Sanyo Television Price List

Established in 1947, Sanyo is one of the most innovative and successful brands when it comes to televisions. They are a leading company manufacturing LED Televisions at a budget-friendly price. They have collaborated with Amazon to supply their LED TV’s and provide a new experience. Sanyo is expanding its horizons by investing more in the e-commerce space. Sanyo means 3 oceans in Japanese. This name was given by its founder Toshio Lue to indicate three oceans, i.e.- Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian. This was a part of his aspiration to make a work across all countries. The company gained huge success in India and in various other countries abroad. It is also the most reviewed brand on Amazon for Televisions category.

Recently, renowned  Panasonic took over Sanyo and decided to relaunch with a fresher view. This resulted in their association with Amazon.

History of Sanyo

Sanyo was founded by Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd. which is one of Japan’s largest industries. But later due to Japan’s industrial decentralization policy after World War 2, Matsushita was broken into two smaller companies. This resulted in the establishment of Sanyo electronics.

Television market in India

Televisions are an integral part of every household in India. Every since they were launched, there has been a rise in their demand. With technology on the rise, companies are coming up with better technologies and smart TV’s. Their sales have increased significantly in rural areas as well. According to a report, the sale of Televisions increased from 120 million in 2011, to about 183 million in 2017. This is expected to rise to more than 200 million in 2020.

Types of Televisions offered by Sanyo

Sanyo Ultra HD 4k Televisions

Sanyo 4k televisions offer an entertainment experience like never before. These premium televisions come with life-like picture quality that brings the theatre to your living room. This is further enhanced by Dolby audio systems. The motion stabilizers and acoustics bring the action sequences to life and offer a new dimension to in-house entertainment.


Sanyo 123 cm (49 inches) XT-49S8200U 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The Sanyo 123 cm (49 inches) XT-49S8200U 4K UHD LED Smart TV is a premium TV that offers stunning picture quality and HDR. This brings life to your daily entertainment which is further enhanced by Dolby acoustics. All this comes with an ultra-slim body (83mm). The design is so elegant and premium that it will add an element to your interiors. The brush metal finish adds more aesthetic to it. The size is perfect for living rooms as well as bedrooms. Sanyo 123 cm (49-inch) XT-49S8200U 4K UHD LED Smart TV is priced at INR 57000 in India.

Sanyo 139 cm (55 inches) 4K XT-55S8200U 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The Sanyo 139 cm 4K XT-55S8200U 4K UHD LED Smart TV comes with a 55-inch screen and ultra high definition output. Turn your living room into a theatre with is brilliant acoustics and display that brings pictures to life . Along with this, you get your favorite applications on the TV to enjoy streaming videos online. Other devices such as tablets, phones, cameras or games can be connected to this TV through HDMI and USB ports. The Sanyo 139 cm (55 inches) 4K XT-55S8200U 4K UHD LED Smart TV is priced at INR 60000 in India.

Sanyo Full HD Smart IPS LED TVs

This is a range of affordable Smart TVs that come with amazing features that are essential for your daily entertainment. They come with ample connectivity options and applications like Youtube preloaded on the TV. The screen sizes are neither too small nor too big. They can be put in living rooms, bedrooms, or even offices.

Sanyo 107.95 cm (43 inches) XT-43S8100FS Full HD IPS Smart LED TV

This TV comes with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. With this TV you can enjoy streaming videos online on Youtube or watch your family photos on the big screen. With the 16W sound output, gaming will be a great experience. It comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports that are used to connect various devices to the TV. It can be mounted on the wall, put on the shelf, anyway that you want. The Sanyo 107.95 cm (43 inches) XT-43S8100FS Full HD IPS Smart LED TV is priced at INR 29999 in India.

Sanyo 123.2 cm (49 inches) XT-49S8100FS Full HD IPS Smart LED TV

This 49-inch TV comes with anti-motion blur technology that makes your TV viewing experience even better. With a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this TV has everything that you need.

It comes with a 16W sound output which makes sure that the sound covers up the room. With 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, you can connect games, tablets, phones, laptops, and cameras to watch media or play games on the TV. The Sanyo 123.2 cm (49 inches) XT-49S8100FS Full HD IPS Smart LED TV is priced at INR 39999.

