Netgear Router Price List

Routers are oxygen for internet connectivity and one always has to buy a router in order to setup an internet connection or networking connectivity at office. Netgear is one company that is synonymous with word router. Netgear routers are widely available in India and if you have been searching for an upgrade or setup your new internet connection, then, we could help you choose the best router in India that’s a good fit for your requirements.

Here’s a whole Netgear router price list along with the information where you can find the cheapest Netgear router in India online. With us you can find the listing on various ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and more.

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Netgear Router Price List in India

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  • Rs.10000 and below (21)
  • Rs.10001 - Rs.15000 (2)
  • Rs.15001 - Rs.20000 (3)
  • Rs.20001 - Rs.25000 (1)
  • Rs.25001 - Rs.30000 (1)
  • Rs.30001 - Rs.40000 (0)
  • Rs.40001 and Above (0)
  • AirPro(0)
  • Airtel(1)
  • Apple(2)
  • Asus(24)
  • AudioCodes(0)
  • Beetel(1)
  • Belkin(5)
  • Binatone(5)
  • Buffalo(2)
  • CADYCE(5)
  • Cisco(22)
  • Comfast(2)
  • Cubetek(1)
  • Cyberoam(3)
  • D-Link(29)
  • Digisol(13)
  • Edimax(17)
  • EnGenius(1)
  • Evis(0)
  • Feye(1)
  • Genie(0)
  • HP(1)
  • Huawei(6)
  • Intex(1)
  • Lb-Link(2)
  • Linksys(3)
  • Micromax(1)
  • Netgear(28)
  • Netis(11)
  • Reliance(0)
  • Sanscord(1)
  • Satechi(1)
  • Setu Infocom(0)
  • TOTO LINK(3)
  • TP(0)
  • TP-LINK(52)
  • TRENDnet(16)
  • Tenda(34)
  • Virohm(0)
  • WD(2)
  • Wi-Bridge(1)
  • Wisnetworks(0)
  • Xiaomi(2)
  • ZOOOK(2)
  • ZTE(2)
  • Zebronic(1)
  • ZyXel(8)
  • Zycoo(0)
  • iBall(2)
  • Reliance Jio(3)
  • 3G Routers(0)
  • 4G Routers(0)
  • Range Extenders/Repeaters(3)
  • Wired With Modem(0)
  • Wired Without Modem(1)
  • Wireless With Modem(6)
  • Wireless Without Modem(13)
  • Below 150 Mbps(2)
  • 150-300 Mbps(4)
  • 300-450 Mbps(4)
  • 450-600 Mbps(1)
  • 600-1000 Mbps(7)
  • 1000-1400 Mbps(4)
  • 1400 Mbps Above(6)
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  • In Market(28)
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  • Netgear
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Latest Netgear Router Price List in India 2018

Netgear Router Price ListPrice
Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8500-100NAS Wi-Fi RouterRs. 23900
Netgear D6300 Wireless with Modem RouterRs. 19999
Netgear WN2500RP Dual Band Wi-Fi Range ExtenderRs. 6350
Netgear WNDRMAC N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit RouterRs. 11890
Netgear RT-N12HP N300 Wireless RouterRs. 4270
Netgear AC3200 Nighthawk X6 Tri-band R8000 Wi-Fi RouterRs. 12999
Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk R7000 Smart WiFi RouterRs. 9999
Netgear R6200 Wireless RouterRs. 9118
Netgear WNR614 N300 Wireless RouterRs. 1490
Netgear D6000 AC750 WiFi DSL Modem RouterRs. 4999

All About Netgear Router

Netgear is a networking equipment manufacturer from United States. Founded in 1996, about 21 years ago, the company has generated a sales of more than US$ 1.32 billion in 2016. They have a net income of US$ 75 million in the same year. They are a publicly traded company with headquarters in San Jose, where the firm houses more than 900 employees. They operate in more than 25 countries and India is one of the largest markets for the routers manufacturer. Retail, commercial and service provider; Netgear routers business is diversified into three segments that operates as individual entity. The Netgear routers are built on different proven technologies including wireless (Wi-Fi and LTE), Ethernet, and power line. Netgear routers offers the best range of products, thus, meeting all types of networking requirements.

Netgear Router Specifications

  • Wi-Fi Range::

    This totally depends according to the requirements, whether you want a Netgear router for small home, medium, large or very large home. Netgear has all that sorted out for you so do we. We have listed all the Netgear routers with their Wi-Fi range and that will help you shop better.

  • Wi-Fi Speed::

    How fast would you like your router? From standard 150 Mbps speed to 7.2 Gbps speed, the Netgear routers comes equipped with best in class speed. They are equipped at least four antennas that allows them to offer best speed to all the devices connected to the network.

  • Wi-Fi Technology::

    Wi-Fi Technology has improved a lot since it first came into existence. The Wi-Fi alliance owns the Wi-Fi registered trademark and it officially defines Wi-Fi as a any WLAN products that are based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. There are several types of Wi-Fi Technologies ranging from 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Some technology works on dual bands, which allows faster transfer of data. Thus, increasing the Wi-Fi Speed. These Netgear routers come equipped with best in class specification.

Types of Netgear Router

  • Home:

    This category defines the home solutions provided by Netgear routers. Offering top rated, fastest, best Wi-Fi for all your need. May it be for streaming Netflix or a multiplayer gaming session, Netgear routers are capable of fulfilling your needs.

  • Business:

    Collaboration is the key when it comes to networking for business. And Netgear routers are made for business. Whether you are looking for ultra smooth video conference, or looking to backup/store your data, Netgear routers offer NAS and Backup drives. These are the connected drives, which can be accessed by the network.

  • Service Providers:

    Netgear is a solutions provider not just for consumers, or SMBs, but also for Telco, Cable, and Mobile Broadband providers around the globe. Company claims to offer tailored services to these service provider organizations. They claim to offer cost-effective, future ready, and flexible portfolio of services.

Netgear Router Price Range