Samsung Refrigerator Price List

Samsung Electronics is a division of a South Korean conglomerate Samsung which expanded its service to many businesses such as home appliances and consumer electronics. The company was founded in 1938, as a trading company, and since then it has been growing each day globally. Samsung refrigerators hold a tough competition with other brands like Godrej, Electrolux and Kelvinator.

Samsung Refrigerator price range varies from Rs 10000 to Rs 2 lakh. Samsung makes fridges of the single door, double door, and side by side doors. The capacity of these fridges starts from 190 litres and goes up to 800 litres. Freezer capacities of the low end and high-end refrigerators would be 25 and 170 litres respectively


The refrigerator market in India

Refrigerators are one of those consumer durables that are an indispensable part of a household. With technology blurring lines between the rural and the urban sector, it has become easier for everyone to have access to information prior to making a purchase. The emergence of e-commerce stores has only added to that. While technology plays its own role, the refrigerator sales are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 5%., as opined by Indian Refrigerator Market Outlook, 2022. The Indian refrigerator market is dominated by companies like Godrej, Videocon. LG, Hitachi etc. that mainly offer direct cool and frost-free refrigerator. However, the South-Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has been enjoying popularity by featuring cutting-edge technologies in its wide range of refrigerators offered at economic Samsung refrigerator price.


About the company

The South-Korea-based Samsung came into existence in the year 1938 as Lee Byung-Chul went on to establish a trading company. With time, it further diversified its business as it entered the domains of food processing, textiles, retail and so on. After entering the electronics industry in the late 60s, the company was separated into four business groups in the year 1987: Samsung Group, Shinsegae Group, CJ Group and Hansol Group. Taking pride in having the 6th highest global brand value, the company today is $529.5 billion enterprise. Having 489,000 employees, they boast of being able to produce around a fifth of total exports that South Korea makes. As of now, it operates under the guidance of Chairman Lee Kun-hee.


History of the company in India

Samsung has a research and development wing in India that looks after divisions like digital printing, memory solutions, telecom and network, Android platform and so on. With an employee strength of 2500, this organization is one of the 24 research and development centres of Samsung.


Here is the list of refrigerators offered by Samsung at affordable Samsung refrigerator price in India along with their specifications:


French Door Refrigerator


RF50K5910DP: This 594-litre refrigerator brings with it the benefits of revolutionary triple cooling that has been engineered to be adept enough at optimizing temperature, maximizing humidity and preventing odour mixing. Offered at a high-end Samsung refrigerator price of INR 1,34,800, this model further adds to the convenience of the user as it comes with four temperature settings. The premium T-type design caters to the need of having even the corner space used, if required. Besides enabling one to see everything at a glance with the 4 doors open, this refrigerator relies on digital inverter technology.


RF28K9380SG: Functioning with the help of the digital inverter compressor which comes with 10 -year warranty, this 826L refrigerator features water and ice dispenser that can refill pitchers and statuesque glasses as well.  Maintenance of freshness is achieved with the help of 13 internal and external sensors that can adjust settings based on a wide variety of factors. The Ice Blue LED display facilitates one with the information and control at the fingertip. Cooling the refrigerator in compliance with two compressors, three evaporators, and the Triple Fresh Cooling technology, this device comes with door alarm and indoor ice maker as well. It is offered at an expensive Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 2,75,100 only.


RF60J9090SL: Delivering the promise of creating harmony in the kitchen, this 608-litre refrigerator offers ensured freshness of the foods with the help of Triple Cooling System and Flexible Temperature technology. Paving the path for one to store the food in a flexible manner, the Cool Select Zone+ technology can convert the bottom right compartment into a freezer. Made available at Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,72,100, this device is designed to preserve the freshness of the meat and fish. Gifting the user with a refined look, this refrigerator comes equipped with the contoured metal body and recessed handles.


Food Showcase Refrigerator:


RH62K6007S8: Unraveling the rejuvenating path for the user to have the optimal humidity care for food, this 674-litre food showcase refrigerator has been designed to maintain precise freshness in compliance with the Chef Cooling Technology. Featuring 5 generous cases for a variety of foods, the ShowCase allows the user to have easy access to the foods and beverages stored. It boasts of being adorned in an elegant design that doesn’t require any special installation. Keeping the air hygienic and clean with the help of Activated Carbon filter, this refrigerator has been made to be energy-efficient as well. It is offered at the Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,23,500 only.



