Samsung Television Price List

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean MNC which manufactures Consumer electronics, mobile phones, home appliances, semiconductors among others. Founded in 1938, the company has been exponentially growing with 200 trillion South Korean won. Samsung, which is headquartered in Seoul, is famously known for its mobile phones, refrigerators, and TVs.

The company launched its first Samsung LED TV in 2010. It showcased the product at that year’s Consumer Electronics Show. After that, Samsung sold about one million of these 3D LED TVs within six months. Also, Samsung is the first brand to launch all 3D devices, including 3D content, 3D TV, 3D Blu-ray player, and 3D glasses.

Samsung TVs price range varies from Rs 10000 to Rs 3.6 lakh, resolution varies from HD to 4K display, and screen size varies from 23-inch to 75-inch. These LED TVs also vary in features like USB connectivity, Smart TV technology, Wi-Fi availability, Curved/Flat, and HDMI availability.

The television market in India

A television has always been an integral part of a household since its first arrival in India in late 1950s. The significance of television lies in providing the mass audience with information, opening newer avenues of education and creating channels of relaxation. While both the rural and urban segment in the country have observed substantial growth in terms of accepting and using television, most of the growth today is led by cheaper subscriptions, reduced cost of television sets, and a diverse range of programs. Television manufacturers like Onida, VU, LG, and Panasonic have been there in the market for long and are indeed are some of the most trusted TV brands in the country. However, the South-Korea based Samsung has been able to position repute with its top-notch quality televisions that are offered at moderately priced at affordable Samsung tv prices.

About the company

The South Korea-based Samsung was established in 1938 when Lee Byung-Chul came up with the idea of opening a trading company. However, the company has never turned back after it entered the electronics market in the 1960s. Producing 1/5th of the total exports of South Korea, the company today offers products across the globe in the domain of consumer electronics, DRAM, telecommunication equipment, home appliances, electronics component, so on and so forth. This $529.5 billion enterprise is headquartered in Seoul and functions with the help of its 489,000 proficient and professional employees.

Here is the list of TV models offered by Samsung at affordable Samsung tv price along with their specifications:

189 cm (75) UHD 4K Smart TV MU7000 Series 7: Relying on UHD upscaling picture engine, this model amalgamates some of the most innovative features to facilitate the user with the ultimate viewing experience. Besides having a PQI of 2300 and a motion rate of 200, this device has been designed to come with a 2.1CH audio system and deploys the Dolby Digital Plus audio technology. Adding to the convenience, it has been manufactured to feature both TV to mobile mirroring and mobile to TV mirroring, and so on. While the slim edge of the device efficiently decorates the interior, the television runs on a Quad-core processor in a bid to offer an unparalleled viewing experience. Apart from assisting in one to stay connected with the world, this Samsung model is perfect for those who are in search of the ultimate visual feast. It has been priced at Samsung tv price of INR 5,80,500.

163 cm (65) Q8C Curved QLED TV: Made available in two options i.e. 163 cm and 138 cm, this model banks upon the Quantum Dot technology in a bid to embrace the user with breathtaking visuals supported by its wide colour gamut. Helping the user stay mesmerized with the bold contrast, this model eliminates chances of colour distortion, thanks to the incorporation of the Q-viewing angle. Deigned to be simple yet sophisticated, it helps one to keep the cable nearly invisible. While it can easily recognize devices, connected gadgets or devices that can be easily connected with one remote. The beauty of this TV is that it features a 360-degree design which ensures unparalleled immersion. It comes at the Samsung tv price of INR 4,54,500.

163 cm (65) The Frame UHD TV: Priced at Samsung tv price of INR 3,99,900, this device has been carefully crafted to add the decor of a room as the frame transforms itself into a piece of art when the television is not being watched. While the plethora of pre-loaded artworks guarantee a sensational art experience, the illuminating power of the HDR will leave one astonished. Designed to be smarter than ever, this device ensures peace of mind as one can keep all the devices easily connected with the help of One Remote Control. Featuring Down Firing with Bass Reflect speaker, it offers unsurpassed quality audio experience as well.

138 cm (55) Q7F QLED TV: Amalgamating outstanding technical features, this device brings in the powerful Quantum Dot technology that has the capacity to offer colour perfection in order to engross the user. Designed to look gorgeous with its simple appearance, this device unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for one to experience immersive visuals in compliance with the bezel-less design. The smart view app helps the user to be at the top of things as one can easily control everything from mobile device. The Q Engine, which is the prime driver behind the performance, has been engineered to analyze the content so that the user gets to see the most optimal picture quality. It has been made available at Samsung tv price of Rs 2,99,900.

