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OWC (Other World Computing) is a hardware storage manufacturer hailing from illinois, USA. With decades of experience, it has grown it business from a small town to international markets. Availability in dozens of countries, this brand has grown a lot in the recent days. Unknown to most of the hard disk consumers in India, OWC offers premium hard disk storage solution for individuals and enterprises. If you, or your company is looking for a storage solution which is reliable and cost-effective, then, OWC hard disk range is the answer. From external storage in HDD and SSD for Windows, Linux and macOS, it offers cables, adapters and expansion chassis. OWC hard disk price range starts at Rs 92,000 for an external hard disk. You can further go to product pages for detailed description of the connectivity features on these hard disk drives.

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Latest OWC Hard Disk Price in India 2017

OWC Hard Disk Price Price
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual Thunderbolt RAID (OWCMETB7DH8.0T) 8.0 TB USB 3.0 External DriveRs. 92047