Lenovo Laptop Price List

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company, which research, develop, manufacture, and sell personal computers(PCs), workstations, servers, smartphones, tablets, and electronics accessories. The company started its operations in Beijing, China in the year 1984. In the initial stages, Lenovo used to do the quality check on new computers, later the company has rebuilt itself and has developed a circuit board that was compatible with IBM computers. In 2005, Lenovo acquired IBM's computer business and has rebranded it as own with a variety of introductions.  

With a shipment of traditional personal computers standing at 2.16 million units in the first quarter of 2017, the laptop market in India has seen a 12.5% quarter-on-quarter growth from the last quarter of 2016. The market has seen an optimistic shift despite the impact of demonetization last year. With innovative and powerful computers becoming an integral part of life, the laptop market in India is on the rise again. What contributes to such a burgeoning need for personal computers and laptops is the growing need of banking systems, educational institutes, government projects and obviously individual needs. While there are many companies that have contributed to the growth of the laptop market in India, brands like Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, and Acer are some of the key players in the market. However, the China-based multinational technology company Lenovo has made a net profit of $530.44 million in the 2016-17 financial year as they shipped 55.9 million units of personal computers alone in 2016. Offering products made with superior quality craftsmanship, Lenovo enjoys a position of repute and honour in the Indian laptop market by offering laptops at inexpensive Lenovo laptop price.

About the company

Headquartered in Beijing, China, the Lenovo Group Limited, often known as Lenovo, is a $27.18 billion company that was founded by Liu Chuanzhi in the year 1984. Dealing with products under a wide range of categories such as tablet computers, smartphones, electronic storage devices, personal computers and so on, the company is one of those that stay in the forefront of the computer-related technological innovations. They have been recognized as the largest personal computer vendor by unit sales since 2013. Present in approximately 160 countries, they take pride in having their operations spread over more than 60 countries.

            In the year 1984, a group of ten engineers started the company under the name of Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Technology Research Institute New Technology Development Company. Even though they initially failed in their attempt to import televisions, they soon went on to build a circuit board that would assist the IBM-compatible personal computers in the act of processing Chinese characters. It was not until 1990 when Lenovo began the process of manufacturing and marketing computers under its own name.

            Striving to deliver quality products while keeping the Lenovo laptop price absolutely economic, the company today has around 60,000 employees and is estimated to have a revenue of $43.03 billion in the year 2016. Upholding their slogan ‘Different is Better’, the company aims to engross its user with the best of products.

            After entering the smartphone market in 2012, the company acquired Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014. Today, in India, Lenovo is a brand that has become synonymous with cost-effective computer devices built with ultimate care and with the latest innovative technology.

History of the company in India

The market share enjoyed by Lenovo within the territory of India has grown to a significant extent after they decided to expand its market share in developing countries.  To reach every remote corner of the country, the company has gone to collaborate with 40 regional distributors. However, their personal computers are sold through five national distributors such as Ingram Micro and Redington. To serve the Indian consumer base, the company has opened 7000 smartphone retail outlets. They have also collaborated with HCL in a bid to set up 250 service centres across 110 cities. Relying on cheap Lenovo laptop price, the company has been able to rule in the Indian market for a considerably long tether by now.

Here is the list of laptops that Lenovo offers along with their specifications and price:

Lenovo Ideapad:

Legion Y Series:

Legion Y720: Unraveling a rejuvenating path for a user to have an incredible gaming experience, the Lenovo Legion Y720 brings in the next generation graphics with the help of the NVIDIA Pascal. Besides offering reduced boot time and faster in-game loading, this PC has been recognized as the first Dolby Atmos integrated laptop in the world. While the dual metal fans keep the processor cool, the PC has been engineered for resilience. The Thunderbolt incorporated in this laptop lets the user transfer data at speed of up to 40GB per second. This high budget laptop comes at the Lenovo laptop price of INR 1,50,299.

Legion Y520: Designed to be essentially a gaming laptop, the Legion Y520 is branded as a portable gaming PC that offers speed and optimal performance while staying cool due to the thermal engineering. Functioning with the help of 7th generation Intel core processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050, the laptop offers clarity and soothing visuals via its 39.62 cm display. Superfast speed is further ensured by 512GB of PCIe SSD storage or 2TB of HDD storage. The inclusion of 2x2w Harman speakers ensures that the user gets to experience premium quality Dolby audio. It also features Lenovo Nerve Sense that is adept at customizing settings and facilitates the user with greater control. Being only 25.8 mm thick, this 2.5 kg laptop is easy to carry as well. Priced at a high Lenovo laptop price of INR 80,999, this machine is mean.

700 Series:

Ideapad 720S: Offered at an expensive Lenovo laptop price of INR 90,199, the Ideapad 720S has been engineered to be feather-light and is available in both 13” and 14” screen sizes. Besides being startlingly sleek, the laptop is an amalgam of features like always-on charging, 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, visual clarity with UHD resolution and so on. While the NVIDIA offers advanced graphics performance, the JBL premium audio speakers gifts the user with a breathtaking an immersive audio experience.

