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Samsung is the electronics manufacturer that we all are familiar with. In our daily lives, we at least see a dozen of electronic equipments made by this South Korean giant. Portable chargers are among one of those hundreds of products made by the electronics arm of Samsung. If you have been looking to purchase a Samsung power bank in India, then, you are at the right place. 

Here we have a whole Samsung power bank price list along with the information on where you could purchase a cheapest Samsung power bank price in India online. We enlist a pool of e-commerce platforms to give you the freedom to purchase from stores you want to.   

Samsung Power Bank Price List in India

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Latest Samsung Power Bank Price in India 2017

Samsung Power Bank Price Price
Samsung EB-PN920 Fast Charge 5200mAh Power BankRs. 6999
Samsung EB-P310 3100mAh Power BankRs. 2599
Samsung TI 20000mAh Power BankRs. 2045
Samsung EB-PA500 5200mAh Power BankRs. 3199
Samsung 10000mAh PowerBankRs. 1850
Samsung EB-PN915 11300mAh Power BankRs. 2917
Samsung EB-PG850 8400mAh Power BankRs. 2120
Samsung EB-PG900 6000mAh Power BankRs. 1150

All About Samsung Power Bank

Established close to 79 years ago, it was founded as a trading company. Samsung Electronics is among the five business units that Samsung group has. Among ship builder, construction, insurance, advertising and theme parks. Samsung Electronics saw its inception in 1969 and since then, the brand hasn’t stopped being a pioneer in the industry. Dubbed as world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones, Samsung manages to provide best specifications and quality on their products. These can be seen on the Samsung power bank in India as their power banks are one of the best in the industry in terms of reliability and efficiency. Featuring elegant looks, Samsung made portable chargers for those users who don’t wish to go through the hassle of carrying data cable with them.

Samsung Power Bank Specifications

Samsung portable chargers sport dual charging ports for your convenience to charge up to two devices at a time. A Samsung power bank has features like fast charging and built-in micro connector cable. This allows Samsung power banks to quickly charge your devices on the go. A Samsung power bank can be your greatest travel companion. Sporting a sleek and lightweight design, Samsung power bank can keep your gadgets charged wherever you go.

    Samsung Power Bank Price Range

    Samsung power banks price range start as low as INR 1000 and go up to INR 2,500. Samsung power bank price range is very cost effective. A 20,000 mAh power bank costs somewhere between 2,00-2,500 while a 6000 mAh one starts at INR 1,000.

    Why are Samsung Power Banks different from other power banks?

    Samsung Electronics is a trustworthy brand among consumers in India, it is easy for consumers to believe the quality of the product provided by this South Korean giant. The prime reason for this is brand’s presence in the country. Addressing the question of why Samsung power banks are different from other power banks. Well, Samsung has always focused on offering best in class specifications and that’s what they have done here in this category too. These portable chargers from Samsung are must have if you are looking to charge your device on the go. Cuz you won’t find high-efficiency power banks like the ones that Samsung has to offer.

    Frequently Asked Question on Samsung Power Bank

    • 1. What is the warranty period of Samsung power bank in India?

      The warranty period on Samsung power banks in India is 6 months, which is a standard warranty offered in India for electronics accessories. Under this period consumers are entitled to cost-free repair for manufacturing or replacement if need be.

    • 2. What type of charger should I use to charge the Samsung power bank?

      It is recommended to charge using Samsung’s charging adapter. If you have a Samsung smartphone, then it's well and good you won’t have to separately buy a new one. Make sure if you use third party charger, then, the power output is 5V/1A.

    • 3. What is the input and output of the Samsung power bank?

      The input of the Samsung power bank is 5V/1A, while the output is 5V/2.1A.

    • 4. Is Samsung power bank compatible with my XX brand smartphone?

      Yes. Charge any device using Samsung power bank as long as it comes with micro USB 2.0 port.

    • 5. Would I receive a charging adapter with Samsung power bank?

      No. Samsung doesn’t offer a charging adapter on their retail unit of Samsung power bank.

    • 6. How do I know which power bank suits my device?

      If you require a power bank that is able to charge your phone several times. Then you need a power bank with at least 10,000 mAh battery capacity.


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