Sansui Television Price List

Sansui is a Japanese conglomerate which has expanded its services to many industries such as audio/video equipment, home appliances, Information, and communication equipment. Sansui is a child company of a Chinese firm Grande Holdings which makes professional audio and HiFi components. Headquartered in Tokyo, Sansui Electric was founded in 1947 and has been growing ever since internationally. The company has its dominance spread over mostly in South Asian countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan.

Sansui TV price range varies from Rs 9000 to Rs 60000, resolution varies from HD to 4K display, and screen size varies from 23-inch to 75-inch. These LED TVs also vary in features like USB connectivity, Smart TV technology, Wi-Fi availability, Curved/Flat, and HDMI availability.


The television market in India

Gone are those day when owning a television was considered as a luxury. With multinational brands offering a diverse range of television models that come equipped with a plethora of innovative features, television is cheaper and affordable than ever. The old CRT television has been replaced by curved panel display, 4K resolution, 3D television and so on. While the Indian TV market is dominated by giant brand like Samsung, LG, Sony, the Japan-based Sansui has been able to satisfy thousands of customers over years with television models that come adorned with the latest technological features.

About the company

The Japan-based Sansui Electric Co Ltd came into existence in the year 1947 and is one of the leading audio-visual equipment manufacturers across the globe. Being a part of the Hong-Kong-based conglomerate Grand Holdings, this company started its journey by manufacturing transformers and audio components.

History of the company in India

Sansui started its journey in India in the year 1997 and today boasts of having its presence across the nation. This brand has been recognized as No 1 in delivering and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Here is the list of different TV models offered by Sansui at affordable Sansui TV price along with their specifications:

SRG65CA49S: Made available at high-end Sansui TV price of INR 1,51,000, this 4K Ultra HD TV has been engineered to feature a plethora of attributes that make the entire audio-visual experience more immersive. Coming equipped with 3840x2160 pixels resolution, this device has been designed to be compatible with the customized Android platform as well. Besides offering breathtaking colours with 1.06 billion Colours, this model features dynamic contrast ratio and 178-degree viewing angle as well. Manufactured to facilitate 3D noise reduction, it facilitates the user with selectable picture modes like dynamic, standard, soft, vivid and user.

SRG55CA49S: This model doesn’t only add to the interior with its aesthetically pleasing appearance but also unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for one to experience audio-visuals supported by a number of innovative technology. Priced at Sansui TV price of Rs 82,000, this model comes with wireless screen mirroring that lets the user enjoy smartphone content on TV. Coming equipped with 4000R curvature, it has been embellished with the borderless bezel. Connectivity features offered include USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, inbuilt wifi and so on.

SRD55QA0ZS: This 4K Ultra HD TV  has been manufactured to perform depending on the Android 5.1 platform which makes it a smart TV as well by opening the door for seamless connectivity. Made available at Sansui TV price of 66,000, this device empowers the user with the control over TV with the help of virtual remote control and virtual mouse. Coming embellished with 8 million pixels resolution, this device takes the entertainment experience to a whole new level. Other features that come with this TV are inclusive of IPS panel, TV post back, wireless screen mirroring, and so on.

SNA55QX0ZSA: Catering to the need of staying connected with the virtual world of entertainment, this model has been designed to carry internet-connected smart features with it. Providing the user with detailed and crisp images with the help of 3840x2160 pixels resolution, this device comes adorned with wireless screen mirroring which makes the daunting task of enjoying content available on smartphone on the TV. Relying on dynamic contrast ratio and 1.06 billion display Colours, this device also features games like candy crush, angry birds and so on. This model has been made available at Sansui TV price of Rs 62,300.

SRD50QA0ZS: Being recognized as one of the best 4K Ultra HD TV models offered by Sansui, this model seeks to satisfy the user with breathtaking features that offer both comfort and convenience. The inclusion of connectivity features like in-built wifi, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 makes it easier for the user to watch a diverse range of content without any hassle. The strategic addition of the multi-screen feature assists the user in sharing multimedia resources from phone and one can also control the TV with the help of virtual remote control as well as virtual mouse. Featuring 3840x2160 screen resolution, this model also comes with IPS panel and is offered at Sansui TV price of Rs 55,000.

SNA50QX0ZSA: Made available at Sansui TV price of Rs 52,000, this ultra HD smart TV has been designed to cater to the need of having a new enhanced technology that engrosses the user in the most efficient manner possible. This model brings in 1.06 billion Colours with it in order to offer sharp images that are life-like as well as crystal clear. Apart from taking pride in featuring 3D noise reduction, this device comes loaded with a number of smart features such as Miracast, in-built play store, social media pps support, games, so on and so forth.

SRD43QAOZS: Relying on Android 5.1 operating system, this 4K Ultra HD TV amalgamates some of the most sought-after features in order to unravel the rejuvenating opportunity of staying immersed. Priced at Sansui TV price of Rs 48,000, this device comes equipped with a multi-screen feature that offers complete peace of mind by facilitating the user with virtual remote control and a virtual mouse. While the inclusion of 8 million pixels guarantees outstanding video quality, the presence of original OS empowers the user with the capacity to stay connected to the internet at ease. It is offered at Sansui TV price of Rs 48,000.

SNX50FH24D: Paving the path for one to have access to the unsurpassed quality viewing experience, this smart TV comes with the original operating system. The beauty of this web-enabled TV is that one can easily access the internet in order to explore a diverse range of entertaining contents and so on. The strategic inclusion of the stylish side stand certainly adds to the interior and gives the TV an aesthetically pleasing look. It also has been embellished with other features like 8 regional languages, 3 HDMI, 2 USB ports, Audio Return Channel and so on. This model comes at Sansui TV price of Rs 42,000.

