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Ricoh is a Japanese multinational company which manufactures several products such as office printers, facsimile machines, copiers, processors, MFPs among others. Ricoh has also contributed in making copiers for Toshiba and fax machines for tech giant AT&T. Also, Ricoh has made a processor called Ricoh 2A03, which have been using in Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Founded in 1936, the company houses over 1 lakh employees and has been going forward with the revenue of 2 trillion Japanese yen.

Ricoh Printers, which are available on a low budget, starts from Rs 3000 to Rs 25000. When considered a low-end Ricoh printer, it is uni-functional and comes with monochrome printing output, 16MB internal memory, 10000 pages of duty cycle per month, and input tray capacity of 50 pages. On the other hand, a high-end Ricoh printers in India costs around Rs 24000 and comes with additional features like multi-functionality, USB support, Duplex Printing, and Input/Output tray capacity of 200/100 pages.

The printer market in India

With India passing through an age of digital transformation, enhanced technological devices and accessories have become part and parcel of life for many. It is needless to mention the importance of a printer. It isn’t only capable to boost productivity in an office space but also can be of great use in a home. With the market being over-crowded with international brands offering digital imaging products, the demand for printers is on new rise. Some of the widely recognized printer brands in India are Epson, Samsung, HP, Canon ColorJet and so on. Reduced ownership cost and incorporation of advanced technology have made it possible for the printer market to see an exponential growth over last few years. The Japan-based Ricoh has been able to offer a diverse range color, black and white as well as all-in-one printers at affordable Ricoh printer price and thus sustain in the printer market in India.

About the company

Founded in 1936 by Riken Zaibatsu, the Ricoh Company Limited is one of the globally recognized companies in the domain of imaging and electronics. Headquartered in Tokyo, these Japanese multinational company started off its journey with manufacturing Pitney-Bowes copiers. They take pride in being able to manufacture copiers for Toshiba, fax machines for AT&T Corporation, and so on. With the acquisition of Hitachi Printing Solutions in the year 2004, they came to be known as Ricoh Printing Systems Limited. Until the early years 2000s, they remained the most revered and the largest copier manufacturer across the globe. Having 109,361 employees, they today function under the supervision of Chairman Shiro Kondo.

History of the company in India

In a bid to offer digital lifecycle management software, the company partnered with Siemens in the year 2016. Later that year, the Ricoh India admitted to an estimated Rs 1123 crore accounting fraud.

Here is the list of printers offered by Ricoh at affordable Ricoh printer price along with the specifications:

Black and White Laser Printer:

SP 310DN: Designed to astonish the user with greater efficiency and speed, this printer is easy to use and as well as to maintain. Embracing the user with plethora of features like energy-saver mode, automatic duplex printing, this printer has the capacity to offer printing speed of 28 pages per minute. Taking 26 seconds to warm up, this device comes with in-built Network Interface Card that makes it easier for one to get connected to any network. Besides being adorned with -sheet input tray, this printer reduces the carbon footprint with the help of lower electricity consumption. It is offered at an affordable Ricoh printer price of Rs 11,800.

SP 6430DN: Enabling the user to print larger sizes in smaller space, this printer has been made to function in compliance with the LED printhead technology. Offering a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi, this device can warm up in less than 17 seconds and the first page can get out in as fast as 6.5 seconds. It is efficient enough to offer printing speed of 38 pages per minute. Catering to the need of printing up to 11”x17”, this printer can print on a diverse range of papers like ledger size paper, thicker stocks, letterhead, envelopes and so on. Enhanced security is guaranteed with the USB device server option. It comes at expensive Ricoh printer price of Rs 1,04,949.

SP 5310DN: Redefining reliability, this printer is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced and fastest printers available in the market. Manufactured to perform complex print jobs with the help of 1.46GHz processor and 2GB memory, this printer comes with a compact design and is adept enough to offer a printing speed up to 60 pages per minute. While the first page can be printed in less than 6 seconds, it comes with maximum 2600-sheet input tray capacity.

SP 5300DN: Engineered to be productive enough to meet the office needs, this durable and powerful workhorse comes with powerful controller and advanced processor. Offering printing speed of 50 pages per minute, it comes with scheduled maintenance after first 500,000 prints. Being compliant with the Blue Angel Mark accreditation, this device allows the user to print directly from phone or tablet as well. Consuming low power, it is one of the most eco-friendly printers available at economic Ricoh printer price in the market.

SP 4520DN: Designed to be fast without compromising security or quality, this feature-enriched printer paves the path for one to stay productive by offering a printing speed of 40 pages per minute. Ensuring minimized cost per page, this printer has been made to be efficient enough to produce 10,000 prints per month. Making it easier for one to print from anywhere at any time, this printer can be fit into the minimal office space. Offered at affordable Ricoh printer price, it comes with 4.3” color touch panel makes it even more convenient for one to give command or navigate between key functions and projects.

SP 3600DN: Unraveling the rejuvenating path for one to have compact and economical A4 printing, this printer is efficient enough to print 30 pages per minute and takes about 14 seconds to warm up. Offered at competitive Ricoh printer price of Rs 22,000, this printer features 4-line LCD display which makes the operation even more easier. Consuming only 1.4kWh of electricity, this printer leaves a smaller footprint and caters to be specific needs as well.

