Micromax Laptop Price List

Micromax is an industry leader when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and select consumer durables in India. The brand has the widest range of products that it has forayed into dozens of categories like Air Conditioners, LED TVs, sound system, power banks, and more. With over 60 models to embrace in the product portfolio. Micromax Laptop is one of the rapidly growing categories of the company. The company operates out of Gurgaon, Haryana, which is their headquarters in India. The brand has a presence in foreign countries like Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Pakistan.  

Here you get the whole Micromax laptop price list along with the information on where to shop for the cheapest Micromax laptop in India online. We list online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and even more. From where you can purchase the Micromax smartphones. 

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Micromax Laptop Price List in India

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Latest Micromax Laptop Price List in India 2018

Micromax Laptop Price ListPrice
Micromax Canvas Laptab II LT777 Laptop (Atom Quad Core/2 GB/32 GB SSD/Windows 10)Rs. 11999
Micromax Canvas LT777W Laptab II 11.6 Inch 4th Gen (2 GB/32 GB Windows 10, EMMC Storage) 2 in 1 LaptopRs. 11999
Micromax Canvas LT666W Atom 10.1 Inch (2GB/32GB EMMC Storage/Windows 10) 2 in 1 LaptopRs. 11999
Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1161 11.6 Inch (2GB/WiFi Windows 10) LaptopRs. 9190

All About Micromax Laptops

Micromax is an Indian consumer electronics manufacturer, which was founded by Rahul Sharma and his colleagues in 2000. Almost two decades in, the brand has grown as a big entity, which operates under various categories ranging from smartphones to consumer durable, and electronics accessories to laptops. The company’s achievement includes Number 1 position in the year of 2014 as a mobile phone provider. Micromax has clocked 1.8 million handsets a month sale in the year of 2013, since then the brand hasn’t stopped providing affordable computing solutions to Indian consumers in India.

Micromax Laptops Specifications

  • Operating System:

    This is a key feature when it comes to functionality of the Micromax laptops. On all of its laptops range, Micromax provides a pre-installed Windows 10 OS. While there is no interface level customization done by the company, they do indeed optimise the UI for touch screen enabled laptops. There’s a start menu that houses all the apps and functionality of the operating system on a Micromax Laptop. They can run Windows Store apps within Windows on the desktop rather than in full-screen mode. An interesting fact, Windows offers multilingual support for both keyboard and the interface, which can be changed through region and language control panel.

  • RAM:

    If you want the power of multitasking between a set of apps smoothly, then, the system must be equipped with a decent amount of RAM. The Random Access Memory (RAM) plays an important role when it comes to current usable memory. The apps running in background and app you are currently using are equally entitled to request RAM usage. For a device to offer decent multitasking experience, a 2GB RAM is recommended. And that is what you will see on the most of the Micromax laptops. There are a couple of models that even offers 6GB RAM for gaming and working on graphic intense applications.

  • Processor:

    The processing power defines the computing capacity of the machine and Micromax laptops are equipped with best-in-class Intel processors. These laptops offer a range of variety when it comes to Intel processor, they are powered by either an i3, Pentium, or Atom Quad-core processors. They promise to offer brilliant processing performance, letting you seamlessly toggle between work and play easily, with Snap Assist’s 4-window snap.

  • Display:

    Micromax laptops are ultra portable and thus their display size is smaller than usual laptops. The size range starts from 11.6 inches to 14 inches. They all come equipped with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, which is better than most of the usual laptops you see. Some models come equipped with touch enabled display, thus, allowing users to operate the UI using the touch screen instead of mouse pad or keyboard. This experience can be coined as a Hybrid interface, you get a regular laptop experience and a tablet experience as well.

  • Storage:

    With flash memory support on these Micromax laptops, the operating system boots faster than those laptops with HDDs. While Micromax also offers machines with HDD storage, they also have a wide variety of flash memory supported notebooks. You don’t have to wait for long to get started on these laptops. These flash memory equipped machines are up and running as soon as you press the power button to turn ON them. While the HDD equipped laptops don't come with expansion slots, the flash memory equipped models do come with an expansion slot. Up to 64GB storage can be expanded via Flash memory cards on Micromax Laptops.