SNP43F618D: This smart TV has been manufactured to embrace the user with a blissful experience, thanks to the inclusion of Quad-core processor and features like Miracast. Made available at Sansui TV price of Rs 38,000, this device makes the interior stand out in compliance with stylish side stand, sleek bezel and metal back cover. Designed to produce 4K UHD resolution, this device takes the entire audio-visual experience to a new level. The inclusion of HDMI and USB makes sure that the user gets the opportunity to have audio and video files transferred without any hassle.

SNP40H658S: Priced at affordable Sansui TV price of Rs 34,500, this TV model seeks to redefine the audio-visual experience with the help of innovative features. Relying on the quad-core processor, this device unravels the reinvigorating scope for one to stay entertained with the internet-connected smart features. While the incorporation of features like Audio Return Channel (ARC) paves the path for one to enjoy superior quality audio-visuals, the addition of High Definition Multimedia Interface makes sure that the user can play HD content from a diverse range of devices like Blu-ray players and so on.

SKJ20HH07F: Being a prominent model in the Thunder Series, this model comes embellished with 16.7 million display Colours which guarantee crisp images and sharper details. Designed to operate without external stabilizer, this device helps the user to save money by consuming less amount of power. The inclusion of the optimized varistors in the power supply unit helps the device to stay protected from lightning as well. Coming adorned with selectable picture modes like Hi-Bright, Vivid, Sports, Cinema and User, this model also comes with mega contrast ratio and selectable audio modes like User, Speech, Standard and Music. It is offered at Sansui TV price of Rs 9,200.

SNP40F624D: Belonging to the Infinity LED series, this model offers full HD resolution and offers 16.7 million display Colours in a bid to offer pristine images. Featuring 98 cm display, this device facilitates the user with 178 degrees wide viewing angle while coming adorned with selectable audio-visual modes. An enhanced quality audio is guaranteed with the auto volume leveller and 7 bands graphic equalizer. Other features that have been incorporated in this device are inclusive of DNR, eco vision, 8 OSD languages and so on. This device is offered at Sansui TV price of Rs 32,000.

SNP32H655S: Paving the path for one to have a better TV viewing experience, this model attempts to engross the user with a plethora of smart features. Designed to be fully compatible with the customised Android platform, this model lets the user access social media applications at ease. It further adorns itself with different attributes like sleek bezel, stylish side stand, and metal back cover. Offered at Sansui TV price of Rs 22,300, this device also comes with connectivity features such as 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. Embracing the user with 4K UHD resolution, it delivers the immersive audio-visual experience.

SNS32HB23CAW: Catering to the need of having detailed images on the screen, this TV model features 80 cm HD display. The inclusion of ATOM sound technology doesn’t only eliminate the requirement of having additional speakers but also ensure that the user stays engrossed with reduced audio distortions and increased sound sensitivity. Priced at Sansui TV price of Rs 17,600, this device comes with 16.7 million display Colours and mega contrast ratio. Selectable pictures modes offered include hi-bright, vivid, sports, cinema and user. Other features incorporated are 5 bands graphic equalizer, DNR, Eco Vision, auto volume leveller, so on and so forth.

Why buy Sansui TV

Sansui has been trusted by many over years in the matter of television. Without compromising with the quality, they have been able to gift the user with breathtaking images and immersive sound in compliance with cutting-edge features. Here is why many people prefer Sansui TV models offered at affordable Sansui TV price over other brands:

Selectable Audio-visual Modes: Including selectable audio-visual modes, Sansui TV models cater to the need of having different types of audio-visual combination designed for different situations.

Connectivity: While most of the Sansui TV models offered at inexpensive Sansui TV price have been manufactured to be compatible with the customised Android platform, they also come with USB and HDMI connectivity.

Multi-screen feature: Including multi-screen feature, the Sansui TV models make it a cakewalk for one to share resources from other devices.

When considered an entry level Sansui LED TV, it comes with a 24-inch screen, 1 HDMI port, 1 USB port, EDGE LED, 178-degree view angle, Stereo Sound, Graphic Equalizer, and Connectshare feature. This model comes with a price tag of Rs 10200. On the other hand, a high-end Sansui LED TV basically comes with <50-inch screens. These models come with additional features such as Clear Motion Rate of 200Hz, 178 degree horizontal/vertical angles, Digital Clean View, Eco Sensor, Android Lollipop, Ultra Clear Panel, Auto volume leveler, Quad-core processor. Additional features in these models include Connectshare, Display Mirroring, Screencasting, and Wi-Fi Direct.

Sansui TVs come with one-year product warranty. But the company specifies that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects but not on accessories or physical damages during transit.

Sansui TV spare parts are available in any Sansui store. In any case of complaints or queries, you can reach a nearby Sansui service center

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Latest Sansui Television Price List in India 2018

Sansui Television Price ListPrice
Sansui SJX40FB-11XAF 39 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 25596
Sansui SJX24FB 24 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 14990
Sansui SKJ24FH07Fk 24 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 12286
Sansui SKQ48FH 48 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 40278
Sansui SJX32HB02CAF 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 16476
Sansui SJX22FB 22 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 9481
Sansui SNA50QX0ZSA 50 Inch Ultra HD 4k Smart LED TVRs. 49286
Sansui SKJ24FH07F 24 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 11286
Sansui SJV32HH02FA 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 17137
Sansui SKW40FH11XAF 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 25299