RH80J81323M: Made available at the high-end Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,50,500, this 868 litre refrigerator has decorated itself with different food zones like kids zone, cooking zone and family zone which altogether makes the task of accessing foods and beverages easy and convenient. Taking pride in having timeless elegant design and premium style, this refrigerator deploys the all-around cooling system for the sake of cooling every single inch within the refrigerator. Embracing the user with more storage space, the device features top LED light, Twist Ice Maker and so on.


RH77J90407H: This 838-litre refrigerator works in compliance with the digital inverter technology which further gets accompanied by features like a wine rack, water dispenser, metal cooling panel and food showcase. Besides being adorned with different cases i.e. cheese case, sauces case, drinks case, snacks case and multicase, the refrigerator comes with a counter-depth design that has the capacity to fit into any contemporary kitchen. Priced at Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 2,23,000, this model features a 4.5-litre water tank for ice and water dispenser. What adds to the space and convenience of the user is the Ice Master that is built into the door of the refrigerator.


Side by Side Refrigerator:


RS55K50A02C: Depending on the twin cooling technology, this 604-litre refrigerator has been styled in premium and modern design while functioning with the help of the latest digital inverter technology. Offered at Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,03,000, this device maintains a high level of humidity in order to keep the vegetables and foods fresh for longer. Gifting the user with odour free food, this refrigerator prevents the odour from spreading and features enhanced luxurious appearance. Other features include interior LED light, tempered glass shelves, twist ice maker, door alarm and so on.


RS62K6007FG: This 674-litre side-by-side refrigerator doesn’t only ensure optimal humidity care for the food store but also maintains freshness with the help of Precise Chef Cooling technology. Engrossing the user with colourful styling, this refrigerator has been made available in trendy colours such as Refined Gleam. Priced at Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,00,800, this device does not need any special installation, thanks to the counter-depth design. Relying on R600a refrigerant, this product is available in Starry Gold.


RS51K5460SL: Having a capacity of 586 litre, this side by side refrigerator has been engineered to function with the help of digital inverter technology along with 9 smart sensors that pave the path for one to have both internal and external temperature controlled in a convenient manner. Offered at high-end Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,11,700, this refrigerator uses 24% less energy than the traditional compressor would do. The inclusion of Blue LED display and control makes it easy for the user to change settings at a touch. While the door alarm ensures that the door is always shut, the twist ice maker offers ice literally in no time.


RS51K56H02A: Adorned to cater to the needs of the user with twin cooling technology and 571-litre capacity, this side by side refrigerator features 10-year warranty on the compressor. Offered at Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 1,27,600, this device has been equipped with the ability to engross the user with a mini bar that opens at a touch. The incorporation of the power-saving LED lights to ensure that one saves up to 20 times less power. On the other hand, the refrigerator has also been adorned with features like digital inverter technology, door alarm, and fruit crisper. The presence of the twin cooling system guarantees optimal humidity levels with the help of separate air flows and precise temperature control.


Top Mount Freezer:


RT34M3954R7: This top mount freezer comes with a capacity of 321 litres and runs on energy efficient digital inverter technology. Offered at affordable Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 40,300, this refrigerator guarantees stabilizer free operation and embraces the user with flexibility when it comes to storage. The best part is that the refrigerator can keep the food items chilled up to 12 hours on the occasion of a power cut. While the Power Cool technology can chill food in the refrigerator 31% faster, the Power Freeze has the capacity to make ice 31% faster.

RT28M3954U3: This 253-litre refrigerator has been engineered to operate in a stable manner even during power cuts or voltage fluctuations. The inclusion of ‘Convert Freezer’ feature makes it easier for one to convert the freezer into fridge which can offer up to 88 litres of space. Made available at economic Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 33,800, this refrigerator is adept to perform rapid cooling. The inclusion of easy slide shelf gifts the user with the ultimate convenience to store, organize and access the groceries, food and vegetables.


