Romoss Power Bank Price List

We have been building on a bunch of wireless portable devices since the inception of mobile phones that can be used to connect with anyone from any corner of the world. As far as the technology is concerned, we not only have mobile phones, but also a bunch of other devices like speakers, PC Tablets, Bluetooth gadgets, and many others to name that work only on a battery and does not require a constant supply of charge. If we focus only on the evolution of mobile phones, we’ve all been witness to major updates technology each year. While technology has been making our work more convenient, simultaneously they’ve become more complex. As a matter of fact, a mobile phone has the capability to perform most of the functions of a computer. The certainty lies in the fact that a lot of power is used for this complex system to function effectively. In the present situation, as we all are the proud owners of a smartphone, none of us are confident that it will work for days on their respective battery capacities. And so, we welcome Power Banks to our lives so that we get the convenience of charging our devices anywhere.

Romoss Power Banks is globally recognized for their remarkable efficiency and capability of working for not hours, but days. Romoss electronics company has its speciality in battery solutions like Power Banks, Adapters, and charging cables, and even batteries for mobile phones. The Romoss power banks are not limited to their effectiveness, but each of them is designed to provide you with advanced technology and, hence, smart solutions. Romoss Power Banks are practical to use as they come with a great sense of aesthetics from an ergonomics point of view. Each of the Romoss Power Banks carries their own elegant look that would go with your personality and attire. Not to forget their feathery nature and compact size which makes it super easy for you to make space for it in your bag. What’s unique about the range of Power Banks offered by Romoss is that they are all created for a variety of purposes. Hence, you can buy yourself a Romoss power bank that exactly fits your requirement. When it comes to the price, you will be astounded for their budget-friendliness. Romoss also provides you with a lot of offers and deals. You can always check out their specifications and make a pick of Romoss power bank that is perfect for you on

About Romoss:

Romoss is a Netherland-based brand which mainly deals with electronic products that support or provide you with portable power related solutions. The brand is globally recognized and it is presently aiming at the Asian market with its range of products. The specialty of these products is the Romoss Power Bank that comes in wide range, each with various specifications, features, and prices. The Romoss company also has their own website where they have provided the details of their product range. In India, you can avail Romoss products mainly through Amazon. Other than power banks, Romoss has other accessories like the charging cables, Chargers, replacement batteries for iPhones, charging stations that can be used in stores, and a variety of adapters which are used for different purposes to connect devices.

When you would first witness a Romoss product, you would surely get a vibe of technology. This is mainly because Romoss not only focuses on providing their consumers with battery solutions, but it also designs its products from a futuristic perspective. Romoss has its complete attempts at bringing you the best and advanced technology even if it in their Power Bank. With this, you get the benefit of using their products for a long time without having to worry about meeting up with the future trends in technology. In other words, present Romoss products can support the technology of present devices as well as the upcoming technology in future coming devices. As their tagline suggests, ‘Charge All Challenge All’, the products offered by the company, especially the Power Banks are compatible with all possible devices right from mobile phones, to digital camera and speakers. The tagline also suggests the faith you can have on the brand as the products are strong and durable in a way that it can challenge other competing products in the market. To total up, Romoss is one of a kind brand. Buying the products of this brand will get you convenient and smarter solutions for your portables devices’ batteries. The aesthetics of each of their products is so good that it can add up to your persona showing you as the modern and advanced human being.

Romoss Power Banks:

As it said above, Power Banks are the best of the products by Romoss. In fact, Romoss Power Banks were the very first range of electronic products by the brand. So far, it has been successful in providing the consumers with best quality and efficiency with the power banks. Presently, Romoss has about fifty-one power banks to offer that belong to ten series. The series are Deluxe, Domino, GT, Polymos, Sailing, Sense, Skinny, Solit, and Solos series. Each of these series was made for specific purposes of Power Banks. The Power Banks within the series do not have much difference in their features or specifications. However, the series stand different from each other from various aspects.

The Deluxe series consists of Romoss Crystal 3350mAh Perfume Bottle style power bank, Romoss Spirit 10000mAh, and 5000mAh. These power banks have unique aesthetics. For example, the Romoss crystal looks just like a perfume bottle and has crystal-like structure. The Romoss Spirit has Architectural appearance depicting a bolder persona.

The Domino series has two power banks; one of 10000mAh capacity and one of 5000mAh capacity. Each has dual outputs and one input for charging. The uniqueness of this series is that the body of the Power Banks is sleek and super easy to handle.

