Lenovo Hard Disk Price

Have you been hunting for a good reliable hard disk drive? But not had any luck so far? Well, that is frustrating! Which is why we suggest you to take a look at Lenovo hard disk price list. There are couple of different types of requirements that people looking for a hard disk have. If you’re looking for a HDD portable drives, then, this is the right place, else, we would suggest you to look for SSD drives in the search box. Lenovo is not a primary hard disk manufacturer, but it indeed has a great reputation as an electronics maker. They make laptops, smartphones, tablets and various types of computer peripherals. So, it should be hard to you to convince yourself of the fact that Lenovo has a wide range of hard disk drives in the market. Talking about the Lenovo Hard disk price range, it starts as low as Rs 3,699, which is an affordable price tag if you’re not aware of the hard disk market.

Lenovo Hard Disk Price List in India

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Latest Lenovo Hard Disk Price in India 2017

Lenovo Hard Disk Price Price
Lenovo F309 1TB External Hard DiskRs. 3690
Lenovo F308 1 TB External Hard DiskRs. 3999
Lenovo F309 2TB External Hard DiskRs. 5599
Lenovo F310S 1TB Portable Hard DriveRs. 5999
Lenovo Iomega Storeceter IX4 300D 4 Bay Diskless External Hard DiskRs. 115281