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Korean based manufacturer LG, spread its supremacy across various electronic divisions. Mainly, it comprises of 4 business verticals and those are: Home Entertainment, Home Appliance & Air Solution, Vehicle Components, and Mobile Communications.

LG was established in 1958. In 1959, it manufactured Korea’s first radio and in 1966 it produced Korea’s first TV set. Within a span of 10 years, it introduced its range of telephones, refrigerators, and other electronic variants. The very first 60-inch Plasma TV was introduced by LG in 1995.

It is operational in 125 locations with 77,000 employees. During the 70's, it is one of the biggest companies which had a revenue of more than 100 Million dollars. In 2011, LG was world’s second largest television manufacturer. The company's vision is to create a happier and a better life.

The television market in India

The mass medium of television is much known for it widespread influence on the mass audience and continues to shape the social contours both in the rural as well as in the urban sphere. With globalization, India has observed a major shift in the TV market as more companies came in with some of the most innovative technologies in order to gratify the needs of the audience. Some of the companies that offer some of the most affordable yet technologically advanced TV models in India include Panasonic, Videocon, Onida, Samsung, so on and so forth. While the demand for Smart TV is on a new rise, the South Korea-based multinational electronics company LG has been able to provide the users with quality TVs at reasonable and competitive LG TV prices.

About the company

LG today is an enterprise that takes pride in having an asset value of $143 billion. After starting its journey under the name of Goldstar in the year 1947, LG went on to become one of the most trusted and leading brands in the sphere of electronics and consumer durables. They did merge with Rak-hui in the year 1958. Depending on cutting-edge technology and affordable pricing modules, they have become  one of the most sought-after brands.

History of the company in India

Even though LG took initiative to start their journey in India in 1993, they had no other option except closing the business due to the financial failure of their channel partner in India. However, they made a comeback in the year 1997 which changed the electronics and consumer durable scenario in India forever.

Here is the list of TV models offered by LG at affordable LG TV price along with their specifications:


OLED77W7T: Offered at a high-end LG TV price of INR 29,99,990, this model upholds the art of essence by delivering the breathtaking combination of innovative technology, pleasing appearance, and much more. Taking pride in having won numerous awards including Best of the Best CES 2017, this device seeks to offer a refined experience as well as eliminates anything and everything that can possibly distract the audience. Presenting the golden opportunity for one to stay immersed in the picturesque reality, it adorns itself with up-firing speakers that are adept at offering smooth high-pitch and low-pitch audio. Depending on self-lighting pixels in order to deliver the most beautiful visuals, this OLED TV is further accompanied by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Opening the door to premium content, this device has incorporated Magic Remote along with webOS launcher bar. The security manager included in this model has been certified by the UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program.

OLED77G6T: This 4K LG TV has been equipped with the capacity to engross the user with flawless audio and stunning visual experience. Priced at LG TV price of Rs 19,99,900, this device comes embellished with self-emitting pixels that have the capacity to provide the user with superior quality colour, contrast and clarity. Manufactured to be incredibly thin, this model features soundbar stand that is efficient enough to hold the components of the speaker in the most efficient manner possible. Revealing the best opportunity for the user to have the widest contrast range possible, it offers support for both generic HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The inclusion of the Dolby Vision facilitates one with the scope to stay entertained while experiencing distinctive enhanced colours. While the sound has been designed by Harman/Kardon, other features include ultra luminance, 3D colour mapping, active noise reduction, so on and so forth.

OLED65W7T: Featuring premium appearance, this model embraces the user with unparalleled quality visuals that are supported by self-lighting pixels. Catering to the need of having the opportunity to have premium cinema experience at home, this model has amaLGamated the power of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Manufactured to be compatible with HDR10 and HLG, this device fits into the interior right away. Offering complete peace of mind, this device ensures faster access and easier control at the same time. Other features that have been incorporated in this device are inclusive of webOS smart TV operating system, billion rich colours, natural voice recognition, 4.2 channel speaker system, and so on. All such features come at LG TV price of Rs 12,99,990.

