Panasonic Refrigerator Price List

Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese conglomerate which has expanded its service in many industries such as home appliances, electronics, semiconductors among others. Founded in 1918, the company has been named as the most trusted brand many times. With around 7 trillion Yen revenue, the company has been growing a little every day.

Panasonic Refrigerators price range varies from Rs 10000 to Rs 1 lakh. And the capacity of the Panasonic fridges varies from 190-litre to 650-litre. Being a household name in India and other countries like Australia and Malaysia, the company’s products are available for all classes of customers.

The refrigerator market in India

It has been long that refrigerator has shifted itself from the category of luxurious products to necessary household items. With multinational companies offering feature-rich refrigerators at affordable prices, consumers have found a solution to the crisis of lack of storage, manual frost, and so on. With accelerating growth in disposable income and electrification in rural areas, the demand for refrigerators has been increasing at a steady rate over last few years. While some of the most reputed refrigerator manufacturers consist of LG, Samsung, Haier, the Japan-based Panasonic has been able to offer a diverse range of products at affordable Panasonic refrigerator price across the nation.

About the company

Japan-based Panasonic Corporation is one of the most popular companies in the domain of electronic products. After being established by Konosuke Matsushita in the year 1918, the company started its journey by producing light bulb sockets. Later in 1927, it started producing bicycle lamps which were marketed under the name of National at that time. They take pride in having become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers and is indeed the 4th largest television manufacturer according to the 2012 market share. Being a ¥5.982 Trillion enterprise, the company started producing television sets in U.S. in the year 1961 and further expanded its business to Europe in 1979. Employing skills of 257,533 employees across the globe, the company offers products and services in the fields of consumer, solutions, components, and devices.

History of the company in India

To grow beyond its reputed position in the domain of consumer electronics, the company acquired 76.2% stake in the Bangalore-based Firepro Systems. The company has also subscribed to new shares with the help of Anchor Electricals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic.

Here is the list of refrigerators offered by Panasonic at affordable Panasonic refrigerator price along with their specifications:

NR-A222LTSS4: This 215-litre refrigerator, is one of the featured refrigerators by Panasonic that comes with Cool Lock technology that is engineered to ensure that all the products stored get an even amount of moisture and cooling. While the toughened glass shelves are manufactured to withstand heavy food items, the presence of chrome deco handle adds to the beauty. Made available in Stainless Steel color, this product comes with a 4-star rating that guarantees low energy consumption. Priced at an affordable Panasonic refrigerator price, this product comes with features like medicine box, veggie extractor, and so on.

NR-A201STMG3/GG3/SG3: Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for the consumer to bring home a true amalgamation of space and functionality, this 190-litre refrigerator comes equipped with 3 Star rating that helps one save money. Offered at an inexpensive Panasonic refrigerator price, this product comes with a capacity of 190-litres and several other features that offer repeated engrossment. Besides coming equipped with removable door gasket, this refrigerator functions in compliance with Cool Lock technology and comes with toughened glass shelves.

NR-A252LTGG4: Featuring a gross capacity of 245-litres, this direct cool refrigerator is known for the comfort and convenience that it offers with the help of outstanding features. While the inclusion of Cool Lock technology strategically provides the food stored with required amount of moisture and cooling, the foldable wine rack is perfect for any in-house party. Made available in Grey Glitter Floral color, this product adds to the convenience of the user by offering a plethora of features inclusive of Xpress Ice, cool pack, etc. It is offered at an inexpensive Panasonic refrigerator price which makes it even more lucrative.

NR-AC20STX1: Carrying a high gloss VCM finish, this 202-litre refrigerator is ideal for those who are in search of simple yet functional refrigerators that seamlessly perform. While the toughened glass shelves are sturdy enough to hold heavy loads, the chrome deco handle adds to the convenience. Coming with extra sleek door cap, this refrigerator is available in Maroon floral color. The 2-Star Energy rating lowers the electricity consumption and saves a huge cut on the pocket. It comes at an affordable Panasonic refrigerator price of INR 17,500.

NR-A196STGD3: Featuring a 190-litre capacity, this refrigerator is one of the best in its category, thanks to the incorporation of breathtaking features and innovative technology. Locking the moisture in to provide food with the right amount of moisture, this refrigerator comes equipped with the veggie extractor which is adept enough to hold sufficient amount of vegetables. Priced at an inexpensive Panasonic refrigerator price, this product embraces the user with more storage with the strategic inclusion of the base drawer. It also features 3-star energy rating.

NR-A201STS2/STM3: Facilitating the user to look through the food and vegetables stored at ease with the help of the transparent interiors, this 190-litre refrigerator employs the cool lock technology to keep the food fresh for longer periods. Besides being ROHS compliant, this product has been embellished with removable door gasket and bar handle. Made available in both Silver and Maroon color, this product is offered at an inexpensive Panasonic refrigerator price.

NR-BY608XSX1: Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for the user to experience extra freshness, this 2-door bottom freezer refrigerator features a capacity of 602-litres. Priced at a Panasonic refrigerator price of INR 92,000, this refrigerator makes it even more convenient by including large capacity door pockets. Decorating the kitchen with an aesthetically pleasing design, this product also features stylish electrostatic touch control that makes it easier for one to operate. The strategic inclusion of the Smart Cooling technology paves path for one to have an improved lifestyle and optimum operation with low electricity consumption. The ECONAVI sensor has been engineered to detect and analyze the conditions of use and accordingly modify.

