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Laptops won’t go out of trends! They are the pillar of portable computing. Of course, we have tablets and large screen mobile phones that are as powerful as an average laptop these days. But a laptop can’t be completely replaced. Microsoft laptops are leading with innovations, they are being teased as the future of laptops. With no innovation coming from the Apple Macbooks, Microsoft is pioneering the industry with its range of Laptops. Let’s talk in detail about the Microsoft laptop price range in India.  

What is a Microsoft Laptop?

Microsoft being a software-focused company is transforming themselves as a  hardware provider, all thanks to their keen interest in producing a high-end computational machine that has everything great to help you conquer your creative aspirations. The past couple of years, after the introduction of the first Microsoft Surface, the company has gone to produce a powerful Surface Book and a Surface Studio machine. Currently, the Microsoft Surface range consists of a full-fledged notebook, a notebook with a detachable screen, All-in-one desktop, and a touch screen interactive whiteboard.   

What is the history of Microsoft Laptop?

Microsoft has been good at producing large screen computational touchscreen devices for quite long. The first Surface came out in 2012, since then the company has released various iterations year after year. The most recent Surface Pro was introduced last year along with the Surface laptop. Later in 2017, the company introduced Surface Book 2, the second edition of its Macbook Pro competition.  

These Microsoft machines work on different versions of Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. While Surface and Surface Pro are Hybrid tablets, the Surface Book was introduced with an intention of full-fledged high-end Laptop machine. All these Microsoft Laptops come equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors.  

Why should I buy a Microsoft Laptop in India?

Microsoft might not be an ideal laptop manufacturer, but it sure has all the resources one would require on their Laptops for productivity and office work. That is an advantage Microsoft has over other players in the industry. Addressing the query, the Redmond giant claims to offer the best in class display, computing performance, user experience, and battery life. These are all the elements one would wish to have in their high-end machine.

What are the key specifications of Microsoft Laptops?

> Display: Sporting Pixel Sense display, the Surface laptop comes equipped with a 13.5-inches screen, which has a resolution of 2256 x 1504 and has an aspect ratio of 3:2. It is a 10-point touch screen along with the support of a stylus, which is called Surface Pen.   

> Hardware: The Microsoft Surface laptops come equipped with seventh generation “Kaby Lake” processors, with both Intel Core i5 and i7 variants. There are three system memory options available for purchase including 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB RAM. Along with three SSD options that include 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage.  

> Software: Shipping with Windows 10S, which is a feature-limited edition of Windows 10. It comes with restrictions on the software usage. But fortunately, the device can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro to access all the features. For which a fee would be charged by the Microsoft.

> Battery: It comes with a 45.2 Wh battery capacity, which is a claim to last up to 14.5 hours when running on Windows 10S.

What is the Microsoft laptop price range in India?

Despite, Microsoft has a decent number of laptops in the price range, it's unfortunate that only handful of them are available to purchase in India. The Microsoft laptop price range in India starts around INR 75,000 and it goes up to Rs 1,25,000. If your budget falls under this price range, we would suggest to look out for the best Microsoft Laptop. If the budget is too much for you, we suggest looking for other Laptop brands. You can head over to our Laptop price list to know which are the best laptops available in the market according to your requirements.

Why is BestPriceOn the correct place to shop a Microsoft Laptop?

Cuz we have the complete and updated Microsoft laptop price list, which only makes sense. For instance, if someone was looking to purchase the Microsoft Laptop in India, then, they should be able to access all the offering from the brand. Which is what we have done with the Microsoft Laptop price list on BestPriceOn. Further, you can check out the expert review, detailed specifications, Pros, and Cons of the device before you click on the store page.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions on Microsoft Laptop

What is the Microsoft Laptop warranty period in India?

Microsoft laptop follows the industry standard warranty in India. It offers 12 months warranty on its laptop range in the country. Under that users with Microsoft laptop can get their laptops repaired for cost-free. Of course, conditions apply.

Where can I buy a Microsoft Laptop in India?

BestPriceOn lists down all the leading e-commerce website where you can buy a Microsoft Laptop online in India. And if you’re looking to buy offline, then, we suggest you head over to an authorized seller shop in India.

How to find the nearest Microsoft service center in India?

For this, you’d have to head over to Microsoft official website for their hardware business. There you can find the nearest service center available for addressing your Microsoft Laptop issue.

Microsoft has been at the top of the innovation in computing over the years since personal computers started flooding the market. But they have always lacked a good hardware machine that can compete with brands like Apple, Dell, and HP. It was recently that Microsoft forayed into the laptop business with their Surface Book introduction. This year Microsoft laptop price range has only expanded as it added a relatively affordable Windows machine named Surface Laptop. Microsoft laptops in India wants to cater the premium Windows-based machine requirements. The luxurious material-cover keyboard, long battery life and ultra-thin design. That is what makes even the hefty price tag worthy. Want to know the Microsoft Laptop Price? Well, Microsoft is yet to launch their laptops in India. But you can check the expected price tag. 

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Microsoft Laptop Price List in India

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Latest Microsoft Laptop Price List in India 2018

Microsoft Laptop Price ListPrice
Microsoft Surface Windows 10 13.3 Inch LaptopRs. 64200

Frequently Asked Question on Microsoft Laptops

  • 1. Which OS works on a Microsoft Hybrid Laptop when it used in a tablet mode?

    When Microsoft Laptop is switched to tablet mode, the Windows operating system is only available. The only difference is that now you can operate it using only touch screen since the physical keyboard is hidden

  • 2. Is it possible to increase RAM and storage in a Microsoft Laptop?

    Talking about the RAM, it depends if your laptop has extra section to put RAM chip. These days most of the Laptops offer it. But we do recommend you check this with the retailer you have purchase. Or try Googling model number of your laptop to know about it. Whereas to expand storage, we suggest you to purchase a Hard disk or a pen drive.

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