OLED65E7T: Made available at LG TV price of Rs 5,84,990, this device offers the ultimate privilege to the user at possession by offering both design and performance at the same time. Detailed pictures are guaranteed with the inclusion of the LED self-lighting pixels that pave the path for the viewer to have the illumination of unmatched colour. Offered at LG TV price of Rs 5,84,990, this device has been equipped with Active HDR technology that offers a supreme quality performance by optimizing each scene for an immersive visual experience. The beauty of this OLED TV is that it can offer the user with the unique sound of each object in compliance with the Dolby Atmos. Facilitating the user with 8 different aspect ratios, it comes with 4.2 channel speaker as well as in-built magic remote.

Other models available in this series include:

OLED65B7T (Rs 4,49,990)

OLED65B6T (Rs 3,79,900)

OLED55C7T (Rs 3,34,990)

OLED55E6T (Rs 3,09,900)


86UH955T: Boasting of extended colour range and ultra-slim design, this model seeks to deliver unsurpassed quality experience by gifting the user with lifelike colours. Engineered to render detailed visuals accompanied by vibrant colours, it offers flawless picture quality, thanks to the incorporation of 8.3 million pixels. The IPS 4K Quantum display has been incorporated in order to embrace the user with the finest shades of colours while the ColourPrime Plus feature is adept at providing visuals enriched with a wide variety of realistic colours. Made available at LG TV price of Rs 11,99,900, this model can also do the precise colour adjustment in order to offer colour that is 64 times richer than conventional LCD television. Expressing darkness with the help of ultra luminance, this model also brings in the opportunity for one to have immersive and crystal-clear 3D experience.

86SJ957T: Ensuring accurate and rich colour for everyone, this model brings in the benefit of 4K resolution which is indeed the future of digital picture. Guaranteeing vivid details with 8.3 million pixels, this device adorns itself with Nano Cell display that paves the path for the user to experience more explosive colours. Designed to efficiently produce a wide spectrum of colours, this device also is adept enough to send extra current from darker areas to brighter areas for the sake of enhancing contrast in compliance with the ultra luminance. The presence of Jellybean app facilitates the user with the capacity to do video-calling without an extra camera. The unlimited content offered by the LG content store is ideal for those who look forward to staying entertained with apps, games, VOD and TV program. It comes at LG TV price of Rs 11,49,900.

79UH953T: Boasting of an ultra-slim design, this 4K Ultra HD TV has been manufactured to embrace the user with exceptional resolution as well as dramatic contrast. Incorporating both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, this model seeks to provide the user with pictures that are detailed and come with a great deal of contrast. The flawless picture offered is achieved with the IPS 4K Quantum that has the capacity to produce refined shades of a number of colours. Ensuring production of a greater variety of realistic colours, this device has been adorned with the ability to unravel the rejuvenating opportunity for the user to enjoy precise colour adjustment across the colour spectrum. Offered at  LG TV price of Rs 7,29,900, this device comes embellished with ultra-slim metal frame and an aesthetic appearance that add to the home in the best possible manner.

75UH656T: Incorporating stunning 8.3 pixels in a bid to rejuvenate the user with flawless visuals, this $K Ultra HD TV features High Dynamic Range Pro technology in order to highlight the accurate colour details on each and every scene. Made available at LG TV price of Rs 5,29,900, this model facilitates the user with the numerous benefits of IPS 4K display inclusive of true colour accuracy, blur-free clarity, stable screen and so on. The presence of webOS 3.0 enables the user to have unlimited opportunities for entertainment. The inclusion of the Magic Zoom feature helps the user to enlarge visuals while watching. This Smart TV also comes with the capacity to browse files from external devices, thanks to the inclusion of the SmartShare technology.