NR-BX468VSX1: Taking pride in having a frameless design, this 450-litre refrigerator features a shining silver finish which certainly makes the interior stand out. The ECONAVI inverter has been engineered to predict the conditions of use for every hour every day after analyzing the use for three weeks in a row. While the vegetables stored in vegetable case remain fresh with constant temperature and humidity control, the gentle surround cooling guarantees even and consistent air flow within the refrigerator. The chilled case makes the daunting task of storing dairy products easy as it maintains a temperature of -1.5 to minus 3.5 degree Celsius. It is made available at a Panasonic refrigerator price of INR 66,500.

NR-BX418VSX1: Catering to the storage needs of the user, this 407-litre refrigerator amalgamates a plethora of features that makes the user experience comfortable and convenient. Maintaining varied temperatures for different compartments i.e. fridge (4-degree Celsius), fresh safe vegetable case (6 -degree Celsius), chilled case (0-degree Celsius) and freezer ( -19-degree Celsius), the refrigerator has been engineered to be simple and fits into any contemporary kitchen. The sophisticated design of the refrigerator further gets accompanied by the urban cool colors of the door pocket. Ensuring optimized cooling performance with the help of the inverter compressor, this product is offered at a Panasonic refrigerator price of INR 60,500.

NR-BR347RKX1: Coming with a 342-litre capacity, this 2-door bottom freezer refrigerator features 2-star energy rating and has been made available in Black. Besides being adorned with large capacity door pockets, this refrigerator decorates itself with an escutcheon handle. Relying on Smart Cooling Technology, this product functions in compliance with the ECONAVI sensors that are specially designed to monitor and analyze the conditions of use. Having fresh and juicy vegetables daily is not a daunting task anymore with this refrigerator being offered at a Panasonic refrigerator price of INR 39,990. It also features height adjustable shelves and tempered glass shelves that can hold up to 100 kg of weight.

NR-BR307RSX1: This 296-litre refrigerator is the perfect combination of efficiency, unsurpassed quality performance, and elegant appearance. Functioning in compliance with a high-efficiency inverter compressor and an intelligent eco sensor ECONAVI, this refrigerator has been engineered to carry features that ensure convenient user experience. Embellished with Bluish interior, this product comes with a 10-year warranty on compressor as well. The gaskets have been structured to be airtight to maintain the humidity required for vegetables to stay fresh. Including the vegetable case at the center instead of the bottom, this refrigerator seeks to redefine the experience. It is offered at an inexpensive Panasonic refrigerator price of INR 34,850.

Other models offered by Panasonic at affordable Panasonic refrigerator price include:





Why buy Panasonic refrigerators

Delivering outstanding customer experience for a considerably long tether, Panasonic has become one of the most preferred brands in India. Here’s why people continue to choose Panasonic refrigerators available at cheap Panasonic refrigerator price over other refrigerators:

Storage Space: Gifting the user with extra storage, the refrigerators offered by Panasonic eliminate the crisis of space that most of the consumers continue to suffer from.

Elegant Look: Bringing a sophisticated appearance with it, the Panasonic refrigerators priced at cheap Panasonic refrigerator price adorns the interior and can be fit into any modern kitchen.

ECONAVI Sensor: Deploying advanced technology like ECONAVI sensor, the refrigerators ensure the consumer is engrossed with the experience.

Considering a Panasonic fridge of starting price, it comes with single door, Direct Cool technology, Reciprocation Compressor, Removable Gasket, Transparent door bins, and Top Freezer. Refrigerators of this price range come with 1-year product warranty and 5 years of compressor warranty. On the other side, high-range models pricing above Rs 55000, comes with over 500-litre capacity. These refrigerators would come with Frost Free technology, Inverter Compressor Tropical, Express Freezing, Deodorizer, Humidity Controller, Moist Balance Crisper, and Tempered Glass. These models come with a one-year product warranty and 10 years of compressor warranty. However, the company specifies that the warranty does not cover any physical damage or mishandling of the product but only manufacturing defects.

There are many Panasonic service centers in almost every city, where you can reach in case of any complaints, queries, or need of Panasonic refrigerators spare parts.

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Panasonic Refrigerator Price List in India

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Latest Panasonic Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Panasonic Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Panasonic NR-BM601MS1N 600 Litres Side by Side RefrigeratorRs. 38499
Panasonic NR-BR307XSX1/VSX1 296Ltr Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 34899
Panasonic NR-BU303SNX4 296 Litres Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 32490
Panasonic NR-BU343MNX4 342 Litres Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 42500
Panasonic NR-BW465VN 450 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 46899
Panasonic NR-A221STGGP 215 Litres Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 16790
Panasonic NR-A195STSFP 5S 190 Litres Single Door Refrigerator Rs. 14699
Panasonic NR-BR347XSX1/VSX1 342L Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 38499
Panasonic NR-A221STSFP 215 Litres Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 12799
Panasonic NR-A195RMP/RSP 190 Litres 3S Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 10700