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Panasonic Corporation is Japanese electronics manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1918 and has grown to become one of the largest electronics brand coming from Japan. In 2012, according to the company, they were ranked fourth-largest television manufacturer. The Panasonic India makes available its wide range of consumer electronics and home appliance.

Apart from being one of the largest television manufacturers, Panasonic has diversified business in products like Mobile phones, Broadcast cameras, security solutions and HD video conferencing. Panasonic India has set up different group of companies for manufacturing their products in India. Such as Panasonic AVC India, established in 1996 for manufacturing the Televisions. This manufacturing plant is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The television market in IndiaTelevision has proved its effectivity in terms of performing the daunting task of assisting information explosion in different areas starting from tribal pockets to remote villages to modern urban landscapes. The television market in India is as diverse as the social strata of the country. Being the third largest television market in the world, India has observed many TV manufacturers that have come forward with cutting-edge technology, enhanced visuals, immersive audio-visual experience and so on. The consistent growth in the TV market is driven by the increase in the per capita income, efficient distribution channels, adoption of technology and so on. While companies like Samsung, LG, Videocon, Sony continue to dominate the Indian TV market, the Japan-based Panasonic has been able to offer TV models of unsurpassed quality at affordable Panasonic tv price. About the companyThe Japan-based multinational electronics corporation Panasonic Corporation was established in 1918 when Matsushita came forward to produce bicycle lamps. Functioning under the name of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., the company changed its name to Panasonic in 2008. Being the 4th largest television manufacturer across the globe, Panasonic today is ¥5.982 trillion company. They take pride in being able to offer products in the domain of home appliances, non-electronic products and services as well. In the year 2006, they stopped producing analogue televisions in order to focus more on the development and production of digital televisions. With around 580 subsidiary companies, Panasonic generates 53% of its revenue in Japan, 25% in rest of Asia and 12% in America. HIstory of the company in India:Acquisition of 76.2% stake in the Bangalore-based Firepro Systems has brought the opportunity for Panasonic to grow beyond its established identity in the sphere of consumer electronics. They have also subscribed to new shares with the help of Anchor Electricals. Here is the list of Tv models offered by Panasonic at affordable Panasonic tv price along with their specifications:TH-43EX480DX: Crafted to deliver four times resolution of a normal HD TV, this device has been engineered to offer crisp and dynamic images in compliance with the super bright panel plus which is adept at creating the perfect combination of brightness and contrast. Besides embracing the user with High Dynamic Range content, this model comes adorned with in-built Chromecast that lets the user’s smartphone become a remote and thus empowers the user with the ability to watch contents from smartphones at ease. The user can choose from five different picture modes i.e. Dynamic, Normal, Cinema, True Cinema, and Custom. The in-built home theatre along with the DTS surround sound guarantee an immersive experience. It has been made available at Panasonic tv price of Rs 54,900.TH49EX480DX: This 4K ultra HD TV unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for one to have life-like pictures, thanks to the incorporation of picture resolution. The panel structure of the Super Bright Panel Plus reveals the scope for one to have both more light and efficient backlight system. Offered at affordable Panasonic tv price, this model has been designed to cater to the need of having deep black combined with bright highlights. Besides being able to reduce noise in compliance with DOT noise reduction technology, this TV has been embellished with DTS surround sound along with 20W speaker output. TH-65EX750D: Engineered to help the user relish supreme 4K HDR PRo quality video, this TV has been conceptualised to deliver pictures with quality matching the expectations of a filmmaker. Relying on ‘Switch Design’, this device is efficient enough to suit any environment with ease. The presence of the 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro technology ensures 6 colour reproduction which is set to engross the user with the ultimate quality. Offering vibrant colours and improved contrast with local dimming, this model also lets the user enjoy a diverse range of content with the help of wifi connection. It has been priced at Panasonic tv price of Rs 1,45,328.TH-55EX600D: This 4K TV amalgamates outstanding features that altogether offer stunning visuals along with immersive audio experience. Delivering vibrant 4K HDR images, this model has been crafted to render natural colour, thanks to the inclusion of 4K Hexa Chroma Drive that offers 6-colour reproduction. Assisting the user to have the chance to engage with reality, this model comes adorned with IPS LED Super Bright Plus panel that doesn’t only offer wide viewing angle but also provide the user with dynamic as well as crisp visuals. The realistic image production is achieved with the incorporation of Pure Picture Uniformity Sheet that efficiently disposes of the light source in a uniform manner. Other features include Quad-Core Pro processing engine, inbuilt wireless LAN, double USB sharing and so on. It comes at Panasonic tv price of Rs 99,509. TH-40DX650D: Designed to be a perfect combination of easy-to-use features and aesthetically