The GT series has a GT1 10000mAh, GT3 5000mAh, and GT Pro 10000mAh Power Banks. The series comes in a super sleek intact body with a dazzling metallic finish. As the power banks consist of high-density cells, they occupy less space making the power banks compact. The specifications of this range are no less as it has the most updated technology. Each of the power banks has the capability to charge mobile phones at speeds faster than the average rates. It also comes in a range of colors.

The Polymos series has a unique functionality as compared to the rest of the Romoss power banks. The series consists of three power banks: Polymos 10 Air 10000mAh. Polymos 20 20000mAh, and the Polymos 5 5000mAh. Instead of a Lithium-ion battery, each of these has a polymer battery which assures better efficiency. These power banks can be used for various devices.

The Sailing series is one range of Power Banks by Romoss that ensures to give you optimum efficiency. The series consists of six Power Banks of capacities 2600mAh, 5200mAh, 7800mAh, 10400mAh, 13000mAh, and 20800mAh. As we know, none of the existing power banks have the capability of 100% charge conversion rate. Hence, to give effect in extra quantities, this series consists of little extra charge capacities which makes it super useful to us.

Coming to one of the most popular series of Romos, the Sense series, have eight power banks. Their capacities range from 5000mAh to 20000mAh. What makes the Sense series so popular and better is the convenience you get by using it. These power banks have LED displays that indicate the charge remaining in the power bank. By knowing the percentage of battery in the power bank, you can figure out how long will it work and when does it require charging.

The Romoss Skinny series is another range of Power Banks that have focussed on the aesthetics and utility of the devices. The power banks come with an external rubber casing that keeps the surface away from any scratches and,  thus, saves from any physical damages. What’s catchy about these series is you get to pick from a bunch of quirky and bright colors of your choice.

The Solit series comes with three power banks. The power bank of maximum capacity in this series of Romoss is 10000mAh. The uniqueness of the Solit Power banks is that they have a size compact enough to fit in your pockets and they are extremely lightweight. They are equally powerful and, hence, convenient to carry around.

The best range of Romoss Power Banks comes in the Solo series. The range of power banks here is explicit and very easy to use. The Solo series has eight power banks that come with a variety of capacities right from 2000mAh to 16000mAh. These power banks are sturdy and durable for a long period of time.  

Why Romoss Power Bank?

Nowadays you get a pool full of choices to pick from when it comes to electronic gadgets. As there is a hype in the utility of Power Banks, you wouldn’t fall out of options. But when you go to select a power bank, you can make your best pick by choosing a power bank by Romoss. The reason is simple. As seen above, Romoss has a variety of power banks and all of them are designed for various purposes. For a matter of fact, you can make a pick from Romoss Power Banks that is the best fit for your personality, character, and way of handling gadgets; right from the delicate and graceful to robust and clumsy.

To add to it, comparatively, Romoss uses the most advanced technology in their power banks with an attempt to provide you with the best. The GT Pro 10000mAh, Solo series, and the Sense series are the best examples of this.

Romoss is also a Globally trusted brand. The company is solely dedicated to creating the best battery solutions for the common population. The brand offers great services as you would get the best warranty on their products. The warranty periods are also really long so that you can get the best of the power banks. Also, it has an amazing customer service that is available 24/7 to attend your queries.

There is no doubt in the quality of Romoss Power Banks. Each of them is designed carefully to ensure convenience on technical as well as ergonomic level. The circuits used in the power banks ensure the safety of your mobile phones and other devices. Also, most of the Romoss power banks have a tough outer casing which is scratch proof. Hence, the inner battery is kept safe from physical damages giving you the advantages of using the power bank for a long time.

At last, the best reason to buy a Romoss Power Bank is the fact that it is inexpensive and pretty reasonable. The cost efficiency comes with a motive that Power Banks can become a need at any point in time. When you want to buy the best, the prices should not become an obstacle for you and you can freely choose the perfect power bank.

Where to buy?

Romoss power banks are available on many online websites with amazing deals and offers. To avail of the best deals check out

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Romoss Power Bank Price List in India

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Latest Romoss Power Bank Price List in India 2018

Romoss Power Bank Price ListPrice
Romoss Solo-2 4000mAh Power BankRs. 604
Romoss 6000mAh Dual USB Power BankRs. 899
Romoss Solo-3 6000mAh Dual Port Power BankRs. 1700
Romoss PB-05 5000mAh Power BankRs. 923
Romoss Solo 9 20000mAh Power BankRs. 5330
Romoss Solo-5 10000mAh Power BankRs. 923
Romoss Polymos 10 AIR 10000mAh Ultra Thin Power BankRs. 1099
Romoss Sailing 5 PH50-301 13000mAh Power BankRs. 1799
Romoss PH50 10000mAh Power BankRs. 899
Romoss eUSB Sofun 6 15600mAh Power BankRs. 5500
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