LCD TV Price List In India

LCD is Liquid-Crystal Display, the first consumer LCD Television set was introduced during the early 2000s. LCD TVs surpassed sales of CRTs (Cathode Ray Tube) Televisions in 2007. LCD TVs uses CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lights) at the back of the screen. Though, that quickly changed when white and colored LEDs were used by manufacturers for backlighting. We present you with an LCD TV price list in India available for purchase.

Factors affecting the LCD TV price list in India are screen size, display resolution, USB, Wi-Fi, Smart TV and more. For Televisions enthusiasts, having a large flat screen Television isn’t all they want. There are lots of smart features that are desired by such consumers. During the early era of LCD TVs when CCFL was used by Television manufacturers, they quickly displaced the competitor, plasma Television sets. The LCD TVs are by far the most widely produced and sold television display type.

For consumers looking to get an LCD Television, our LCD TV price list in India should help them. This section lists all the LCD Televisions available in the market. The LCD TVs comes in different sizes such as 22-inches, 32-inches, 40-inches, and above. The most popular display size among LCD TVs is 32-inch. Most consumers look for Full HD resolution in an affordable price tag. We recommend getting at least a 40-inches LCD TV with full HD resolution and Smart OS functionality. This will ensure immersive and interactive viewing experience on your LCD TV.

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LCD TV Price List In India in India

LCD TV Price List In India Price
Activa 6003 32 Inch FULL HD (FHD) LED TVRs. 11,879
LE-DYNORA LD-1701 16 Inch Smart HD Ready LCD TV Rs. 7,323
Rayshre REPL19LCDM1 19 Inch HD Ready Smart LCD TV Rs. 7,117
Samsung 40K5100 40inch Full HD LED TVRs. 37,353
Yug 22V87 22 Inch Full HD LCD TV Rs. 5,989