Mobiles Price List In India

Using a smartphone is no longer a matter of luxury. It is now available from as low as INR 2000 and goes up to INR 1,00,000. While low priced phones comes with all the basic functionalities like Android OS, Touch screen, Music Player, Camera, and a few others a premium phone has a lot to offer the user. A premium phone is packed with functionalities that helps users be connected to several platforms. Features like NFC, Dual Cameras, Updated OS versions, Large internal storage, Fast processors, High RAM and more makes a phone go up the price range.

Brands like Xiaomi offer value for money as they come up with models that are priced very competitively and it's not just that price, they offer features and specs that are available in few of the premium phones. Thus making it a preferred choice. Meizu, LeTv, Coolpad, and Honor are few other manufacturers that follow this strategy.

Moto and Lenovo cater to needs of all genres of smartphone users while majorly concentrating on the mid segment users who are willing to shell out 12-20,000 rupees while purchasing a new phone. And players like OnePlus, LG, Google, and Apple are predominantly known for their premium mobile phones and features.

What we offer:
While this is just a jist of what out our Mobiles Price List in India includes, we offer insights on brands, it's information, its products, Pros and cons of a product, its features, price depreciations, and a few other attributes that help you know the product in an out before making a buying decision.

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