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Reach mobile is the subsidiary of a Rashmi Group, which is a billion dollars enterprise. The firm is globally known for its Steel, Cement, Bulk shipping, IT & B2B e-Commerce business. The vision of Reach mobiles is to reach every hand in India. Offering a range of affordable smartphones and feature phones, Reach mobile wants to create an Indian smartphone brand that is loved for its quality and after-sale service as well.  

Here we have a whole Reach mobile price list along with the information on where to find the cheapest Reach mobile in India online. We enlist a variety of e-commerce platforms to give you the freedom to purchase from wherever you want to.

Reach Mobile Price List in India

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Latest Reach Mobile Price in India 2017

Reach Mobile Price Price
Reach CogentRs. 2222
Reach Fab4 403Rs. 2350
Reach Allure Ultra Curve 4G VoLTERs. 3990

All About Reach Mobile

The Kolkata-based smartphone manufacturer has so far users introduced 10 Reach mobile smartphones and 22 feature phones. Out of their range, Reach mobile Regus RD330 and Reach mobile Zeal 5001 were the ones that were prominently sold. Reach mobiles primarily competes with Zen Mobile and Swipe mobiles as they are one of the most affordable smartphone providers in the country. Guaranteed to make you go gaga over their affordable range of smartphones and feature phones, Reach mobile brings in happiness in lives of first-time mobile phone users. Offering features that are easy to use and are helpful to the rural population, Reach mobile is trying to empower them with resources they thought they wouldn't able to afford ever. Communication is of double importance when a person is living in a remote area. Making a video call from such place or Googling an information has been made so simple with smartphones. And Reach mobile is making them cost effective.

Reach Mobile Specifications

  • RAM:

    When it comes to RAM, you can't expect a high amount of RAM from an affordable range of smartphones. And that's what you would have to understand here. Reach mobile phones offers as much as 2GB RAM, that too on only select handsets. You would mostly find these mobiles sporting 1GB RAM. RAM is an important part of smartphone configuration as it decides how much multitasking can be performed.

  • Processor:

    Usually sporting a Quad-core processor, Reach mobile range of handsets comes equipped with a Cortex A7 cores offering decent level performance. You can expect smooth tasks as long as you don't burden the device with so many background apps at once. Browsing is not a hurdle on these mobile phones, you will enjoy surfing on apps as well.

  • Display:

    Whether you want to enjoy your favorite games, watch latest videos on YouTube, the screen on Reach mobile would be sufficient for you. Offering a comfortable look, the display on Reach mobile ranges from 4-inches to 5.5-inches. Advanced IPS display on select models allows the user to enjoy vivid colors and brilliant clarity on the high definition resolution. The screen resolution range starts from FWVGA and goes up to HD.

  • Battery:

    Smartphone users are always concerned whether the battery will last a day or not on their handsets. With Reach mobile users don't have to suffer from battery problems at all. Without compromising the slim profile of their phones, Reach mobile has engineered their devices to deliver efficient power with optimization of CPU and GPU. Thus, resulting in a battery life that will last as long as your working days.

Why are Reach Mobile phones different from other mobile phones?

Sometimes, the differences don't matter but similarities do. Reach mobile can be called as an average brand like any other in its space who are trying to empower consumers in India through an affordable range of smartphones. Making rural Indian connected to a range of services as enabling them to access the internet on the go. Reach mobile since its inception has focused on budget conscious consumers. And usually, the sub-5K price bracket is widely popular in the rural places. What Reach mobile should do to, is to further improve their stand on this. They must setup after-sales service centers to reach out their customers.

Frequently Asked Question On Reach Mobile

  • 1. What is the warranty period of the Reach mobile phones in India?

    The warranty period on Reach mobile is 12 months for mobile phone and 6 months for the charging adapter. Under this policy, consumers can claim cost-free repair for a manufacturing defect or replacement if need be.

  • 2. Do Reach mobile comes equipped with a 4G LTE connectivity?

    Yes. But only select few handsets from Reach mobile comes with this support.

  • 3. Is there an OTG connectivity support on Reach mobile phones?

    Yes. Reach mobiles come with OTG connectivity support. But there are select models that wont support OTG.

  • 4. Can I remove the battery on Reach mobile phones?

    Yes. Most of the Reach mobile phones come equipped with a removable battery.

  • 5. Tell me, is the latest version of WhatsApp is supported on Reach mobile phones?

    Yes. The latest version of WhatsApp can be installed on all Reach mobile phones. Since they all are running on Android 2.3.3 or later version.


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