Other Televisions by Sanyo

Appliance TVs

The Sanyo XT-49S8200U Ultra HD TV

The Sanyo XT-55S8200U Ultra HD TV (55 inches)

The Sanyo XT-43S8100FS

Sanyo 32S7000H - Comes with the best quality audio and video

Sanyo 32S7100F- Comes with ADS panel to make your TV viewing even better

Sanyo 43S7100F - Comes with great picture quality and clear sound

Sanyo 49S7100F - Get amazing sound and picture quality at an affordable price

Frequently asked questions about Sanyo televisions

Where can I buy a Sanyo television?

Sanyo televisions are available for sale exclusively on

     2. Will  I get warranty upon purchasing the TV online?

Yes. Every Sanyo television is checked for quality before delivery and comes with a warranty card.

3. What if a damaged piece is delivered to me?

Amazon takes care of products under the fragile category. In case a damaged piece is delivered to you, an application can be made for the exchange.

4. Does Sanyo have service centers in India?

Sanyo has more than 250 service centers across the country. You can locate the nearest service center on their website.

5. Who will set up the TV?

After the delivery, you can call the toll free number for assistance.

6. Which applications are supported on Sanyo Televisions?

Here is the list of applications that you can enjoy on Sanyo Televisions-







Daily Motion

7. Can  I use internet USB dongles with another website?

Internet connectivity is possible on Sanyo televisions through WiFi and ethernet. If your dongle creates a WiFi hotspot, then it can be used.

8. How do  I use applications on a Sanyo TV?

Sanyo televisions come with their own app store which lets you access various applications.

9. How do I stream videos from other website?

Since the web browser on the television does not allow video streaming, you can watch videos from other websites through screen mirroring.

Why buy Sanyo Televisions?

Brilliant Display

Every Sanyo television comes with amazing picture quality. Their TV’s have different screen resolutions but all of them promise to make your TV viewing experience better. They have anti-motion blur technology so that action sequences have a better output.

Good connectivity

Sanyo TVs come with multiple HDMI and USB ports. They help you connect devices like your laptops, tablets, cameras, USB drives, etc to the unit so that you can enjoy watching pictures, videos and listening to your playlist. Gaming is also fun when you connect it to the TV.

Affordable price

With Sanyo, you get the latest features and technology for an affordable price. Despite great features, their prices are reasonable.

Options to choose from

With Sanyo, there is something for everyone. Their screen sizes and features vary with every TV. so you can choose from their product range according to your budget and requirements.

Sanyo Televisions are affordable, efficient and innovative. There is no reason not to buy them. Being the highest reviewed brand on Amazon proves this point. Whether you are looking for a new Television for your home, upgrading to a smart TV or need an advertising tool for office, Sanyo has an option for you. Have a look at their product range on our website and compare different models. Our expert reviews will guide you towards the right choice.

SANYO is a Japanese electronics manufacturer that was founded in 1949. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. It is interesting to know that SANYO means three oceans, specifically the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian ocean. It represents the company founder, late Toshio lue’s ambition to generate business throughout the world. The company has a presence in India since many years, but the SANYO India as a brand was relaunched last year.

SANYO India is quite popular in the country among the buyers looking for reasonably priced televisions. The country has seen rapid growth in LED Television market since the introduction of budget models. SANYO was among the first to introduce online exclusive budget-friendly LED TVs in the country.

Currently, SANYO India offers four Television models in the country. The pixel resolution ranges from HD to Full HD. Out of four models, three come with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The screen size include 32-inches, 43-inches, and 49-inches. The features of these TVs includes USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, and Headphones connectivity. For the audio part, these LED Television sets come with DNR noise reduction and high-quality speakers for crystal clear sound.

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Sanyo Television Price List in India

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Latest Sanyo Television Price List in India 2018

Sanyo Television Price ListPrice
Sanyo XT-32S7000H 32 Inches HD Ready LED TVRs. 12499
Sanyo 124 cm (49 inches) XT-49S7100F Full HD LED IPS TVRs. 27499
Sanyo 109 cm (43 inches) XT-43S7100F Full HD LED IPS TVRs. 22490
Sanyo 43 Inches XT-43S8100FS Full HD IPS Smart LED TVRs. 27990
Sanyo 49 Inches XT-49S8100FS Full HD IPS Smart LED TVRs. 32999