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LG refrigerators in India are loved by all. Most popular among the Indian households, the LG refrigerators claims to offer best-in-class specifications. The industry reports claims that LG's customer care service is loved by their users. So, if you're looking to buy a new refrigerator, then, we suggest you take a look at the latest LG refrigerators in the market. 

LG Electronics is a Korea based company which was established in 1958. It was founded with the name of Goldstar at first. Later, it united with Lucky chemicals in 1995. Later it was renamed as Lucky-Goldstar. It was the producer of Korea's first TVs, refrigerator, air conditioner and radio. In 1978, LG electronics had a 100 million dollar revenue. LG provides its services under 4 categories. Those are: Home Entertainment, Vehicle Components, Mobile Communications and Home Appliance & Air Solutions.

Refrigerators, Washing machines, Dishwashers, Cooking appliances, Vacuum cleaners, Built-in appliances, Air conditioners, Air purifiers, Dehumidifiers are few major home appliances provided by LG.

LG refrigerators are known for their long life and quality. LG refrigerators are classified into 4 types; Side by Side Refrigerators, Bottom Freezer Refrigerators, Double Door Refrigerators, and Single Door Refrigerators.

The refrigerator market in India

With the improvement in living standards, the demand for consumer durables has gone up. And refrigerators are no exception. Backed by cutting-edge technology and innovative features, refrigerators manufactured by internationally renowned refrigerator manufacturers have long been an integral part of the Indian household. It has been estimated that the Indian refrigerator market has grown at a rate of 20% in between 2010 and 2016. Some of the most popular refrigerator manufacturers that dominate the Indian market are inclusive of Samsung, Godrej, Whirlpool, and so on. However, the South-Korea-based multinational electronics company LG has been able to cater to the need of the Indian market with its diverse range of affordable refrigerators offered at economic LG refrigerator price.

About the company

LG, which is one of the leading brands today in the domain of electronics and consumer durables, started its journey back in the year 1947 when Koo In-how started Goldstar. In the year 1958, it went on to merge with Rak-hui which is known for being the first South Korean company in the arena of plastic business. Today, they are a $143 Billion enterprise and take pride in having 2,22,000 proficient and skilled employees.

History of the company in India

LG started serving its Indian counterpart in the year 1993 but soon they had to close their business as their Indian channel partner was suffering from lack of financial strength. However, they entered again in the Indian market in 1997 and created an everlasting impact. Today, the company takes pride in having a facility in both Pune and Noida.

Here is the list of refrigerators offered by LG at affordable LG refrigerator price in India along with their specifications:

Single Door Refrigerators:

LG GL-B281BSDX: This 270L refrigerator comes equipped with smart inverter compressor that has been engineered to promote silent operation and possess unsurpassed quality performance at the same time. Offered at an affordable LG refrigerator price of INR 27,190, this refrigerator features 10 years of warranty on the compressor. The incorporation of the toughened glass shelves makes it easier for one to hold food items as heavy as 175 kg. Apart from the featuring moist balance crisper, this refrigerator comes with an anti-bacterial gasket which has been manufactured to keep the bacteria and dust particles away from the food and vegetables. It also features 21L vegetable basket, 3 shelves, and transparent freeze door.

LG GL-D241ASOY: Having a capacity of 235 litres, this refrigerator has been made to be efficient enough to run even during power cuts with the help of the Smart Connect technology. While the 10 years of warranty is the reflection of the unsurpassed quality, the 5-star rating helps the user to save money. The inclusion of the base stand at the bottom of the refrigerator paves the path for one to store more vegetables. It also features anti-bacterial gasket, door lock and humidity controller. It comes at economic LG refrigerator price of INR 26,890.

LG GL-B281BSAN: With 270-litre capacity, this single door refrigerator unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for the user to have ice 20% faster with the help of its patented ice tray. Apart from featuring 5 Star rating, it has been made adept enough to work without stabilizer at a voltage as low as 135V and as high as 290V. Making it easier for one to keep the food healthy and hygienic with the antibacterial gasket, this LG refrigerator comes embellished with toughened glass shelves, egg cum ice tray, moist balance crisper and so on. It is offered at affordable LG refrigerator price of INR 24,400.

