Micromax Television Price List

Micromax Informatics Limited is an Indian consumer electronics company founded in 2000 by Rahul Sharma. The company has diversified product portfolio. Such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, LED Televisions, and Air Conditioners. The Gurgaon-based privately held company touts itself as 10th largest smartphone vendor in the world. Their smartphones are widely sold in India, Russia and SAARC markets. Like smartphones, their LED Televisions are quite popular too. The Micromax LED TV price starts around Rs 8000. The company endorses themselves as the most affordable TV brand in the country.

The latest LED Television sets from company pack HDMI, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi and Digital Surround Sound. Thus, offering an all-round package for entertainment. Despite the  Micromax LED TV price is affordable, the company doesn’t compromise on the features. Their smart television model offers Android OS based interface. Access all your favourite social platforms on TV. On Micromax Smart LED TV file sharing is possible using a smartphone. Convert your smartphone into a remote control using Smart remote and Trackpad support. With Dual Core processor and Quad-core GPU, it delivers high-quality immersive content.

The television market in India

Television, is one of the prime mediums of dissemination of knowledge and entertainment at the same time, has been an integral part of the social fabric in India and contributes to the shaping of opinion in the most efficient manner possible. Even though there is a wide variety of TV models available which come with different size, features, price and so on, both rural and urban India has seen quick adoption of technology-enriched television models. While some of the most dominating TV manufacturers that exist in the market include Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and so on, the India-based Micromax has earned reputation by bringing in unsurpassed quality features at cheap Micromax tv price.

About the company

The India-based consumer electronic company Micromax came into existence in the year 2000. Established by Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain, the company initially operated in the domain of embedded devices and started selling mobile devices later on. In the year 2010, the company was recognized one of the largest domestic companies that came up to offer features phones at low cost across the nation. Even though the company has been facing competition from its Chinese counterparts, they are a staunch believer in the vision ‘nothing like anything’. Having earned a revenue of $3.1 billion by 2017, they take pride in being the first Indian company to sell mobile phones in Russia along with many other accolades. They were also the one to do a partnership with digital payments company way before others did. Offering quality TV models at economic Micromax tv price, they have been one of the widely sought-after companies in India.

Here is the list of television models offered by Micromax in India at inexpensive Micromax tv price along with their specifications:

CANVAS BingeBox: Priced at cheap Micromax tv price of INR 22,000, this model seeks to offer a refined viewing experience and unravels the rejuvenating path for one to have non-stop entertainment. The inclusion of the Crystal Luminous colour Polarization technology makes sure that the user is embraced with crisp visuals and crystal-clear pictures while eyes are comforted in the most efficient manner possible. Providing the user with a diverse range of entertainment content, this model also lets one control the TV with the smartphone. Coming equipped with classic games like Snake, Minesweeper, and so on, the device makes sure that the user is never tired of just watching TV.

Unite TV: Made available in 32-inch HD and 40-inch FHD resolution, this model is recognized for Hindi on-screen display which makes it far more easier for one to navigate contents in no time. Assisting one to enjoy crystal clear pictures with the help of CLCP technology, this device maximizes the experience by guaranteeing amplified audio experience, thanks to the SRS surround sound. Amalgamating capacity to deliver unsurpassed quality visuals, it also comes embellished with games like Basketball, Snake etc. The 32-inch Unite TV comes at the Micromax tv price of INR 13,499.

50Z9999UHD: This 127cm UHD 4K TV delivers detailed visuals in compliance with the Quad-core GPU that guarantees an enhanced viewing experience. The daunting task of finding the preferred channel or browsing applications is now easier than ever with the incorporation of the MI Smart operating system. Designed to perform in the fastest manner possible, this model comes embellished with WiFi which helps one to stay engrossed with program content ranging from sports to news to chartbusters. Bringing the opportunity for one to play thrilling motion-sensing games like tennis and so on. Apart from coming adorned with SRS surround sound, this model guarantees unsurpassed experience, thanks to the large colour spectrum that is able to offer accurate and detailed visuals. It has been made available at economic Micromax tv price of INR 42,021.