55SJ800T: Gifting the user with a resolution that is four times of full HD, this device comes with the capacity to gratify the needs of watching premium HDR content in compliance with the Dolby Vision and HDR10. Opening the door of the premium content, this device ensures super UHD cinematic experience by combining breathtaking visuals with audio by Harman/Kardon. Besides featuring the Jellybean app for video calling, this device also comes equipped with a magic mobile connection that makes it possible for one to enjoy smartphone content on the TV at ease. Other features include 2800 PMI, true 4K engine, 8 mode aspect ratio, so on and so forth. It has been priced at LG TV price of Rs 1,87,990.


65UJ632T: Paving the path for the user to relish a new standard of high definition, this model promises to offer accurate colour as well as a contrast from any angle, thanks to the incorporation of IPS 4K display. Priced at LG TV price of Rs 2,09,990, this device ensures blur-free and crystal-clear quality besides providing the user with every pixel in ultra HD resolution. Designed to process HDR10 and HLG, this model is adept at offering a breathtaking experience. The presence of Single Click Access makes it convenient for the user to add favourite channels and applications as shortcuts. Relying on advanced BLU technology, it features digital image processor as well as advanced LED panel technology.

55UJ652T: This 4K ultra HD model unravels the rejuvenating path for one to enjoy both wide viewing angle and stable screen at the same time. Incorporating professional grade colours, this model is able to keep colour and contrast consistent throughout while incorporating Active HDR technology that guarantees striking visuals. Made available at LG TV price of Rs 1,49,990, this device has been engineered to enhance details to near 4K quality. The presence of ultra luminance features makes sure that contrast is enhanced by sending the excess amount of current from dark areas to lighter areas. Apart from featuring music player, it comes with the magic mobile connection as well as magic zoom and expandable memory. Other features include a flat display, slim LED backlight module, 1600 PMI, colour master engine, 3 mode sound optimizer, Dolby digital decoder and so on.

Other models offered in this series include:

55UH650T (Rs 1,59,900)

55UJ652T (Rs 1,49,990)

49UH617T (Rs 1,14,900)

49UJ652T (Rs 99,990)

43UJ752T (Rs 89,990)

Smart TV

55LJ550T: Taking pride in being India’s only smart TV with webOS, this model comes equipped with IPS panel that ensures clear, consistent and sturdy screens. Offering colours identical to the original image, this device soothes the eyes with the help of images that are free from colour wash and contrast loss. Revealing the best opportunity for one to have access to the premium content with the webOS, this model comes with single click access that empowers one with the capacity to have fast access to contents that are used on a frequent basis. The presence of the WiFI Alliance certified Miracast ensures fast connection among TV, smartphones and tablets. Offered at affordable LG TV price of Rs 1,03,990, this device comes with the popular Time Machine feature that is efficient enough to record programs in order to help the user to watch it later. Banking upon the WiDi technology by Intel, this model also offers 20W powerful sound, thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Digital and DTS support. While the flexible wall mount lets the user rotate the TV, the colour master engine ensures picture with more intensity and depth.

49LJ617V: Branded as ‘smart satellite TV with webOS’, this model amaLGamates outstanding features that ensure breathtaking visuals and an overall immersive experience. Priced at cheap LG TV price of Rs 77,990, this model reinvigorates the user with striking visuals that are accompanied by immersive audio experience. Facilitating the user with a TV model that comes with less wired connection and single remote operation, this model feature telly-bean application that makes the task of video-calling much easier. Besides coming embellished with the WiDi technology, this model comes with a powerful sound that enhances both the viewing and listening experience. Besides offering virtual surround sound, this model offers enriched and vibrant colour that has the perfect amount of colour saturation, hue and luminance.