LG GL-B241APZX: Being one of the most widely preferred single door refrigerators offered by LG, this model comes adorned with 235L capacity, smart inverter compressor, toughened glass shelves and many more. Available in Shiny Steel colour, this refrigerator can be connected to the home inverter so that it can run non-stop even during power cuts. Coming with 4 Energy Star rating, this refrigerator features moist balance crisper, fastest in the ice making feature etc. It has been made available at cheap LG refrigerator price of INR 22,890.

LG GL-D221APAW: Offered at an affordable LG refrigerator price of INR 21,890, this refrigerator is known for its capacity to embrace the user with unsurpassed quality performance and silent operation. Besides being powered by Smart Inverter Compressor, this refrigerator can hold heavy food items with the help of toughened glass shelves. The incorporation of the base stand with drawer provides the refrigerator with extra height and adds to its appearance.

LG GL-B221ASOX: This 215-litre refrigerator relies on an energy-efficient compressor that comes with 10 years of warranty. Facilitating the user with smooth operation even during long power cuts with the help of Smart Connect technology, this refrigerator ensures the correct balance of moisture with the inclusion of moist balance crisper. The 21-litre vegetable basket further adds to the convenience. This comes at the inexpensive LG refrigerator price of INR 21,590.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators:

LG GC-B519ESQZ: This 450L double door refrigerator comes with a bottom refrigerator and is supported by an inverter linear compressor. The presence of quiet and efficient inverter linear compressor, which comes with a 10-year warranty, has been engineered to save up to 32% energy and to produce up to 25% less noise. While the inside has been embellished with LED lighting, the incorporation of multi-air flow technology is able to keep all the foods and vegetables stored fresh. Designed to perform express freezing with ease, this refrigerator is offered at a high-end LG refrigerator price of INR 73,990.

LG GC-B559EVQZ: This 499L refrigerator amalgamates aesthetics and performance in order to satisfy the needs of a user. Offered at an expensive LG refrigerator price of INR 72,990, this product has been made available in Premium Gold colour. The presence of the Inverter Linear Compressor leaves the minimal carbon footprint and saves energy. The durable and energy-saving LED lights have been designed to emit less amount of temperature which in turn keeps the food and vegetables intact. Relying on eco-friendly refrigerant, this refrigerator comes with shelves that can fold.

Side by Side Refrigerator:

LG GR-Q31FGNGL: Offered at an LG refrigerator price of INR 6,17,990, this side by side refrigerator upholds the art of essence in order to gift the user with a new sense of life. The inclusion of InstaView Door-in-Door feature makes it easier and convenient for one to have the cold air loss reduced. Moreover, one can easily see the illuminated inside with two quick knocks. Users can also have the door opened as the smart sensor has been engineered to detect the foot if kept on the ‘Door Open Light’ projection. Unraveling the reinvigorating path for one to have astounding exterior, this refrigerator comes embellished with stainless steel finish. The user can also control the refrigerator with the help of Smart ThinQ technology. The fresh shield cooling feature has been incorporated in a bid to lock the freshness within the refrigerator. Other features include Custom Chill Pantry, premium LED lighting, and so on.

LG GR-J31FWCHL: Coming with a capacity of 889 litres, this refrigerator runs on a quiet and efficient compressor while reducing up to 41% cold air loss. Made available at high-end LG refrigerator price of INR 2,48,600, this refrigerator comes equipped with a door-in-door feature that lets the user have easy access to foods and beverages. Eliminating bacteria and bad odour with the help of the Hygiene Fresh technology, this refrigerator has been adorned with multi-digital sensors that can monitor both internal and external temperatures. While the Smart Diagnostic System provides one with the opportunity to diagnose problems in fast and effective manner, the presence of plumbing water and ice dispenser adds to the convenience of the user.

LG GR-B24FFWSHL: This 725L refrigerator, offered at a LG refrigerator price of INR 1,80,800, this device amalgamates efficiency and performance to add to the convenience of the user. Adorned with french door, it comes with two separate vegetable boxes and runs on Inverter Linear Compressor that can save up to 32% energy. Taking resort to 5-step antibacterial deodorization, this refrigerator is adept enough to keep the foods and vegetables away from odour and bacteria. The presence of multi-digital sensors ensures that the quality of the food stays intact for longer periods of time. It also comes with tempered glass shelves, LED lamp, ice maker, door basket, drawer etc.

