Samsung Mobile Price List

Samsung smartphones are leading the market with their prominent features and exemplary specifications. All the latest Samsung mobile phones are listed here. Now the mobile market is treading with major models like Samsung Z5Samsung J1, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy A7 and many more. The company is a tough competitor for the high-end Apple Phones.

The search here is made easier by giving all the prices of Samsung phones along with the cheapest online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, snap deal, and even more.

About the brand:

Samsung is a South Korean mobile maker, which has started their first production in the year 1992 and continued to grow in developing mobiles with state-of-the technologies. Samsung has released its first smartphone GT-I7500 that was operating with Android Cupcake. After many upgradations and developments, Samsung now became the world's leading mobile maker.

Samsung never looked back after the success of Samsung Galaxy phone. The company has moved forward and introduced big screen mobiles like Note series. Under the big screens, Note 2 and Note 3 are still commanding the market. But now when the trend is changed to the budget range, Samsung is offering phones under 15,000. Samsung started introducing economical mobiles, like Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Basic phones of Samsung are too in demand in the market.

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It is as simple as said. Here, we list out all the Samsung cell phones with prices. You can choose your filter in terms of price range, features offered, display size, camera filters, processor and much more. Upon your settings, we display the list of Samsung mobile price India phones that meet your requirements. For you, we guarantee the convenience of your shopping.

Samsung Mobile Price List

Samsung is one of those Taiwanese manufacturers who has made it big not just in the smartphone space but also in fields of communications, home appliances like TVs, ACs, washing machines, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens and a lot more. It has made its presence felt in the field of advanced warfare and heavy machinery too.Samsung has its business spread in all parts of the world including Asia, Europe and major parts of Central America.

All About Samsung Mobile Phones.

Samsung entered the mobile space in India along side companies like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and LG with their feature phones in the late 90s. The iconic Flip and slide phones from the house of Samsung still strike the right chords when spoken about with a millennial kid. After the advent of smartphones, Samsung did not fall behind in the race and has come up with flagships every year that only showed advancement in technology. With their right pricing modules, Samsung is now one of the leading contenders in the premium, mid-range, and below mid-range smartphones segment.

Samsung Mobile Specifications:

Any phone takes credit for the specifications it comes with and what value for money they get to their users. Components like RAM, processor, storage capacities, Display units, and designs are the major factors that come into play when an avid smartphone user speaks of specifications and here we get into the details of all of it.

Connectivity Features:

Samsung mobiles have always had the best in class connectivity features in the industry. From introducing best in class Bluetooth connectivity to inducing NFC in their range of smartphones, Samsung has it all.


RAM is the component that decides the speed at which a smartphone is able to process its applications. Samsung’s smartphones start at 1GB in their budget segment and go up to 6GB on their premium smartphones. This enables them to cater to different types of smartphones users in this vast nation.


Samsung uses their proprietary Exynos processors and ARM-7 processors in their smartphones. The first Exynos processor was used in the Galaxy SII and this has evolved a long way ever since. The latest editions in the premium sector of Samsung are still seemed using the evolved versions of the Exynos models.

Sometimes Samsung uses Snapdragon and Qualcomm processors in their devices too.


The display is the end product of computing and processing of whatever happens under the hood of a smartphone. And Samsung has left no stone unturned to give its users the display of a lifetime. Samsung mobiles in India are seen carrying massive screens with Full HD resolutions with high pixel densities.  The pixel resolution varies from 220 ppi to 520 ppi. Few of these display units are protected by Corning gorilla glass units.


Samsung mobiles are not known for their massive battery capacities and the battery capacity for Samsung smartphones vary between 2000 to 3000 mAh. The bright side to this is that Samsung smartphones are equipped with the latest versions of Quick charge and a few models enable wireless charging too.


Samsung smartphones are known for their camera quality and the clarity in the image output when captured from a Samsung phone. The high-grade sensors and equipment in them enable this output. The camera resolution in Samsung ranges from 5MP to 20Mp on the rear and range from 2MP to 8MP on the front.

Types of Samsung MobilesThere are a variety of Samsung mobiles available for purchase depending on the need and budget. Its inventory has an assortment of products ranging from feature phones to high-end premium smartphones.


The Samsung S series has premium smartphones from the house of Samsung launched in them. These contain the flagship phones from the premium sector. Phones like the Galaxy S8 and S7 fall in this bracket.


The C series is a level below the S series and caters to the range of smartphone users who are willing to shell out 25-30,000 rupees for having a seamless smartphone experience. Devices like the C9 Pro fall in this segment.


The Z series has a range of smartphones that cater to the needs of budget users. These smartphones are equipped with a touch screen, Dual camera setup, adequate RAM and are not really meant for heavy use. These can be best for those who are looking to get a secondary phone or for those are switching from feature phones to smartphones.

Why are Samsung Mobiles different from other Mobile Phones?

Samsung mobiles provide the best reviews, post sale service and customer service among all the other smartphone manufacturers in India. Samsung mobiles

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Frequently Asked Question On Samsung Mobiles.

What is the warranty offered by Samsung mobiles in India?

Samsung mobiles are covered by a warranty of 12 months and the battery has a warranty of 6 months. These, however, do not cover accidental damage and are specific to the country of purchase unless the user buys international warranty additionally.

Samsung Mobile Phones

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Samsung Mobile Price List in India

Samsung Mobile Price List Price
Samsung Galaxy S8Rs. 57900
Samsung Galaxy s8 plusRs. 64900
Samsung Guru Music 2Rs. 1660
Samsung Galaxy C7 ProRs. 24990
Samsung Galaxy On NxtRs. 15900
Samsung Galaxy J7 PrimeRs. 14990
Samsung Galaxy On8Rs. 12090
Samsung Galaxy S7Rs. 39400
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeRs. 50045
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GBRs. 18989



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