Lloyd Television Price List

Lloyd is one of the popular electronic giants which has been providing services for the past 6 decades. It has been reputed name for Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC & R), Defence equipment, and consumer durables.

The $500 million company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It has state of the art manufacturing facilities in 17 states across India. It has two design centers and two manufacturing plants in Europe.

Lloyd manufactures consumer Electronics & home appliances, engine cooling systems, commercial refrigeration system, original equipment for window and split AC systems, air handling units, HVAC&R heat exchange coils, industrial fans, Coolers, and more.

Lloyd segregated its services into two companies those are, Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd. (LEEL) and Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd.

Its vision is "To gain and maintain leadership through innovation."

Lloyd mission is "Ensuring profitable operations without compromising on integrity in thought and action for people and human values."

It provides LED TVs with a tag line of “Bring home the magic of cinema with Lloyd LED TVs.”

Lloyd provides LED tvs in three different screen resolutions. Those are 4K UHD (3840 X 2160), FHD (1920 X 1080), and HD (1366 X 768). The price of the TVs starts from 8,690 and goes up to 5,74,990. Many Lloyd TVs comes with some extraordinary features like an analog tuner, auto channel search, auto power off, auto volume leveler, digital noise filter and Dolby digital. It enables us to use the internet with wi-fi connection and USB slots too.

Lloyd competes with other top brands like Micromax TVSamsung TV , and BPL TV. In a survey of top 3 best three 4K LED TV's in India, it grabbed the third rank after Micromax TV and Sansui TV with its Lloyd L40UJR 40 Inch 4K LED TV.

Lloyd L20AM 20 Inch HD Ready LED TV, Lloyd L24FBC 24 Inch Full HD LED TV and Lloyd L28ND 28 inch HD Ready LED TV are few best releases from it which got good reviews.

The television market in India

Television has long been one of the most effective mass media and has gone through many developments as many multinational companies seek to incorporate the latest technological features. In its journey of having CRT TV transformed by LED TV, India has adopted new technology and Smart TV in no time. The increasing digitization has also contributed to the growth of television in the country. Besides the number of DTH users estimated to reach 62 million by 2021, the growth in the television industry is triggered by cheaper broadcast subscription rates and affordable price of TV sets. Despite the television market being crowded with companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Micromax and so on, Lloyd has been able to offer aesthetically pleasing yet technologically enhanced television sets at affordable Lloyd TV price.

About the company

Lloyd Electronics and Engineering Limited came into existence in the year 1989. Having shown impeccable skills in the domain of heating, refrigerator, ventilation, air conditioner and so on, the company is recognized as one of the largest heat exchanger producer within the nation. The company was acquired by Havells in the year 2007 for 1600 crore.

Here is the list of Tv models offered by Lloyd at affordable Lloyd TV price along with their specifications:

L32N2: This 80 cm LED television comes adorned with a number of features that ensure pristine images along with adding to the user’s experience. Offered at Lloyd TV price of Rs 20,990, this model The presence of the certified A grade panel unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for one to eliminate any dead pixel or spot in the central viewing area. The incorporation of the wide viewing angle guarantees comfort as well as convenience as one can enjoy the same accurate visual performance from any corner of the room. Putting cross-color interference away in compliance with the 3D digital comb filter, this model seeks to deliver sharper pictures. Other features include child lock, 8 ms response time, dynamic contrast and so on.

L20AM: This 49 cm LED TV model has been engineered to deliver quality pictures in compliance with 1366x768 resolution. Made available at cheap Lloyd TV price of Rs 9,990, this device also paves the path for one to have unforgettable experience, thanks to the incorporation of surround sound. The strategic inclusion of auto volume leveller makes sure that there is no unwanted disturbance in audio while changing the source. Besides coming equipped with multi-language OSD, this model is set to engross the user with superior quality visuals with the help of certified A grade panel. It also takes pride in coming with 3 years of warranty.

L24BC: Priced at inexpensive Lloyd TV price of Rs 14,990, this model seeks to gratify the needs of having a theatre like experience by amalgamating plethora of features that also make it stand out. Relying on 1366x768 resolution, this model comes embellished with sleep timer which further adds to the convenience of the user. The presence of the picture zoom feature lets the user zoom into the picture without creating any distortions in the image. With the PC-In feature, one can easily connect personal computer to this LED TV. Other features are inclusive of 3D digital comb filter, HDMI, USB, 14 ms response time, so on and so forth.

L32N2S: Creating the best opportunity for one to have unsurpassed quality visuals along with surround sound, this device has been designed to let the user stay connected with internet. One can also access broadband internet at ease, thanks to the inclusion of LAN connectivity. Offered at Lloyd TV price of Rs 27,990, this device comes equipped with Any-View Cast technology that enables one to watch the content of smartphone in a bigger screen. Banking upon the Linux platform, this model comes with JoyStick keyboard, 3D digital comb filter, 180 NIT brightness and so on.