pleasing appearance, this device has been crafted to allure the users with its clear frame design. While efficient backlight system along with the super bright panel guarantees enhanced pictures, the presence of Firefox operating system lets the user stay connected with the virtual world of entertainment. The strategic incorporation of my Home Screen 2.0 facilitates the user with easy navigation of and access to content. The daunting task of watching smartphone content on the big screen has been made feasible with the easy mirroring feature with which this model comes. It further engrosses the user with VR-audio true sound while featuring four audio modes i.e. standard, music, ambience and user. It has been priced at Panasonic tv price of Rs 66,699.TH-55CX400DX: Paving the path for the user to enjoy colours, brightness and contrast in their full glory, this device has been crafted to gratify the needs of having a TV that would offer 4K Ultra HD resolution. Gifting the user with detailed and pristine pictures, this model features IPS LCD which facilitates the user with a wide viewing angle so that everyone can get to see stunning images irrespective of angle. It unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for one to enjoy smooth reproduction of fast motion, thanks to the incorporation of 100Hz backlight motion rate. The DOT noise reduction technology makes sure that the images are clearer and crisper as well as portrayed only after eliminating random noise contained in the video course. Apart from coming equipped with 4K fine remaster engine, this model comes with surround sound as well. It has been made available at Panasonic tv price of Rs 1,55,600.TH-60CX700D: Meeting the expectation of having life-like pictures in 4K resolution, this model has been manufactured to astonish the user with a plethora of features that all come together to make the act of watching an extremely engaging experience. The powerful Quad-core Pro Engine and high colour space panels go hand in hand in a bid to create images with plenty of details. Coming embellished with five different picture modes i.e. dynamic, normal, cinema, true cinema and custom, this model offers 178 degrees wide viewing angle. Featuring multi noise reduction as well as 3D, this device has been made to offer VR-audio true surround sound as well. It comes at Panasonic tv price of Rs 2,31,900.TH-32ES480DX: Being one of the most desired full HD smart televisions, this model embraces the user with beautiful pictures that soothe the eyes. The Super Bright Panel Plus makes sure that every image appears crisp and dynamic by combining a new panel driving system, a panel structure and efficient backlight system. The easy mirroring features allow the user to have smartphone content reproduced on the big screen at ease. Natural skin tones along with bright colours and sharp images are guaranteed with the Vivid Digital Pro technology. The dual-core unique processing engine makes the entire operating hassle-free. It is offered at Panasonic tv price of Rs 24,890.TH-55ES500D: Being a significant model in the ES500 series, this model has been engineered to deliver natural 6-colour reproduction and much more. Besides adorning itself with smart networking and content sharing features, this device functions in compliance with Hexa Chroma Drive in order to embrace the user with the ultimate viewing pleasure. While crisp images are guaranteed with the IPS LED super bright panel, the presence of wireless media adds to the convenience of the user. Bringing the opportunity for the user to have personalized home screen, this model makes sure that favourite apps and contains can be accessed at a touch. All such features come at Panasonic tv price of Rs 63,999.Why buy Panasonic TVPanasonic is such a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. Being one of the most desired TV brands in India, Panasonic delivers its promise of a better life. Here is why it is preferred by many:Stunning Images: Panasonic has incorporated innovative features like IPS LED super bright panel, Hexa Chroma Drive and so on in order to provide the user with pristine visuals that are detailed, crisp and sharp.Picture Modes: The inclusion of different picture modes like Dynamic, Normal, Cinema, True Cinema, and Custom make sure that the user stays engrossed and gets to have the best possible experience.VR-audio True Surround Sound: The inclusion of the VR-audio true surround sound paves the path for the user to be engaged in an immersive audio experience.

The Panasonic India has a huge collection of LED TVs. The brand has released models in low, mid and high price range. Being a pioneer in the industry, the company offers various unique features. They are considered to be a reliable Television brand by consumers in the country. Panasonic LED TVs boasts Life-like colors, power-packed sound, stunning design and superb brightness. It’s an entertainment package.

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Panasonic Television Price List in India

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Latest Panasonic Television Price List in India 2018

Panasonic Television Price ListPrice
Panasonic TH-L22EM6DX 22 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 14900
Panasonic TH-40D200DX 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 27210
Panasonic TH-43D450D 43 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 35602
Panasonic TH-L40B6D 40 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 54802
Panasonic TH-42A410D 42 inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 42799
Panasonic TH-42CS510D 42 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 61686
Panasonic TH-24A403DX 24 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 14515
Panasonic TH-32C410D 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 23048
Panasonic TH-49DS630D 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV Rs. 59999
Panasonic TH-32AM410D 32 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 18687