102IN 7 Kg Condenser DryerRs. 35281
Siemens WM12K268IN 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 33910
Siemens WM14W540IN iQ700 9Kg Automatic Washing MachineRs. 74480
Siemens WM08X161IN 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 27220
Siemens WT46B201IN Condensed 8 Kg Font-loading Tumble DryerRs. 40730

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. What is the most silent washing machine available in the market?

    At the time of writing the most silent washing machines on the market have a noise level of 71 dB on their spin cycle. This includes several models made by Siemens.

  • 2. Does Siemens washing machines comes with stand or trolley?

    No, Unfortunately! You have to separately buy accessory for your Siemens washing machine.

  • 3. Is free installation service available for Siemens washing machines?

    Usually, Installation is free. But it also depends on where you are buying the product. Whether its online or offline store, then you must clarify with retailer.

  • 4. How to fix a loud washing machine?

    Washing machines can vary in spin speed from less than 1,000 rpm to more than 1,600rpm, and higher speeds can make them more noisy and prone to becoming unbalanced. We suggest following these instructions. Turn off your machine, then Check the feet to avoid unbalanced load.