Ideapad 710S: Branded as ‘Jaw-dropping performance and eye-catching design’, the Ideapad 710S has been designed to be 50% thinner than other laptops in the same category and boasts of weighing just 1.1kg. While the 13” QHD display ensures bright and sharp visuals, the inclusion of Intel Iris graphics will definitely improve the entertainment experience for the user. The built-in JBL speakers provide the user with the full impact of surround sound. Offered at high Lenovo laptop price of INR 77,999, this laptop includes features such as up to 16GB LPDDR3 memory, storage up to 512GB PCIe SSD, and up to 8 hours of local video playback among others.

Other models available at an economic Lenovo laptop price under the Lenovo Ideapad series are:

Lenovo 520S: Rs 57,099

Lenovo 520: Rs 54,199

Lenovo 510: Rs 58,499

Lenovo 510S: Rs 56,299

Lenovo 500: Rs 48,399

Lenovo 500S: Rs 53,199

Lenovo 320: Rs 23,999

Lenovo 320S: Rs 41,099

Lenovo 310: Rs 31,199

Lenovo 320: Rs 21,399

Lenovo 110: Rs 21,299

Lenovo Miix 510: Rs 80,199

Lenovo Miix 320: Rs 18,099

Lenovo Miix 310: Rs 18,099

Lenovo Yoga:

Yoga 700: Being one of the prominent variants of the Yoga series, the Yoga 700 series comes with two models i.e. Yoga 720 and Yoga 710. Banking upon the latest Intel Core i7 processor, the models amalgamate Windows 10 Home, NVIDIA technology, and more. While the Yoga 710 adorns itself with 8GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD storage, 10-point multitouch display, the Yoga 720 brings with it 16GB DDR4 memory, 512GB SSD storage, and 13.3”4K UHD IPS display. With the Yoga 710 comes at a high Lenovo laptop price of INR 66,399, the Yoga 720 has been made available at INR 87,999.

Yoga 500:  Facilitating the user with an opportunity to get immersed in the multimedia experience, the Yoga 500 series has been designed to empower the user with four classic modes. The Yoga 520 has been embellished with an i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 memory, up to 512GB PCIe SSD or up to 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 940 Max which altogether, in turn, ensures smooth performance. On the other hand, the Yoga 510 is a perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance guaranteed by 8GB DDR4 memory, 1TB HDD storage, and i7 processor. Made available at INR 49,399 and INR 51,599, the Yoga 500 series comes at reasonable Lenovo laptop price.

Yoga 900: Designed to be 2-in-1 laptops, laptops in the Yoga 900 series have been built with ultimate care and superior craftsmanship. Priced at an expensive Lenovo laptop price of INR 1,27,799, the Yoga 900 has been designed to be thin, elegant, it comes with 360-degree watchband hinge for flexible sharing. Functioning with an i7 processor, this laptop comes with a 13.3” QHD display, up to 16GB LPDDR3 memory, up to 512GB PCIe SSD storage, and up to 9 hours of battery life. On the other hand, the Yoga 920 Vibes comes with 16GB DDR4 memory, 1TB PCIe SSD storage, and always on charging. It costs INR 1,49,990.

V Series: Ideal for cost-conscious users, the Lenovo V series laptops have been engineered to cater to the need of frequent business travellers as well. Ensuring responsive performance, these models incorporate innovative design and have been made to be ultra-portable. Models available in this series are V110, V310 and V510. All of these models have been adorned with a high-resolution display, performance-enhancing keyboard, long-lasting durability, and flexible configuration. Priced at an economic Lenovo laptop price of INR 24,899, INR 26,599, INR 32,299 respectively, the V110, V310 and V510 bring powerful graphic performance and enhanced security as well.


X Series: Engineered to be light and slim, models in the X series come with long battery life that facilitates the user with extreme mobility. Models available under this series are X1 Yoga, X1 Carbon, and X270.

E Series: Unraveling the rejuvenating avenue for users to enjoy distinctive design along with small business tools, the Lenovo E series comes with models such as E470 and E450.

T Series: The flagship laptop series launched by Lenovo has been designed to engross the user with smooth performance and extreme durability. Laptops available in this series are ThinkPad 25, T470s, T470 and T440p.

Thinkpad 13: Engineered to be light yet powerful, the ThinkPad 13 has been created to be a perfect fusion of mobility and productivity. The 13” Windows version comes at a high Lenovo laptop price of INR 78,999.

Thinkpad Yoga: Being a premium quality 2-in-1 convertible Ultrabook, the Thinkpad Yoga has been designed to empower the user with four usage modes namely laptop, tablet, tent, and stand. Models available under this series are Yoga 370, Yoga 260, and Yoga 12.