RT42M5538BS: Offered at cheap Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 56,400, this 415-litre refrigerator unravels the rejuvenating avenue for one to experience food that is kept fresh with 70% humidity and Only Twin Cooling Plus technology. Priced at inexpensive Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 56,400, this refrigerator has been designed to cool the compartments separately so that odour doesn’t get mixed at all. Adorned with 5 conversion modes, the device just provides the user with an option of more storage. Ensuring long-lasting performance, the refrigerator is made to minimize noise as well.


RT30M3954U7: Having a capacity of 275 litres, this top mount freezer caters to the need of having foods and beverages cooled and the advanced digital inverter technology automatically adjusts its speed while remaining active round the clock. Offered at cheap Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 35,500, this device guarantees stable operation and can create extra storage on demand. The presence of the cool pack and the cool wall guarantee fresh food even during the blackout. Fast cooling and freezing is another benefit that this product offers. Other features are inclusive of twist ice maker, multi-flow cooling, tempered glass shelves and so on.


One Door Refrigerator:


RR19M1712PZ: This one door refrigerator comes with a capacity of 192 litres and stands out in the crowd with its sleek and elegant design. Offered at economic Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 15,700, this refrigerator adorns itself with power efficient bright LED lamp and has the capacity to work in a steady and reliable manner even without the stabiliser. The toughened glass shelves have been made to be efficient enough to hold weight up to 150 kgs. Functioning with the Direct Cool technology, the device comes with features such as vegetable and foot drawer, door pocket, egg container etc.


RR20M111ZSE: Relying on the Smart digital inverter technology, this 192-litre refrigerator is priced at cheap Samsung refrigerator price of Rs 16,200. Satisfying the needs of the user with round top design, durability, and long-lasting performance, this refrigerator is available in various colours. Featuring high energy efficiency certified by BEE, this refrigerator provides the user with additional storage space with the large base stand drawer at the bottom. O the other hand, FreshMax, the multi-utility door bin has been incorporated in order to facilitate the user with more storage than ever. The inclusion of the Cool Wave feature can keep the foods chilled up to 9 hours which is a perfect solution for blackouts.


Why buy Samsung refrigerators

With hundreds of refrigerators available in the market, it as always been a daunting task to choose the best refrigerator that offers durability and long-lasting performance. However, Samsung has remained the first choice for many even under such circumstances and here is why:


Storage: While most of the consumers suffer from lack of storage, Samsung ensures that almost every part inside the refrigerator can be used and also has included base stand drawer in order to solve the storage issue.


Technology: Deploying cutting-edge technology in order to keep the foods and beverages chilled up to long hours even during power cuts, Samsung takes pride in incorporating some of the most energy-efficient cooling technologies.


Price: Offering a diverse range of products at affordable Samsung refrigerator price, the company caters to every section of the society and thus remains one of the most popular refrigerator brands in India.



When considered a low-price fridge with 192-litre capacity, it comes with a single door, interior lights, tempered glass, removable gaskets, door bins, shelves, and door baskets. With Turbo Cooling mode, a low-end refrigerator comes with one year warranty and 5-year compressor warranty. Coming to a high-end model with side by side four doors, it comes with 826-litre capacity. Also with an eco-friendly refrigerant, this model comes with 1-year warranty and 10-year compressor warranty. The warranty only applies to any manufacturing defects and does not cover any mishandlings or physical damage.

In any case of physical damage, you can get Samsung refrigerator spare parts from Samsung service centers or raise a complaint to the Samsung refrigerator customer service.

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Latest Samsung Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Samsung Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Samsung RF60J9090SL/TL 680 Litres Side By Side Refrigerator Rs. 147520
Samsung RS21HSTWA1 600 Litres 4S Side by Side Door Refrigerator (Camellia) Rs. 77990
Samsung RR21K282ZRZ 212 Litres Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 20050
Samsung RSA1SHMG1 580 Litres Side by Side Door RefrigeratorRs. 65999
Samsung RT30K3983SL 272 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 28310
Samsung RT37K37647E 345 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 39290
Samsung RT28K3922RZ 253 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 24290
Samsung RT42HDAGESL/TL 415 Ltr 4S Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 50000
Samsung RF28K9380SG/TL 826 L Side By Side doubledoor RefrigeratorRs. 209000
Samsung RT34K3723BS/HL 321 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 34850