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Company Origin: Qiku is a Chinese joint venture between Qihoo 360 and Coolpad founded in January 2015. The company was created with an aim to utilize the software expertise of the Chinese internet giant Qihoo 360 and Coolpad’s expertise in smartphone manufacturing. This joint venture is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Qiku Internet Network Scientific (Shenzhen) Co. Limited is the joint venture’s name. The primary focus of the company is to provide high-quality hardware products integrated with software solutions. The company operates in India in partnership with Gadgets 360 for the availability of their products in India. The Qiku smartphones are only available in China and India. It's unclear whether the brand would be releasing their handsets in other regions or not.       

Products Portfolio

Qiku initially launched a set of handsets under the Coolpad’s Dazen brand in June 2015. The Dazen X1 and Dazen X7 were the phones running on the indigenous interface in the 360 OS. They were released in India via Snapdeal, India’s one of the leading e-commerce giants at that time. The Dazen X1 has been discontinued as Coolpad took an exit from the joint venture. Coolpad promised to offer the after sales service to their 100,000 customers who have purchased their handsets.

Qihoo 360 decided to continue the Qiku brand on their own and in the same year they unveiled two new smartphones. This time the handset aptly called Qiku smartphones, instead of sporting Coolpad or Dazen branding. The Qiku Q-Terra and Qiku Luna were launched in India via Gadgets 360 e-commerce portal. The Qiku Q terra price in India was Rs 19,999. This Qiku mobile was equipped with high-end specifications like Snapdragon 808 Processor and Dual Rear Camera setup. It was one of the first handsets to come with a dual rear camera setup.

Talking about the software experience, it is much hyped on the Qiku devices. The 360 OS introduced by the Qihoo 360 team is something worth using if you are one of those people who like proprietary apps on their Android smartphones. Then, you will surely like to buy this smartphone for the software experience itself. The company defines its forked interface based on Android OS with a focus on security, performance, and battery life. There are several features like Icebox, deep cleaning mode, and an enhanced performance mode to boost device performance.

Services & Warranty

Qiku India doesn’t have a separate website, which is why there is a lack of information for their products and services sold in India. On their Chinese website, the company claims to offer 7 days no reason to return policy, while 15 days free replacement policy. These claims can be seen on Gadgets 360’s Qiku Q-Terra page.

On all their smartphones sold, the company offers 12 months free warranty and 12 months extended warranty, which covers the labor cost and repairs on defective items. Total two years of warranty for the Qiku mobile sold in India. The company has tied up with a third party service provider for service centers in the country.


Qiku is a smartphone company that only a handful of people in India would know about. Let alone trust them. Though, if you are someone who takes a leap of faith, then, this new brand might surprise you in ways you didn’t even expect. The Qiku Q Terra is a phone worth spending if you’re someone who is into new shiny things which promise unique features at affordable pricing.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exchange the products?

Yes, you can exchange the product. Ask for a replacement if you have got a defective/physically damaged/dead-on-arrival product. Gadgets 360, which is the officially listed seller of Qiku mobile in India is liable for all the warranty claims.

Do I go to a store or send my device for repairs/replacement?

Gadgets 360 offers product pickup service for repairs. All you have to do is request your product pickup via their website or online mobile app. Users would be intimated via email conversations on further instructions for pickup of your device for repair or replacement.

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  • Qiku×
  • Rs. 9190
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    • 4 GB + 32 GB
    • 13 MP + 5 MP
    • 3800 mAh

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Qiku N4Rs. 9190

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