Canvas LED TV: Branded as a device that is ‘way too smart to be called an idiot box’, this model unravels the rejuvenating avenue for one to have an interactive and intuitive entertainment experience. Priced at Micromax tv price, this device adds to the convenience of the user by facilitating one with wireless smartphone control with which it becomes an easier task to changing channels without the remote. The presence of the Android OS lets the user access internet on the big screen. Made available in three options i.e. 32 inches, 40 inches and 50 inches, this device comes with 1+2 years of warranty.

55T1155FHD: This 55-inch full HD LED TV embraces the user with greatly detailed and contrasted pictures that make the viewing experience even more engaging. The strategic inclusion of the in-built boombox paves the path for the user to have enhances audio that makes any dialogue or music lively and add to the visual in its own capacity. Crafted to be slim as well as stunning at the same time, this device adds to the interior in compliance with the super narrow bezel. It also features USB ports and HDMI which empower the user with the capacity to watch a diverse range of content from different sources. It is offered at Micromax tv price of INR 65,555.

32TSD6150FHD: Relying on AVEA technology to provide the user with immersive entertainment, this device has been engineered to offer visuals in full HD resolution. An enhanced watching experience is guaranteed with the AVEA technology. Besides offering excellent bass and treble along with visual clarity, this model adorns itself with Zero Dot technology. The incorporation of Zero Dot technology offers details in every pixel while making it a memorable experience for the user. This model comes at Micromax tv price of INR 16,000.

50C3600FHD: Priced at inexpensive Micromax tv price of INR 38,546, this device combines outstanding features that all together make the viewing experience incredible. Banking upon the Audio-Visual Entertainment Architecture, this model doesn’t only offer enhanced audio-visual experience but also unravels the invigorating path for one to have a home-theatre like an experience. Offering unparalleled quality picture with Zero Dots technology, this model offers 300 Nits brightness and 5 band equalizers as well.

40C7550FHD: Making it an extremely easy task for one to enjoy unsurpassed quality visuals along with graphics and audio, this device has been engineered to offer a super dynamic ratio of 5000000:1. It ensures crystal clear picture clarity with the help of Zero Dots LED panel, this device has been made to be adept enough to offer surround sound, thanks to the incorporation of Surround Sound. It is offered at cheap Micromax tv price of INR 23,723.

24B600HD: This 61 cm HD LED TV has been adorned with the capacity to offer a totalitarian audio-visual experience, thanks to the strategic inclusion of the Audio-Visual Entertainment Architecture. Empowering the user with stunning visuals and amazing sound, this device has been crafted to offer pictures of 1366x768 resolution. Coming with a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000000:1, it caters to the need of having rich colours and contrast. The inclusion of Zero Dots Led Panel makes it much easier for one to have pictures full of clarity. It has been made available at economic Micromax tv price of INR 13,634.

50K2330UHD: This 124 cm UHD LED TV has been engineered to provide the user with 4K entertainment that further gets accompanied by 1780 viewing angle. Offered at Micromax tv price of Rs 62,500, this device ensures brighter and sharper picture in order to engross the user. Coming adorned with the golden metal frame, this model comes with seamless bending design and glass back panel as well. The presence of box speakers along with 5 band equalizer offers the sound of clarity in order to make the entire experience a memorable one.

Why buy Micromax TV

Over years, many consumers have preferred Micromax TV models offered at affordable Micromax tv price due to different reasons:

Price: Offering unparalleled quality products at cheap Micromax tv price, the company has been the first choice for many for a considerably long tether.

Visuals and Audio: Relying on AVEA technology, the TV models offered by Micromax guarantee superior quality pictures that also come with the capacity to produce surround sound.

Appearance: Coming equipped with slim and thin bezel, most of the models are designed to add to the interior in the best possible fashion.

What We Offer You:

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Latest Micromax Television Price List in India 2018

Micromax Television Price ListPrice
Micromax 32T7260MHD 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 15051
Micromax 40B200HD 39 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 26504
Micromax 32T7260HDI 32 Inche HD Ready LED TV Rs. 13400
Micromax 32T42ECHD 32 inch HD Ready Slim LED TV Rs. 16542
Micromax 43X6300MHD 43 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 43990
Micromax 39B600HD 39 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 23501
Micromax 20B22HD 20 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 8405
Micromax 32B8100MHD 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 16024
Micromax 40E1107HD 39 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 21790
Micromax 32B6300MHD 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 14999