LG GC-X247CSAV: Creating a matrimony of superior craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality, this refrigerator runs on inverter linear compressor that can reduce the noise up to 25%. The touch control pad lets the user choose between ice and water at ease. The multi air flow technology guarantees circulation of cool air to each and every corner. Engineered to eliminate up to 99.99% air-borne food contaminants, this refrigerator comes with express freezing as well. Keeping the interior temperature is not a daunting task anymore with the digital sensors. It comes at LG refrigerator price of Rs 1,64,790.

Double Door Refrigerator:

LG GR-H812HLHU: Available in Shiny Steel colour and at LG refrigerator price of Rs 82,990, this model comes with Door Cooling technology that is known for having the capacity to cool the refrigerator 35% faster. The presence of Ice Beam Door Cooling makes sure even cooling of every corner. The Fresh 0 Zone has been incorporated for the sake of helping one to save time that is usually consumed as foods thaw. The Smart Diagnosis technology is efficient enough to diagnose the issue and provide a solution in no time. Running on eco-friendly refrigerant, this refrigerator features anti-bacterial gasket and fresh zone as well.

LG GR-M772HLHM: Having a capacity of 606 litres, this refrigerator functions in compliance with ice beam door cooling technology. Taking the foods and vegetables through 5-step antibacterial deodorization process, this refrigerator features E-Micom which lets the user control refrigerator functions from outside. Designed to monitor and response to warm food, the digital sensors add to the convenience of the user. It has been made available at LG refrigerator price of Rs 79,990.

Other double-door refrigerators offered are:

LG GN-H702HLHU (Rs 74890)

LG GN-H602HLHU (Rs 70990)

LG GL-T542GTMX (Rs 67990)

LG GC-D432HLAM (Rs 62590)

Why buy LG refrigerator

LG has been enjoying an absolute reputation in the domain of refrigerator and here is why people choose it:

Lower Electricity Consumption: Most of the refrigerators offered by LG come with 2-5 Energy Stars which means that leave a smaller carbon footprint and help one to save money at the same time.

Innovative Features: Introducing innovative features in LG refrigerators available at economic LG refrigerator price, LG adds to the convenience of the user. Some of the widely appreciated features are E-Micom, Ice Beam Door Cooling, Smart Diagnosis and so on.

Fresh Food: Enabling one to have fresh food and vegetables with the help of Hygiene Fresh technology, the LG refrigerators have become the first choice of many.

LG Side by Side Refrigerators:

LG Side by side refrigerator comes with a unique feature of Dual Door-in-Door that offers huge storage capacity. It has an inverter linear compressor which takes care of food freshness even at low energy consumption. It is embedded with LG's Hygiene fresh technology that applies 5 layers of air filters. It comes with 10 year warranty. LG Side by Side refrigerators  price range begins at INR 50,000 and goes up to 2,50,000. Side by Side refrigerators are available from 400 liters to 1001 liters in capacity.

LG Single Door Refrigerators:

LG Single Door Refrigerator is India's first refrigerator which come with an inverter compressor. Its Power Cut Ever cool technology assures 7 hours cooling retention that ensures freshness of food. It is easy to clean as it has a removable airtight gasket. LG's single door refrigerators work without stabilizers. It has moist balance crisper, antibacteria gasket, and fast ice making capacity.  LG Single Door refrigerators ranges from INR 13,000-23,000.

Double Door Refrigerators:

LG Double doors refrigerators are available in stylish designs with innovative technology. Along with other common features it provides E- micron, moving twist ice tray. They starts from 100 lts and goes up to 500 lts. This type of fridges are suitable for a medium family(4 to 5 members).

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators:

Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer compartments are trending these days. According to consumer reviews LG bottom freezer refrigerators got top reviews when compared to others. If your kitchen is cramped, then this type of refrigerator is the best choice. These provide ample storage space, vibrant LED display, with electronic controls.

LG refrigerators reviews are positive.

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Latest LG Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

LG Refrigerator Price ListPrice
LG GR-M772HLHM 606 Litres Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 68489
LG GL-B201APRL 4S 190 Litres Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 14000
LG GL-F282RPOL/RGOL 255 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 27929
LG GL-D241AHAI 235Litre 5S Single-door RefrigeratorRs. 21990
LG GL-B281BTNN 270 L 5S Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 21540
LG GL-B292SMPM/SSPM 258 Litres Double Door Refrigerator (Paradise)Rs. 22550
LG GL-I292STNL 260 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 23990
LG GL-I292RSFL 260 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 27650
LG GL-I322RPOL 308 Litre Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 34150
LG GL-Q282SPZL 255 Litres Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 25370