Colour Laser Printers:

SP C840DN: Manufactured to print high-volume and top quality color printouts, this printer is efficient enough to create colorful postcards, brochures, labels, point of sale displays and so on. Having the capacity to produce up to 45 color or black and white prints per minute, this printer comes with 2GB RAM and powerful processor. While the paper capacity can be extended up to 4700 sheets, the presence of WorkStyle Innovation Technology paves the path for faster workflows. Made available at affordable Ricoh printer price, it incorporates automated workflows and shortcuts which guarantee expedited printing tasks.  

SP C440DN:  Ensuring non-stop performance, this printer has the capacity to print at a speed of 40 ppm and requires minimal amount of maintenance. Guaranteeing low cost per page, this printer warms up in less than 50 seconds and can get the first page out in as fast as 10 seconds. Made efficient enough to handle a wide variety of papers like recycled paper, letterhead, pre-printed paper and so on, this printer comes with 2300-sheet paper capacity. Providing the user with 1200x1200 dpi resolution, it consumes incredibly low amount of electricity. Offered at cheap Ricoh printer price, this device can safeguard information with the help of the USB Device Server option.

SP C435DN: This color laser printer stands out in the crowd with the help of the impressive output quality, flexible media options and affordable cost per page. Allowing one to choose from a diverse range of papers including plain paper and basic banner, this printer has the ability to produce up to 35 pages per minute. While the first page can get out only in 10 seconds, inclusion of five media trays ensures fewer reloads. Facilitating one to stay productive on the run, this printer can print from mobile devices as well. Offered at economic Ricoh printer price, this device is designed to do multiple jobs simultaneously.

SP C252DN: Ensuring reduced ownership cost, this printer amalgamates qualities like low running cost, reliability, faster speed and so on. Offered at cheap Ricoh printer price, this device has been dedicatedly designed to offer 20 ppm color as well as black and white print out. Making it even more convenient for the user, the first page can be printed in mere 14 seconds. Gifting the user with 2400x600 dpi resolution, this printer comes equipped with advanced features like electronic sorting and booklet printing. Helping one to be flexible with USB 2.0, wired and wireless network, this printer can offer up to 65000 pages per month.

Color All-in-One Printer:

SP C252SF: Making it hassle-free for one to have vivid colors and sharp textures, this all-in-one printer has been engineered to support wireless printing as well as scanning from smartphones and tablets. Ensuring enhanced productivity with 20 ppm speed, this device can get the first page out in 14 seconds only. Embracing the user with economic duplex printing, this printer comes embellished with advanced features like booklet printing which further adds to the convenience. It is capable to scan color documents in mere 7.9 seconds. The presence of USB 2.0, wired and wireless connectivity paves the path for the user to save time in the best manner possible. Offered at affordable Ricoh printer price, this printer comes with Energy Star 2.0 accreditation.

SP C250SF: Taking performance to the next level, this all-in-one printer has the capacity to astonish the user with superior quality productivity yet economic costing. Made available at cheap Ricoh printer price, this device consumes mere 1.6kWh which keeps the cost low. Making the task of printing, scanning and copying effortless, this printer is known for offering 20 ppm speed.

Black and White All-in-One:

SP 3510SF: Designed to be efficient black and white multi-tasker, this printer has been made to be adept at offering a speed of 28 cpm and a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi. The customizable 4-line LCD panel further adds to the convenience of the user. Featuring a maximum capacity of 550 pages, this printer facilitates the user with the opportunity to manage system setting, status and supply levels with the help of Web Image Monitor. Coming at affordable Ricoh printer price, it incorporates T.37 internet faxing which makes the daunting task of faxing easier than ever.

SP 3500SF: Offering the way to significant improvement of productivity, this printer is one of the topmost printers offered by Ricoh that master the art of printing, copying, scanning and faxing at the same time. Offering images in 1200x1200 dpi resolution, this printer comes with a speed of 28 cpm. Taking a warm up time of less than 30 seconds, the printer takes about 8 seconds to get the first copy out. Offered at inexpensive Ricoh printer price, this device is simple to operate as well as maintain.

Why buy Ricoh printers

Despite the market being crowded with hundreds of printers, many people rely upon Ricoh printers offered at affordable Ricoh printer price due to the following reasons:

Web Image Monitor: The presence of Web Image Monitor makes it easy and convenient for the user to manage system setting, status and supply levels at ease.

Less Energy Consumption: Consuming little amount of energy, the Ricoh printers help the user to save money and leave little amount of carbon footprint.

Greater Productivity: Offering more speed, the Ricoh printers offered at affordable Ricoh printer price are adept at providing the user with greater productivity.

Where to buy Ricoh printers from

One can easily buy Ricoh printers at inexpensive Ricoh printer price from online retail stores like Flipkart, Amazon and so on. Discounts offered on these websites during festive seasons make the printers even more affordable. However, one must be cautious to purchase from authorized dealers under every circumstance.

Additional features of these Ricoh printers include Eco saving mode, Genuine Refill Toner, and Jam Free Printer. Also, Ricoh printers, which come with one-year product warranty, do support operating systems of Windows XP (and above) and Mac OS X and above.

However, the warranty only covers manufacturing defects of a printer, if any.

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Latest Ricoh Printer Price List in India 2018

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Ricoh Aficio SP200N PrinterRs. 6775
Ricoh SP 210 Single Function PrinterRs. 4571
Ricoh SP 210SU Multifunction Laser PrinterRs. 8199
Ricoh - Aficio SP 300DN Duplex Networking Single Function Laser PrinterRs. 6039
Ricoh SP111SU Multi Function Laser PrinterRs. 7079
Ricoh SP111 Single Function Laser PrinterRs. 2999