Micromax Mobile Price List

Micromax is an Indian Mobile maker that has already occupied its place in the mobile phones segment in the country. It is the tenth largest mobile maker in the country. The company has released a varied collection of Micromax budget phones that has become a sure hit in the market. Many models like Micromax Canvas Spark 3, Micromax Canvas Amaze 4G and Micromax Canvas Juice 4G are some of the new releases in Micromax phones.

Here’s a complete Micromax mobile price list in India along with the information on the cheapest Micromax mobile in India online. We enlist a range of e-commerce platforms where you can shop for the Micromax mobiles. Buy from your preferred online store as we give you choice to shop from a pool of e-commerce platforms.

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Micromax Mobile Price List in India

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Latest Micromax Mobile Price List in India 2018

Micromax Mobile Price List Price
Micromax Canvas Infinity ProRs. 13999
Micromax X910ARs. 1599
Micromax Canvas Spark 4GRs. 4999
Micromax Canvas Juice 4G Q461Rs. 6649
Micromax Canvas 6 ProRs. 7750
Micromax Canvas 5 LiteRs. 4499
Micromax Canvas 6Rs. 7168
Micromax Canvas 4Rs. 22500
Micromax Canvas 4 Plus A315Rs. 6537
Micromax Canvas Fire 4GRs. 4999

All About Micromax Mobile

Micromax Mobile started its operations in the year 2000 in embedded device domain, later forayed into mobile phones business and now is India’s one of the largest mobile brands. After a decade from an establishment, Micromax Mobile is now one of the top 10 leading mobile phone manufacturers in the country. Especially known for the feature phones and entry level Android smartphone consumers. Micromax attracted users by its economical smartphones that come with updated technical specifications. The design highlights of the company are, Micromax X1i, which delivers a month-long battery. In the year 2010, the company has noted a sales record that surpassed Samsung mobiles sales to make the largest mobile phones seller. Micromax Mobile has gained a market trust among entry and mid segment smartphone consumers in India, which one of the lucrative space to do business in the country like India.

Micromax Mobile Specifications

  • Display:

    With feature phones and smartphones offerings, the display range on a Micromax Mobile starts as low as 2.4-inches and goes up to 6-inches. If you are looking to purchase feature phone from the house of Micromax mobile phones, then, you’d probably have to get satisfied with a small screen and low-resolution display. If you are looking to purchase a smartphone, then, you have a plenty of options to choose from in terms of the display size and resolution.

  • RAM:

    This is a significant part of a smartphone and you should take care of it when you are looking to buy a smartphone. Whether you’re purchasing a device for basic smart features usage or planning to turn it into your go-to gaming device, either way you have to make sure that the device have a good amount of RAM for multitasking. Because you never know when you need to multitask between couple of apps. Micromax mobile comes equipped with as low as 1GB RAM to 4GB RAM. Select from the filters on our website to get a dedicated list.

  • Processor:

    It’s all on a processor to decide how fast and efficient the performance of your device is going to be. During the early days of smartphones, Micromax mobile use to come with Single and Dual Core processors. But that has completely changed, thanks to the rapid development in the chipset industry. Micromax mobile usually comes equipped with a MediaTek processor in a sub-10000 price range. And as you go higher in the price range expect Qualcomm Snapdragon processors on these Micromax mobile phones. But most of the times you’d see MediaTek processors on these Micromax mobile phones.

  • Camera:

    The camera specifications on a smartphone have increasingly become significant in our lives. These days we don’t like to separately carry digital cameras or DSLRs for a fact. Instead, smartphone cameras have evolved so much that they offer high-quality outputs. Micromax mobile also claims to offer best in class camera specification on their handsets. Whether you are purchasing an entry, mid, or mid-higher smartphone from Micromax, they have got you covered.

  • Battery:

    Battery life is a factor as important as it gets for any electronic device. Android smartphones tend to have a very poor battery life, which could only get worse if the company hasn’t optimized it. But Micromax mobile claims to do the required on their all handsets. Most of the Micromax mobile handsets come equipped with a decent battery capacity, while some dedicated handsets sport large capacity battery. The low capacity battery is a usual site in the entry segment of the Micromax mobile phone range.

Types of Micromax Mobile

  • Entry-Level:

    All the feature phones and budget friendly Micromax Mobile phones come under this category. If your budget is under 10000 and you are looking for a decently powered smartphone, then you can surely check out smartphones from Micromax mobile price list. These handsets would come with as high as a Quad-core processor, decent camera package, and average battery life.

  • Mid-Level:

    This space is one of the most crowded in Indian smartphone industry. If you have a budget between 10000 and 15000, then, you are one lucky chap. Cuz you are treated as a most significant customer in the industry. Many smartphone brands release smartphones in this price category and they refresh the lineup quite fast just to stay active in the industry. Micromax mobile phones range is one of the most popular for its mid-range handsets. They come equipped with a powerful Octa-core processor, a large 5.5-inches screen with high resolution, at least 13 + 5 MegaPixel camera package, and a good battery life.

  • High-Level:

    Micromax mobile phones are quite rare in this price range of handset. Usually the high-end is defined by a price tag of as low as 30,000. But Micromax hasn’t released so far a product priced higher than 30K, which is why if you are looking to purchase a premium Micromax mobile, then, you won’t have to spend a high amount. There are a couple of Micromax mobile phones that you can purchase between 15000 and 25000.

Why are Micromax Mobile phones different from other mobile phones?

Micromax Mobile enjoys being called as one of the India’s largest selling smartphone brands for a reason. And that reason is why they are different than most of the mobile brands in the country. If you are still looking for a reason, then, you should know that Micromax mobiles are trusted among consumers for its easy accessibility and design features.

Frequently Asked Question on Micromax Mobile

  • 1. What is the warranty period of a Micromax Mobile phone in India?

    The warranty period of a Micromax mobile phone is 12 months, which is a standard policy by most of the smartphone brands in India. Under this warranty policy, devices are entitled for a cost-free repair or a replacement if need be.

  • 2. Does Micromax mobile offer frequent software updates?

    Not really, but the scenario is slowly changing as Micromax claims to offer software updates on their highlighted products.

  • 3. Tell me if Micromax mobile offers replacement warranty on its smartphone displays?

    Yes, but on select models from the Canvas range comes with a 1 year screen replacement warranty. You’d have to read the complete policy to know more about this.

  • 4. Do Micromax Mobile phones come with an IR Blaster feature?

    Yes, most of the Micromax mobile phones come equipped with an Infrared blaster feature that allows remote control of Air Conditioners, Televisions and other IR enabled devices at home.

  • 5. Can I use my 4G SIM card on a Micromax Mobile phone?

    Yes. These days almost all models from Micromax mobile come equipped with a 4G LTE support.

  • 6. Yu is a Sub-Brand of Micromax. Is it ture?

    Yes it is. Micromax launched their Sub-Brand Yu and it’s products are available only on Indian e-commerce portals. With this new product, Micromax is also stepping into health and fitness gadgets segments.

  • 7. How good is the battery life of Micromax mobile phones?

    A battery life determination takes more than just brand name. It requires model’s configuration. If you are going by the claims of company, then Micromax claims that most of their smartphones offer at least day battery life, whereas its different for feature phones.


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