Yoga L: Catering to the needs of those who look for a laptop that is tough yet can work as a functional business laptop, the Yoga L comes with great performance and enterprise-worthy security. The Lenovo L470 model has been made available at a reasonable Lenovo laptop price of INR 50,699.

P Series: The P series has been dedicatedly designed to become quick portable workstations. Models available in the P series are P51s (INR 1,16,099), P50 (INR 2,42,999), P40 Yoga (INR 1,31,699). Offered at expensive Lenovo laptop prices, these laptops come with a light yet long battery life, vivid display, high-durability, and high-definition display.

Why buy Lenovo laptops

Offered at economic as well as expensive Lenovo laptop prices, the Lenovo laptops have been preferred by many over other brands due to:

Dedicated Assistance: While all laptop come across occasional issues, Lenovo’s customer-centric approach is appreciable. It has a dedicated support and offers impeccable assistance to its customers.

Innovative Features: Catering to different needs, Lenovo laptops are manufactured based on needs i.e. gaming and business among others.

Where to buy Lenovo laptops from

One can easily buy Lenovo laptops from online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and so on. However, retails stores spread across the country are also the destination for many when it comes to purchasing Lenovo laptops at economic Lenovo laptop price. However, one must make sure that the seller is authorized by Lenovo because purchase made via unauthorized dealer comes with potential problems.

Moving further, the Chinese maker has entered into the smartphone market in 2012 and is a largest mobile phone maker in Mainland China. From PCs to Laptops to Notebooks to ultrabooks, Lenovo has efficiently emerged with technological advancements. So, if you have been looking to purchase a Lenovo Laptop in India, we suggest you take a look at this price list. We keep this list updated with latest Lenovo laptops, whether you talk about business or personal laptops range. Lenovo ThinkPad and Lenovo Yoga Laptops are quite popular in the industry. If you're looking for either of them, then we suggest you browse through this Lenovo Laptop price list. HP and Dell Laptops are their primary competitors.

We are a place where you can browse, compare and buy latest Lenovo laptops at best online price. With us, you can discover a wide range of Lenovo laptops at economical prices. Our laptop comparison is a pro-feature, where you can compare many Lenovo notebooks. Our Lenovo laptop price is the best deals that you will ever get in the online space.

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Latest Lenovo Laptop Price List in India 2018

Lenovo Laptop Price ListPrice
Lenovo B50-70 Notebook (4th Gen Ci5/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph)  (59-427747) LaptopRs. 52490
Lenovo Core i5 7th Gen Ideapad 510 Notebook (8 GB/1 TB/15.6 Inch/Windows 10 /2 GB) LaptopRs. 57309
Lenovo 310 Core i5 6th Gen - (8 GB/1 TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/2 GB Graphics) IP 310 NotebookRs. 49490
Lenovo Ideapad 500 Core i5 6th Gen IP 500 (8 GB/1TB/Windows 10/4 GB) 15.6 Inch LaptopRs. 62685
Lenovo essential G50 (59-442243) Laptop (Core i3 4th Gen/4 GB/1 TB/DOS)Rs. 26900
Lenovo Ideapad G50-70 (59-422432) Laptop (Core i3 4th Gen/2 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 GB)Rs. 30000
Lenovo Ideapad Z51-70 (80K60021IN) Laptop (Core i5 5th Gen/8 GB/1 TB 8 GB SSD/Windows 8 1/4 GB)Rs. 58400
Lenovo Yoga 300 Laptop (Pentium Quad Core/4 GB/500 GB/Windows 8 1)Rs. 28590
Lenovo Yoga 500 Laptop (Core i7 5th Gen/8 GB/1 TB/Windows 8 1/2 GB)Rs. 67043
Lenovo Essential B40-80 (80LS0015IH) Laptop (Core i3 4th Gen/4 GB/1 TB/Windows 8 1)Rs. 34590

Frequently Asked Question on Lenovo Laptops

  • 1. How to Change brightness on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop ?

    Sometimes the screen will dull if not plugged in to save the battery. If this happens when your laptop is plugged into to a power unit. Then, the conclusionis that brightness is set to low. To increase the brightness setting of LCD display, press and hold the Function (Fn) key, then press the up key. To decrease the brightness, press and hold the Fn key, then press the down key.

  • 2. What is the difference between a Notebook and Laptop?

    A notebook is an extremely lightweight personal computer. Notebooks are designed aesthetically to be lightweight. The regular laptops are somewhat larger in size than notebooks, as well as heavier.

  • 3. What are the good and bad parts of a Lenovo laptop?

    Considering every laptop isn't perfect, Lenovo laptops to have good and bad parts. It is based on personal opinion, there's nothing universal about it.

  • 4. What are the pros and cons of Lenovo laptops?

    Talking about pros of Lenovo laptops, they tend to offer low-cost high-performance machines compared to the Dell and HP. Whereas there are no particular cons, but there are some Lenovo laptop series that one must avoid.

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