123 cm (49) Full HD Flat Smart TV K5300 Series 5: This model combines all features necessary to have a television that fits the interior right away without compromising with the visual quality. Besides reducing noise, the device has been made adept to offer colour and contrast enhancing technology in order to offer refined quality picture. Coming with a motion rate of 50 and PQI of 300, it relies on Dolby Digital Plus in order to offer a satisfying audio experience. Featuring Louvre design, this model supports 22 local languages and comes with eco sensor as well. All such features have been made available at affordable Samsung tv price of Rs 75,500.

123 cm (49) Full HD TV M5100 Series 5: This 49 inch Samsung TV model has been engineered to function with the help of HyperReal picture engine and offers a motion rate of 50 while maintaining PQI of 200. Offered at Samsung tv price of Rs 67,500, this device adorns itself with Dolby Digital Plus audio technology in order to offer immersive audio experience. Facilitating the user with mobile to TV mirroring, it allows one to watch content from smartphones at ease. The slim edge mold design would certainly add to any interior. Other features include Teletext, Game Mode, Eco Sensor, and so on.

108 cm (43) Full HD Flat Smart TV K5300 Series 5: Priced at Samsung tv price of Rs 57,500, this device has been crafted to blend in the interior while gifting some of the most breathtaking features that ensure thrilling experience. Paving the path for one to have clear and crisp images, this device reduces noise as well as refines pictures in order to embrace the user with vivid details. While wide colour enhance ensures every single colour is represented in the best manner possible, this smart TV is adept enough to help one browse something or use different applications. Besides featuring analog clean view, it features advanced sports mode, sound mirroring, local cinema mode and so on.

59.8 cm (24) HD Flat TV J4100 Series 4: This LED TV is ideal for those who are in search of simple yet elegant TV models that offer crystal clear pictures and overall soothing experience. While the device can capture screen shots at ease, it can also record audio in order to help the user to have favorite music. The incorporation of the Indian Cinema Mode gifts the ability to watch films with enhanced picture and sound quality. Besides being able to absorb lightning strike up to 15KV, this device also comes with Cricket Mode. It if offered at inexpensive Samsung tv price of Rs 15,300.

80.1 cm (32) HD Flat TV J4003 Series 4: Offered at Samsung tv price of Rs 28,900, this model depends on advanced picture quality algorithm in order to offer detailed crystal clear picture. The presence of the Wide Colour Enhancer further adds to it. Relying on Hyper Real picture engine, it facilitates the user with DTS studio surround sound as well as Dolby Digital Plus audio. The slim edge mold design along with the NNB bezel undoubted decorates the home in a pleasing fashion.

60 cm (24) HD Flat TV H4003 Series 4: Priced at affordable Samsung tv price of Rs 14,300, this model has been crafted to offer superior quality visuals with the help of HyperReal engine, wide colour enhancer and mega DCR. Featuring down firing and full range speaker, this device gifts the user with DTS studio sound. Coming with wavy line design, it has also incorporated digital clean view.

Why buy Samsung TV

Samsung has been one of the most trusted TV brands in India over years. Here is why people prefer Samsung over other TV brands available in the market:

Q Viewing Angle: Samsung has incorporated Q viewing angle in order to help the user have an immersive visual experience. It further eliminates any probable chance of colour distortion as well.

One Remote Control: Most of the TV models offered by Samsung come with One Remote Control which means that the user can control all the devices connected at a single touch.

Affordable Price: Delivering quality at affordable Samsung tv price Samsung has been the first choice for many for years.

‘When considered, an entry level Samsung LED TV, it comes with a 23-inch screen, 1 HDMI port, HD Ready, 100Hz Clear Motion Rate, Stereo Sound, Auto volume leveller, and Connectshare feature. This model costs around Rs 11000. Coming to the high-end Samsung LED TVs, these models basically come with <65-inch screens. These 16:9 ratio screen TVs come with Clear Motion Rate of 200Hz, 178 degree horizontal/vertical angles, Digital Clean View, Eco Sensor, Ultra Clear Panel, Auto volume leveller, Quad-core processor. Additional features in these models include Connectshare, Display Mirroring, Screencasting, Wi-Fi Direct, Swipe & Share, and MyRemote Apps.

Samsung TVs come with one-year product warranty. However, the company’s guidelines clearly specify that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects but not on accessories or physical damages during transit.

Samsung TV spare parts are available in any Samsung store. In any case of complaints or queries, you can reach a nearby Samsung service center

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Latest Samsung Television Price List in India 2018

Samsung Television Price ListPrice
Samsung 40H5100 40 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 50520
Samsung 24H4100 24 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 16702
Samsung 43k5002 43 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 36999
Samsung 32K4000 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 24267
Samsung 32H4100 32 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 29957
Samsung 40J5300 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 42999
Samsung RM40D 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 39855
Samsung 40H5140 40 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 40700
Samsung 49K5570 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 71727
Samsung 32H5100 32 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 35329