L39FN2: Unraveling the reinvigorating scope for one to relish detailed visuals from any angle inside the room, this device has been manufactured to take the audio-visual experience to a whole new level. The central viewing area has been designed to eliminate any dead pixels or spots with the help of the certified A grade panel. Priced at economic Lloyd TV price of Rs 32,990, this device comes with numerous features like M-star platform, 3D digital comb filter, child lock, dynamic brightness and so on.

L39FN2S: Priced at Lloyd TV price of Rs 39,990, this device offers detailed pictures which open the avenue for the user to have an immersive experience, thanks to the inclusion of 1920x1080 resolution. Coming equipped with internet and interactive feature, this device also comes with in-built wifi connection that makes it much easier for the user to stay connected with the virtual world of entertainment. The Any-View Stream technology makes the daunting task of connecting smartphone to the TV device a cakewalk.  Besides coming equipped with digital comb filter, it also embellishes itself with dynamic contrast, 200 NIT brightness, VGA, USB, HDMI and much more.

L59FJQ: This 146 cm LED TV has been manufactured to be the perfect combination of aesthetics and innovative features. Paving the path for one to have unsurpassed quality visuals with certified A grade panel, this device comes with 1920x1080 resolution. While the 3D digital comb filter has been made to be adept enough at eliminating any sort of cross-colour interference, the presence of the High Definition Multimedia Interface makes it easier for one to enjoy superior quality videos at ease. This model comes at Lloyd TV price of Rs 69,990.

L50FN2: This model has been designed to engross the user with its capacity to offer breathtaking visuals and immersive audio experience. Priced at Lloyd TV price of Rs 53,990, this device is known for reducing the imperfections in image quality in compliance with the certified A grade panel. Clearer and sharper images are guaranteed with the 3D digital comb filter that is recognized for its efficiency to reduce cross colour interference present in the visuals. Coming with 178-degree viewing angle, this device has been adorned with features such as dynamic contrast, 1920x1080 resolution, 8 ms response time etc.

L49FM2: Made available at Lloyd TV price of Rs 50,990, this 123 cm LED TV carries superior qualities with it in order to embrace the user with dazzling visuals and engaging audio. Making it possible for one to relish each and every detail on the screen with 1920x1080 resolution, this device features certified A grade panel that guarantees unparalleled quality visuals. Apart from featuring 3 years warranty, this device has been embellished with button keyboard, M-Star platform, 3D digital comb filter, 250 NIT brightness and so on.

GL32H0B0ZS: Relying on a dual-core processor in order to meet the expectations of the user, this 80 cm LED TV has been crafted to provide a superior resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Priced at affordable Lloyd TV price of Rs 27,990, this device lets one enjoy unlimited applications, thanks to the incorporation of the app store. Taking the TV watching to the next level, it has included Any-View Cast in order to help the user play the content available on the smartphone on the TV. On the other hand, it also comes adorned with inbuilt wifi which eliminates the need for separate USB dongle.

Why buy Lloyd TV

Lloyd has been one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to purchasing a television. Amalgamating innovative features, they seek to add to the convenience of the user while facilitating them with unsurpassed quality audio-visuals. Here is why many people prefer Lloyd TV models available at cheap Lloyd TV price:

3D Digital Comb Filter: The efficiency of the 3D digital comb filter lies in eliminating cross colour interference that has the capacity to offer disturbing visuals. Adding to the engrossment of the user, this feature ensures crisp visuals and detailed images as well.

Smart TV:  Creating an opportunity for one to enjoy the world of virtual entertainment, most of the TV models offered by Lloyd have been designed to be a smart TV.

Auto Volume Leveller: The inclusion of the auto volume leveller makes sure that the user is not disturbed by the change in the level of audio while he/she changes the channel.

Why Best price On

Our aim to showcase user to best prices available to that specific product. Here we mention the whole list of Lloyd TV with their prices. Expert reviews, product descriptions, and TV comparison tool will help you to choose the best TV here.

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Latest Lloyd Television Price List in India 2018

Lloyd Television Price ListPrice
Lloyd L32HV 32 Inch HDR LED TV Rs. 17400
Lloyd L24FNT 24 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 13990
Lloyd L32EK 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 17990
Lloyd L40FIK 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 29500
Lloyd L40UJR 40 inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV Rs. 39900
Lloyd L50FLS 50 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 41000
Lloyd L28ND 28 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 14490
Lloyd L48UKT 48 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV Rs. 42550
Lloyd L58FJQ / L58B01FK220 58 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 53900
Lloyd L24ND 24 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 12490