Other models offered in this series include:

49LH576T (Rs 70,500)

49LJ554T (Rs 68,990)

43LH600T (Rs 58,900)

32LH604T (Rs 38,500)


49LJ523T: Priced at inexpensive LG TV price of Rs 65,990, this model comes equipped with FM radio and amaLGamates many other features like IPS Panel, Colour Master Engine and so on. Embracing the user with life-like colours and wide viewing angle in compliance with the IPS panel, this model opens the door to the vibrancy that further gets accompanied by enhanced colours. Featuring Picture Mastering Index of 300, this device functions with the help of digital image processor, advanced LED panel tech and advanced BLU tech. Crafted to stay protected against lightning, summer heat and so on, this model works without stabilizer as well. One can stay even more entertained now, thanks to the wide variety of in-built games incorporated. Besides supporting regional languages, this model features adjustable TV viewing angle as well.

49LH516A: Catering to the need of having crystal-clear images in compliance with the LED technology, this TV features IPS Panel which is recognized for enriched colours that are free from colour wash and contras loss. Adorning itself with 20W powerful sound, it comes with the robust and sturdy design. The inclusion of built-in games like Jungle Hunter, Magic Bubble, Space Wars, Egg Catcher and so on ensures an entertaining experience. While the flex mount bracket caters to the viewing angle requirement, the presence of the Divx HD guarantees that one can easily enjoy various clips from the internet. It has been priced at LG TV price of Rs 62,900.

Other models available in this series are inclusive of:

43LJ548T (Rs 48,990)

43LJ523T (Rs 47,990)

43LJ531T (Rs 47,990)

43LJ525T (Rs 46,990)

43LH520T (Rs 45,900)

Why buy LG TV

Thousands of consumers have preferred LG over other TV brands due to the unsurpassed quality that LG brings at affordable LG TV price. Here is why LG is one of the best choices that one can make:

HD Quality: Catering to the need of watching content in HD resolution, LG manufactures most of their TVs to carry resolutions that guarantees an immersive experience while offering breathtaking visuals.

Audio Experience: Helping the consumers to have a memorable experience, the TV models offered by LG at inexpensive LG TV price come with Dolby Digital and DTS support.

Telly-bean Application: Inclusion of the Telly-bean application empowers the user to make video-calls with ease.

LG TVs are popular for its designs as they use cutting - edge technology.  LG TVs are mainly classified into OLED, LED, SUHD and Smart TVs. LG OLED TVs supports Dolby Vision HDR 4K and HDR 10 technologies which gives you a great TV viewing experience LG Smart TVs are loaded with innovation. The smart TV platform is incredible with features like magic mobile connection, magic zoom, magic remote and wireless audio devices. Some LG TVs provides webOS that delivers a world of content which includes live TV, streaming services. LG TV price range starts from INR 8,000 and goes up to INR 3,00,000.  

LG 65UH850T 65 Inch UHD 4K 3D Smart LED TV, LG 22LB470A 22 inch HD Ready LED TV  and LG 32LB5610 32 inch Full HD LED TV are few of its best releases.  

LG 42LB5820 42 inch Full HD Smart LED TV comes with a triple XD picture processing engine which has 8 picture modes. You can get access to use  Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and other apps. You can play video games as well. It comprises of 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports and also has a built-in speaker.  LG Ultra HD TVs offers good picture quality. LG Smart view app lets you to enjoy multimedia content on your LG Smart TV.

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Latest LG Television Price List in India 2018

LG Television Price ListPrice
LG 43UH650T 43 Inch 4K UHD Smart IPS LED TV Rs. 55750
LG 42LF560T 42 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 47370
LG 65UH850T 65 Inch UHD 4K 3D Smart LED TV Rs. 199999
LG 32LF561D 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 24020
LG 42LB6200 42 inch Full HD 3D LED TV Rs. 64893
LG 49UF672T 49 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV Rs. 83368
LG 65UF950T 65 inch Ultra HD Smart 3D LED TV Rs. 318000
LG 22LN4105 22 inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 13297
LG 49UF690T 49 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TVRs. 96940
LG 32LH562A 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 21494