SanDisk Pen Drive Price

Sandisk is a California-based American manufacturer of flash memory products such as memory cards and readers, USB flash drives and Solid state drives. The company is named as a third largest manufacturer of flash memory products. The brand has a lot of products popular in India. But the most popular query is SanDisk 16GB pendrive price in India.

Last year, SanDisk was acquired by Western Digital for a whopping US$ 19 Billion. The name SanDisk is ubiquitous to the flash memory as it can be found with many smartphones, desktop, and laptop users. The current range starts at 4GB and goes up to 128GB storage options. You will find many searching for SanDisk 16GB pendrive in India. The 16GB storage comes in different models such as Cruzer Switch, Cruzer Ultra, Cruzer Fit, Cruzer Blade, Cruzer POP, etc.

SanDisk Pen Drive Price List in India

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Latest SanDisk Pen Drive Price in India 2017

SanDisk Pen Drive Price Price
Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick 16GB Pen DriveRs. 1649
Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick 128GB Pen DriveRs. 3036
Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick 32GB Pen DriveRs. 1588
SanDisk SDCZ880 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Pen DriveRs. 7999
Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick 64GB Pen DriveRs. 1588
Sandisk Cruzer Orbit CZ58 8 gb USB Pen DriveRs. 207
Sandisk Cruzer Blade 128 GB Pen DriveRs. 2350
SanDisk USB 3.0 Extreme 16GB Pen DriveRs. 1499
Sandisk Cruzer Force CZ71 16GB Pen DriveRs. 425
Sandisk Cruzer U 64 GB PendriveRs. 4040

Best Upcoming Sandisk Pendrive.

    All About Sandisk Pendrive

    SanDisk pendrive in India is available in sleek and stylish designs. Do make a note that these pendrives also support password protection and can encrypt files as well. Thus, allowing you to keep your digital content safe. Equipped with USB 3.0 interface, which is the latest USB standard. You get a faster data transfer speed. These days many pendrives comes with OTG support and Sandisk pendrive offers that as well. These portable storage drives can be connected to smartphones with OTG support. These are durable products and should easily last for years without any worry of quality degradation.

    Sandisk Pendrive Specifications

    Whether you are looking to instantly free up space on your Android or iOS device, SanDisk pendrives are there for you. They offer support for all types of models with different ports for different platform support. Being a pioneer in the industry, their pendrives comes equipped with best in the class specification. Sporting latest USB version support, SanDisk pendrives offers USB Type-C and USB 3.0 version equipped flash drives for Android smartphone consumers and computer. The storage capacity varies model to model. But most of the models come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The storage goes up to maximum 256GB.

      Types of Sandisk Pendrive

        Sandisk Pendrive Price Range

        Why are Sandisk Pendrives different from other Pendrives?

        SanDisk pendrives are called industry pioneer for a reason. You can’t mess with the king of the jungle if it has power and this is a powerful one. SanDisk pendrives offers top notch quality products that can’t be matched by any brand in this industry. Their pendrives just work as they are designed to work. Equipped with every type of resistance there is to harm your flash drive, SanDisk pendrives are tough drives that can withstand a lot of forces. Not many drives in the industry offer such features and that’s why SanDisk pendrives are different from other pendrive brands in India.

        Frequently Asked Question On Sandisk Pendrives

        • 1. What is the warranty of the SanDisk pendrives in India?

          The Standard warranty on SanDisk pendrive is two years, while some models come with three years warranty as well. Under this period, consumers are entitled to get a cost-free repair for manufacturing defects or replacement if need be.

        • 2. Is SanDisk pendrive compatible with Android and iOS devices?

          Yes. SanDisk offers pendrives for mobile storage as well. There are dedicated USB flash drives in Sandisk pendrive range that you can buy according to the platform device you own.

        • 3. Can I use SanDisk pendrive to make a bootable drive?

          Yes. As per on Sandisk official forum, their pendrive can be used to make a bootable drive.

        • 4. What is the body material used for SanDisk pendrive?

          This purely depends on the SanDisk pendrive you select. There are two types of SanDisk pendrives available, plastic and metal. In some models, these model are used to manufacture the drive.

        • 5. Do SanDisk pendrives offers waterproof/resistant flash drives?

          Yes. As per information listed on their website. Sandisk pendrives comes with waterproof IPX7 certification that allows it to withstand up to 72 hours in 1 m salt or fresh water. Apart from waterproof, these Sandisk pendrives are temperature, shock, vibration, X-Ray, magnet, and impact proof.