Koryo Television Price List

Have you been looking to purchase a Koryo LED TV in India? Then, you are at the best place! Keep reading below for best shopping experience. 

Koryo is an Indian electronics brand launched by the Future Retail group as a way to cater budget consumers in the country. The Future group claims that they offer best in class televisions with the Koryo TV range . There was a requirement of an electronics player in India, which offered an affordable set of televisions. Koryo TV was released in India sometime in late 2006. Since then the brand has grown its television range and business to great heights.  

Here we have a whole Koryo TV price list along with the information of the cheapest Koryo TV in India online. With us, you can get the information on where to purchase the Koryo TVs in India online. We enlist a range of leading e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and more.

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Koryo Television Price List in India

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  • Funai(3)
  • Haier(22)
  • I-Grasp(5)
  • ITH(4)
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  • Infinity-Electric(1)
  • Intec(3)
  • Intex(12)
  • Koryo(1)
  • Krisons(2)
  • LE-DYNORA(0)
  • LG(109)
  • LeEco(3)
  • Live(1)
  • Lloyd(17)
  • Lunar(3)
  • Maser(0)
  • Melbon(1)
  • Micromax(45)
  • Mitashi(21)
  • Morgan(0)
  • Nacson(3)
  • Nelson(1)
  • Nextview(2)
  • Noble-Skiodo(1)
  • Onida(20)
  • Oscar(6)
  • Panasonic(58)
  • Philips(21)
  • Primark(3)
  • Ray(0)
  • Rayshre(0)
  • SVL(5)
  • Samiraso(0)
  • Samsung(102)
  • Sansui(23)
  • Skyworth(7)
  • Sony(50)
  • SoundWood(0)
  • TCL(0)
  • Toshiba(4)
  • Videocon(45)
  • Visionoid(0)
  • Viveks(1)
  • Vu(18)
  • Weston(5)
  • Worldtech(3)
  • Wybor(5)
  • Yug(1)
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  • Activa(2)
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Latest Koryo Television Price List in India 2018

Koryo Television Price ListPrice
Koryo KLE20DLBH 20 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 9990

All About Koryo TV

The Future Group has a variety of brands like BigBazaar, Central, Home Town, and EZone Online under its name. They felt a need of in house electronics brand because the home & kitchen appliances in India were pretty costlier back than in 2006. Now with a decade of service, the company has grown its electronics range from home appliances to electronics items like TVs and accessories. Focusing on offering a range that’s affordable for most of the households in India. Koryo TVs comes equipped with a display resolution, connectivity and audio features that are of high quality. Sporting a slim and elegant look, a Koryo TV will surely light up your living room. Promising an immersive experience, Koryo TV offers a wide range of models fitting the requirements of each and every household in India.

Koryo TV Specifications

  • Display:

    Offering highest quality one can expect from an affordable product, Koryo TVs comes equipped with an industry standard display technology. The display resolution starts at HD (1366 x 768) and goes up to Full HD (1920 x 1080) on Koryo TV models. In terms of the size, Koryo TVs comes in the size range from as small as 20 inches to as large as 43-inches. Thus, catering the needs of all types of households in India.

  • Connectivity Features:

    Do require an HDMI, USB and Bluetooth connectivity on your TV? Is it a necessary functionality for you? If it's yes, then, you’re in for a treat. Koryo TVs come equipped with all these connectivity features. Whether you want to stream movies from a pendrive or mirror your laptop screen to browse on a large screen or play audio using Bluetooth, Koryo TV offers it all. You get all these features at an affordable price tag.

  • Audio:

    Speakers is an entity on your TV that measures how good or bad the audio experience can be. Of course, the impact of the speaker would depend on how big/small the room, but a standard needs to be maintained considering the average living room. Koryo has maintained a standard of up to 10W RMS speaker output across their TV range in India. Some models come with Bluetooth support for audio, which is convenient.

Types Of Karyo TVs

    Koryo TV Price Range

    Why are Koryo TVs different from other TV brands?

    Koryo is a brand that lives to tell the story of an underdog brand. There are many electronics brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic though they can lead the Television industry together, that no other brands can penetrate this market. But they didn’t knew what strike them when Koryo made its debut in the market. Quickly it becomes popular among the affordable appliances consumes in the country. The Indian electronics brand brought to you by Future Group practices costing techniques that are not practised by any big brands in India.

    Frequently Asked Question On Koryo TV

    • 1. What is the warranty of the Koryo TV in India?

      The Koryo TVs comes with 12 months warranty, which makes users entitled for cost free repair or replacement under the warranty period if need be. Only the manufacturing defect is covered under the warranty period.

    • 2. Does wall mount kit come inside the retail box unit of Koryo TVs?

      Yes. The wall mount kit comes with all Koryo TVs inside the retail box. You should ask for installation of the wall mount to the customer care service.

    • 3. Can I play MP4 format on Koryo TVs?

      Yes. The MP4 format is supported on all the Koryo TVs.

    • 4. Does all Koryo TV comes with two HDMI and two USB ports?

      No. This depends on the model, not all Koryo TVs comes with a HDMI and USB port.

    • 5. Is there a headphone jack port on Koryo TV?

      Yes. The Koryo TV comes equipped with a headphone jack. This allows you to enjoy movies and music in private.