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Latest Nokia Mobile Price in India 2017

Nokia Mobile Price Price
Nokia Lumia 830Rs. 24786
Nokia Lumia 525Rs. 7500
Nokia Lumia 630Rs. 8500
Nokia Asha 502Rs. 3799
Nokia 225Rs. 2886
Nokia Asha 230 DUAL SIMRs. 3208
Nokia Asha 311Rs. 5799
Nokia Lumia 610Rs. 12031
Nokia Lumia 620Rs. 9490
Nokia Asha 503 Dual SimRs. 4500

Best Upcoming Nokia Mobile Phones

  • Rs. 10000
    Coming Soon
    • 3GB + 32GB
    • 16MP + 8MP
    • 3120 mAh
  • Rs. 8525
    Coming Soon
    • 3GB + 16GB
    • 13MP + 8MP
    • 3000 mAh
  • Rs. 12745
    Coming Soon
    • 2GB + 32GB
    • 13MP + 8MP
    • 3000 mAh
  • Rs. 54500
    Coming Soon
    • 6GB + 128GB
    • 22.6MP + 8MP
    • 3500 mAh

All About Nokia Mobiles

Nokia Mobile phone brand is a legend! It is praised at such level because of the quality and assurance it prevails with its services and products. While Nokia has a very short stint with Windows, it finally leads company to believe that Android is the right way to go. Which is why HMD Global has introduced various Nokia Android smartphones as soon as it took over the brand. The Finnish maker has a presence worldwide and it has over 60,000 employees across 120 countries. This publicly traded company has headquarters in Finland and regional headquarters in India. Apart from smartphones, the brand sells feature phones and has brought back the iconic Nokia 3310 in a new modern look.

Nokia Mobiles Specifications

  • RAM:

    The amount of RAM is one of the things that defines the multitasking power of a smartphone. However, it depends whether it's about feature phone or a smartphone. If it's about a feature phone, then there’s nothing much to worry about the RAM. While if it's about smartphones, then, the numbers matter a lot. Nokia Android phones come with at least 2GB RAM, which is accompanied by at least 16GB of internal storage. If you further want to expand the storage, then, it can be expanded via microSD slot. All Nokia mobile phones, even the feature phones come equipped with microSD card slot, so we can anytime expand the storage.

  • Processor:

    The Nokia mobile phones are powered by a Qualcomm or MediaTek processors. The company has equipped their entry level Android phone with a MediaTek processor, i.e. Nokia 3. The Qualcomm processor is present on two of the Nokia Android phones, i.e. Nokia 5 and Nokia6. The processor is one of the important parts of the device when performance is concerned. On an Android smartphone, a good processor goes long way as the device functionality is based on the support provided by the chipset.

  • Display:

    Starting with HD (1280 x 720) resolution on the entry level device, the Nokia mobile brings an essential viewing experience on their Nokia phone. As you go upwards in the range, the display resolution is higher at Full HD (1920 x 1080). These displays are laminated and polarised for better viewing angles and protection from scratches. Take out the Nokia Android phone in a bright daylight without any hesitation

  • Software:

    The interface is all that matter when it comes to a software experience. Many smartphone brands these days focus on offering a customised experience. While smartphone consumers don't have any option but to comply with these brands, Nokia doesn’t want its users to suffer. That’s why Nokia Android phones come with the pure stock user interface. On top of that, they all come with latest Android OS, Nougat 7.0 version. What more could have asked!

  • Camera:

    Nokia is never known to comprise on camera experience! The new set of Nokia Android phones follows that trend and thus offering best in class optics. The Nokia 3 starts the camera department with 8MP rear and 8MP front, while the Nokia 5 bumps the rear to 13MP and Nokia 6 bumps the rear to 16MP resolution. Using latest camera technologies like PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus), wide aperture, wide angle lens and dual tone flash helps Nokia stay ahead in the competition.

  • Battery:

    The battery capacity is one of the most sought after feature on these Nokia Android phones. Unlike Chinese smartphone maker, Nokia phones don't rely on high capacity batteries, instead, the brand focuses on optimising the processor in terms of the power efficiency. Most of all giving a less power hogging interface help the manufacturer optimise the battery to utmost performance. The Nokia phones come with battery capacity range that starts from 2600 mAh to 3000 mAh. And that is more than enough required by a Nokia phone to last a day as claimed by the company.

Types of Nokia Mobiles

  • Feature Phones:

    When it comes to feature phones, Nokia has an iconic device, Nokia 3310, in its pocket. The company has already pulled up that gun with a 2017 edition look and feel. Then, later the company went on to introduce an all new Nokia 105, upgrade to the existing feature phone line up. The company has been introducing the upgrades to its existing feature phone line and. The next up in the list is Nokia 130!

  • Android Smartphones:

    Nokia has an Android smartphone range that is envied by all other brands who are struggling in the entry and mid level segment. With a strong presence in the price range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, Nokia Android phones have captured the most crowded market segment. The features like fingerprint sensors, incredible optics, blazing fast processors and a battery life that last longer as promised are company’s strong selling point.

Nokia Mobiles Price Range

Why are Nokia Mobiles different from other mobile phones?

Nokia mobile phones are among the best Android smartphones. Why is that a fact? Because they simply offer an Android experience that most of the consumers crave for. A beautiful design handset, the fast processor to comply with standard performance, optics that never let you miss the moments and a battery life that delivers on the promise.

Why buy on BestPriceOn?

The reason why you should be buying on BestPriceOn is simple! Here you get a complete list of Nokia mobile phones, from their feature phones and Android phones, we list them all. And when you are online looking to buy a phone or even seeking an information to help you decide which product to buy, we are the best choice in the market. Our world class comparison tool and Artificial Intelligence based search engine portal helps you find a value for money product.

Frequently Asked Question On Nokia Mobiles

  • 1. Will Nokia smartphones receive Android 8.0 OS update?

    The Finnish smartphone maker is already offering the latest stable release Android 7.1.1 OS Nougat all across their devices. The brand hasn’t confirmed yet, but once Android 8.0 stable release is out, we expect the company to announce the update soon. Stay Tuned on this.

  • 2. What is the warranty period for Nokia mobile phones in India?

    The warranty period for Nokia phones in India is 12 months. That is a standard warranty period offered by the Finnish maker HMD Global. There are more than 1000 plus service centers in India where you can claims the warranty of your device under the period.

  • 3. What are the launch offers for Nokia 6?

    The Nokia 6 handset will be exclusively available for purchase on Amazon India. The launch offers includes Rs 1000 cashback if they make payments via Amazon Pay Balance. Also, the consumers who purchase Nokia 6 would be get 80% off on Kindle eBooks, i.e. Up to Rs 300.

  • 4. When can I purchase Nokia 6 on Amazon India website?

    First you have to register for the sale, then you can be eligible to purchase at the sale. The Flash sale for Nokia 6 is on August 23rd.

  • 5. I bought my new Nokia mobile from Microsoft, is the warranty still valid?

    It depends on the country you bought your phone from. Generally, warranty is valid for 12 to 24 months from the date of purchase. So, you are covered if you are still within that warranty period. It's better to double check once with your network provider or the store from where you bought your new Nokia phone. Most importantly, don't forget to bring your invoice or receipt (proof of purchase).


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