Samsung Washing Machine Price List

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean conglomerate which manufactures homemade appliances, consumer electronics, DRAM, telecommunications equipment, and medical equipment among others. Founded in 1938, the company has been exponentially growing with a revenue of over 200 trillion South Korean Won. Headquartered in Seoul, the brand is famously known for its smartphones and home appliances, which have reached almost every corner of the world.

Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine

They can be divided into two types:

1. Top Load

2. Front Load

What are the best Samsung fully automatic washing machines in India in 2017?

We have listed down the best top load and front load fully automatic Samsung washing machine. Check them out.

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Samsung Washing Machine Price List in India

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Latest Samsung Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

Samsung Washing Machine Price ListPrice
Samsung WA62H4000HD/TL 6.2 Kg. Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 21080
Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL 6.5 Kg Semi-automatic Twin-tub Washing MachineRs. 11299
Samsung WT725QPNDMP/XTL 7.2 Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 11999
Samsung WA62H4300HP/TL 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 16054
Samsung WW80J5410GS 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 44390
SAMSUNG 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine  (WD80J6410AS/TL)Rs. 58972
Samsung WA65K4000HA/TL 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 19780
Samsung WT9505EG 7.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing MachineRs. 13735
Samsung WA62K4200HY 6.2Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 17020
Samsung WA70K4020HL/TL 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 22570

All about Samsung Washing Machines

An entry-level Samsung washing machine costs around Rs 9000 and comes with semi-automatic top loading mechanism, plastic build, LED display, and spin speed of 740 RPM. Whereas, the high-end fully automatic Samsung washing machines come with a stainless steel built and outer body material of Polypropylene. The maximum spin speed of these washers, on an average, is 900 rpm and the average weight of the washers is 30kg. Additional features of these high-end models include features like Intensive wash technology, Eco wash, Turbo Soak, Fuzzy Logic, Turbo Drum, Air Dry, and Child Lock. These high-end models will cost around Rs 45000 to Rs 1 lakh. The default warranty period of Samsung washing machines will be 3 years. The standard installation and demo sessions, which will be done within 2-4 working days, will be provided free of cost. However, the warranty does not cover any damage to the outer cabinet, plastic parts, external parts, if any changes made to the internal electric circuit, and even if the serial number is removed down. Let’s explore the Samsung washing machine 2017 range

What are the key technologies on Samsung washing machines?

  • FlexWash:

    Arguably the most advanced washing machine technology present in the industry. FlexWash equipped washing machines sports a hybrid design. They use both types of the load on the same machine. Pretty incredible! The main front loader comes with a massive 21 Kg capacity, which is accompanied by a miniature compact 3.5 Kg top loader. Here the front loader is used to wash heavy laundry items like curtains, blankets, and other bulky items. Whereas utilization of top loader can be done for items like socks, undergarments, handkerchief, and more.

  • Ecobubble & BubbleSoak:

    Bubble away your laundry! Samsung’s EcoBubble technology harnesses the power of bubbles even at low temperatures, thus, giving powerful cleaning. Indian households are known to use cold water to wash clothes, this front-loader Samsung washing technology helps in achieving powerful cleaning despite the cold water usage. The primary principle behind this technology is to convert the detergent particles into bubbles. They penetrate the clothes at particle level to remove the adamant dirt in your laundry. Samsung further improved this technology by introducing BubbleSoak technology, which helps in removing stubborn stains. Note that this technique doesn’t make fabric hard since bubbles are soft by nature. They won’t damage the fabric!

  • AirWash & Eco Drum Clean:

    AirWash technology tackles the foul odour by deodorizing the clothes and bedding. It’s easy to remove the bad odour from your clothes, thanks to this Samsung technology. This is done by utilizing the super-hot air that can kill bacteria and allergens causing the smell. Samsung takes this technology one step ahead by introducing a feature that allows keeping foul smell not just out of clothes, but the tub as well. The Eco Clean Drum function, this technology obliterates the residue in the diaphragm via drum sanitization. The hot water and powerful jet streams are used to do that. Users are notified when there is a need of Eco Drum Clean function.

  • Diamond Drum:

    Samsung top loaders are equipped with soft curly diamond-shaped ridged drum design. Such washers have 25% smaller holes, further holes are also located deep within a separate diamond. This helps in keeping clothes damage free during washing. This drum design prevents clothes from being trapped, thus, providing the longevity to them. The Samsung Top load washing machines are relatively cheaper when compared to its siblings in the front load category. Having an array of options to choose from makes Samsung washing machines one of the most preferred washing machine brand.

Types of Samsung Washing Machines

  • Samsung Semi Automatic Washing Machines:

    What are the Samsung Semi Automatic washing machine features? > A rust proof body for longer durability! This is always a concern if you stay in a hot and humid environment. That is why Samsung crafts body of their semi-automatic washing machines with plastic. It allows preventing rust and corrosion. Thus, offering long-lasting durability. > EZ Wash Tray makes it convenient to scrub, rinse and do more. Handling multiple laundries is easier with this tray. Especially provided to scrub the stubborn stains. > If there is a further requirement of scrubbing, then, scrub boards on Semi-Automatic Samsung washing machine gently removes them. > Double Storm, a powerful dual jet system helps thoroughly clean your clothes. The horizontal and vertical currents of water deeply clean sheets and clothes. There is no tangling and twisting required. > Lint filter inside the washer collects lint, hair, and other materials that get separated from the fabric during a wash. First, it helps in keeping tube clean once the wash cycle is done. Second is that debris doesn't settle back on washed clothes. Cuz of this, even the discharge water is cleaner. Therefore not clogging the drain pipes! > Buzzer, as the name suggests is a feature where the semi-automatic Samsung washing machine lets you know that your wash cycle is finished. This is done by buzzing a repeated sound so that you don’t forget that you have wet clothes in the washer that needs to be dried. > Not only washer but the dryer drum is equipped with marvelous feature like Air Turbo Drying System. This technique helps in effectively drying wet clothes and even blankets. The drum is rotated rapidly, while the dual air intake draws in more air. This helps in more extraction of water from your clothes, thus, helping them dry faster. Why should you opt for a Samsung Semi Automatic washing machine? > Cuz they are affordable to own and offer impressive washing and drying! > With several washing and drying technologies at work, it makes your laundry worries wash out. And dry too! Why shouldn't you opt for a Samsung Semi Automatic washing machine? > Cuz they demand big space! If your home doesn’t have a large washing area, buying a semi-automatic isn’t a good idea. First thing is a washing machine should fit in the desired place you are planning to put. Then, you must think of the other things. > Manual intervention is required! No display to tell remaining time in washing. You have to attend and standby until clothes are washed. Then, again transfer to the separate tub for drying them out. It’s an inefficient procedure! What are the best Samsung semi-automatic washing machines in India in 2017? 1. SAMSUNG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WT655QPNDRP/XTL) Price - Rs 11,690 2. SAMSUNG 8 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WT1007AG/TL) Price - Rs 13,590 3. Samsung WT62H2010HV 6.2 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 9,300

  • Samsung Top Load Washing Machine:

    What are the Samsung Top Load Washing Machine features? > There is a dedicated sink and water jet, which offers a convenient and unique way to pre-soak heavily soiled clothes. This sink can be easily put down once you open the door of a Samsung top load washing machine. > Samsung claims an advanced fabric care is taken with the introduction of the Wobble Technology. Despite being gentle, this innovative technology assures that you get stain-free clothes. The multi-directional washing flow claims to prevent tangles, twists, and any kind of knots. > Don’t worry about the residual detergent! The magic dispenser specially designed to create a powerful water vortex. What this vortex does is that it dissolves the liquid and powder detergent. Thus, helping spread it evenly across all clothes inside. This is done before even it starts washing the clothes. > Open and close operations of most washing machines aren’t smooth. But Samsung teases that they offer a silent and smooth operation on their top load washing machine. There is a tempered glass window if you want to view inside without lifting the lid. >The Magic filter makes for a powerful filtration system on these Samsung top load washing machine. It effectively filters out lint, fluff, and other particles that come out of clothes as washing is happening. On top of a cleaner laundry, this system also prevents the drainage from getting clogged up. > Of course, you’d want a washing machine with an attractive look, regardless of the fact that it won’t be a part of your decor. That is why Samsung equips their top load washing machine with an elegant blue LED display. On top of a streamlined, modern design, you get this extremely clear information enabled to display on a washing machine. Best Samsung washing machine Top Load 1. Samsung WA62H4100HD 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 12,999 2. Samsung WA65K4200HA 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 18,330 3. Samsung WA70K4000HP/TL 7kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 21330

  • Samsung Front Load Washing Machine:

    What are the Samsung Front Load Washing Machine features? > You wouldn’t believe that a Samsung washing machine top load is certified to work for 20 years. And it is backed by an 11 year guarantee (10 Year on motor). (Only Select Models) This instills a huge trust that Samsung front loader is a great investment. > Samsung claims that their front loaders are the perfect solution for your busy life. Their washing machines can quickly clean lightly soiled clothes so that you can enjoy time for yourself. There are up to 15 Quick Wash programs > Troubleshooting is made easy via Smart check automatic error-monitoring system that diagnoses problems. The solution is provided to you instantly! All this is done through an app on your smartphone. Thus, avoiding an unnecessary visit from an engineer. Since there are many problems that can be solved via simple troubleshooting. Best Samsung washing machine Front Load 1. Samsung WF600B0BTWQ 6.0 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 23,468 2. Samsung WF652U2SHWQ 6.5kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 31,308 3. Samsung WW80J4213KW/TL 8 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price - Rs 37,126

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. Where can I reach the Samsung washing machine customer care?

    It’s easy for you to reach out to the Samsung washing machine customer care. You can do that via either chat, email, or call. But before that Samsung would like you to know certain things about their washing machine. Head over to the website and enter your machines model number to receive further information to troubleshoot it.

  • 2. How long does a Samsung washing machine warranty last?

    This depends on the model type you purchase. If you are going with either semi-automatic or fully automatic, then, you will get two years warranty. And in case of front load, Samsung offers four years warranty period.

  • 3. Where can I get the Samsung washing machine spare parts?

    Samsung recommends you to purchase spare parts from them. Once a technician visits and inspects your product, you can get the required part replaced from them once you raise a request.

  • 4. What is the Samsung washing machine toll-free number?

    It’s easy to reach out to the Samsung customer care desk via their hotline number: 1800 40 7267864.

  • 5. Is there a Samsung washing machine exchange offer?

    This you have to check with the online/offline retailers. During the festive season, you can expect this exchange offer to be active. So, we suggest you visit a nearest electronics store or head over to the easily accessible links for Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and various other products from our product pages for washing machine.

  • 6. Does Samsung washing machine come with accessories?

    Yes. You’ll get accessories like inlet pipe, outlet pipe, and rat mesh. Whereas the trolley and cover for Samsung washing machine have to be separately purchased.

  • 7. How can I sign up for the Samsung complementary cleaning and maintenance service?

    There are 2 ways. First, log on to and register via online form. Second, call in to their customer care hotline 1800-SAMSUNG (7267864).