  • Battery:

    The battery life on these ultra portable Micromax laptops is pretty great. The initially introduced models came with 4100 mAh capacity battery, which was later increased up to 9000 mAh on more powerful laptops. More processing power means more battery capacity required to last at least up to 10 hours. Be your productive best with these ultra portables, high performance, high capacity battery laptops from the house of Micromax.

Types of Micromax Laptops

  • Canvas Lapbook:

    This Micromax laptop offers an ultra portable experience that you won’t forget in your lifetime. Pre-installed with Windows 10 and equipped with Intel Quad-core processor, it delivers fast, smooth, and powerful performance at your doorstep. Replacing the usual notebooks, this Canvas Lapbook is your ultimate machine for work and entertainment. Edit presentations on the 11.8 inch IPS display or stream movies on the go on commute to work. The dual speakers make your entertainment experience triple fold when you watch action flicks.

  • Canvas Laptab:

    Your port of endless possibilities is here! This Micromax Laptab aims for the title of the smartest laptop ever. Equipped with touch screen display, it is your window to the world of possibilities. The lightweight portable laptop from the house of Micromax brings you a Windows 10 experience like never before. The screen isn’t detachable, but it indeed offers a tablet experience too. Without being a burden on your shoulders it offers an experience that you will love one first use. The Multi-angled docking and backlit keyboard are one of the features that makes your experience far interesting.

  • Neo, Alpha and Ignite:

    This series of Micromax laptops offers a high level of computing and storage. If you are not looking for the ultra portable, touch screen experience, then, this could be the best option for you from the house of Micromax. Priced affordable than its competition, they come equipped with the latest generation Intel processor. Thus, expect amazing performance, stunning visuals and seamless multitasking experience.

Micromax Laptops Price Range

Why are Micromax Laptops different from other laptops?

A Micromax laptop offers a best in class specifications and features when it comes to style and functionality. On top of being portable, they claim to offer up to 10 hours of battery life on their Micromax Laptab and Lapbook lineup. Not many brands have such variety and flexibility when it comes to laptop range. The price of these Micromax laptops is comparatively affordable than its competition in the market.

Frequently Asked Question on Micromax Laptops

  • 1. Do Micromax laptops comes with the detachable screen?

    No. The Micromax does not yet offer a detachable screen laptop, which is basically a hybrid tablet. If you are looking for such kind, then might we suggest to head over Lenovo and Acer laptop price list on our website.

  • 2. How much storage is available after deducting storage used by Windows OS and a pre-installed suite of apps?

    The Micromax laptop with flash storage comes with 32GB internal storage. But after OS and pre-installed apps storage is deducted, the user is only left with approximately 14.7 GB storage. And which is why there is an expansion slot provided by the manufacturer. Up to 64GB flash memory based card is supported in the slot.

  • 3. Can I upgrade the RAM on a Micromax Laptop?

    Yes for the models - Neo, Alpha and Ignite, while no for the Micromax Laptab and Lapbook lineup.

  • 4. Micromax Laptop has a 3G SIM card slot. So, it means I can make calls and send texts from it?

    Unfortunately, the calling and texting functionality is not available like a smartphone or a tablet. The SIM card slot is given so users could make use of the network to access the internet, but not to make calls and send a text.

  • 5. I hear Micromax Laptops doesn’t come with Wi-Fi. Is it true?

    Yes. Some models come with 3G SIM Card slot instead for internet connectivity. You can check on the description page for the Micromax Laptop you are planning to purchase whether it supports Wi-Fi or not.

  • 6. Does Touchscreen Laptab screen is detachable or it is fixed with the keyboard?

    The screen is detachable and you can use it independently without the magnetic keyboard docked using on-screen keyboard in Windows 8

  • 7. Are software applications available for free or we have to purchase them from the store?

    There are apps that are free to install & can be purchased also.You can install applications from Windows store. Windows Store has all the top apps from the brands you know and love.

  • 8. How to connect external DVD drive on my Micromax laptop?

    It's easy! If you own an external DVD drive, then all you have to do is connect it to the USB port on your Micromax Laptop

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