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Sansui Mobile Price List

Sansui Mobile Phones

Sansui - Born in Japan. Entertaining the world. This Japanese tech giant has its roots set in various verticals of electronics. Sansui Electric. Co. Ltd, the parent of Sansui mobiles is a part of a Chinese conglomerate which also holds Akai and Nakamichi. Sansui was initially into developing audio components and later expanded and introduced itself to the world as makers of audio-visual technology manufacturers. The amplifiers and tuners that Sansui produced in the ‘60s - ‘70s are still looked for and used extensively. In India and across the world, Sansui is not only prominent for its mobile phones but also for its other electronic equipments including Sansui LCDs, Sansui LED TV, Air conditioners and more.

Sansui mobiles manufactured are easy to use and offer value for money. The trust and customer satisfaction the brand has gained over a period of time, makes Sansui mobile phone a preferred choice of many.

The Sansui U50 and U52 have made its presence felt in the mobile market with its indispensable camera quality, processing speed, and long battery hours. Acquiring all of these features will not burn a hole in your pocket as Sansui has priced all its products very competitively.

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Sansui Mobile Price List

Sansui Mobile Price List Price
Sansui U55Rs. 3,999
Sansui U52Rs. 3,590
Sansui U42Rs. 2,744
Sansui SA53GRs. 4,449
Sansui U40Rs. 2,564
Sansui U50 PlusRs. 3,799
Sansui U30 EuphoriaRs. 2,575
Sansui S351Rs. 1,576
Sansui U31Rs. 2,200
Sansui U40 PlusRs. 2,549