Kelvinator Washing Machine Price List

Kelvinator is a US based company which is a child company of Swedish firm Electrolux. which is owned by the Swedish home appliances company Electrolux. The name Kelvinator is derived from a scientist named William Thompson, who developed the concept of absolute zero. The company has expanded its services into ice-boxes and domestic refrigerators manufacturing. Founded in 1914, the brand has been a household name internationally and all over South Asia.

Most of the Kelvinator washing machines are plastic build and come with top loading technology. An entry level Kelvinator washing machine costs around Rs 8000 and comes with semi-automatic technology, 6kg capacity, Pulsator washing method, Water Level Selector and a transparent window display.

Whereas a high-level Kelvinator washing machine comes with additional features like fully-automatic technology, 6.5kg capacity, LED display, Child Lock, Memory Backup, Auto Balancing, Eight Wash direction, Fuzzy Logic, and Auto Error Detection. However, the mid-range Kelvinator washing machines do not come with an in-built heater.

These washers come with 2-year product warranty and 4 years of washing motor warranty. According to the company guidelines, no physical damages will be covered under warranty but only manufacturing defects.


The washing machine market in India

The washing machine has become an integral part of life in both urban and semi-urban sector, delivers impeccable services when it comes to saving time and getting the laundry done. Even though the washing machine penetration in India has been estimated to be around 9%, the demand for washing machine has been going up because of the convenience that it offers. Fuelled by cheap washing machine prices, the growth in the washing machine market in India is on a new rise.

Some of the brands that dominate the washing machine landscape in India consist of LG, IFB, Samsung, Siemens, so on and so forth. However, Kelvinator has been able to sustain in the competitive market for quite a long tether. They are doing this with their feature-enriched products that are offered at economical prices.

About the company

Having earned a reputation as a key home appliance manufacturer, Kelvinator is one of the topmost brands that are trusted for being able to deliver quality products at affordable price. Founded by Nathaniel B. Wales in 1914, the company started off with the idea of introducing a practical electric refrigeration unit.  

Funded by Arnold Goss, the then secretary of the Buick Automobile Company. The company went on to market household mechanical refrigerators under the name of Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company. The company was named after the British Physicist Lord Kelvin in the year 1916. 1918 brought a turning point for the company as they were able to introduce the first refrigerator with automatic control. They are owned by Electrolux, as of today.

Here is the Kelvinator washing machine price list along with their specifications:

Kelvinator washing machine Spark KS6032TB-FBU: Adding to the convenience of the user, this Kelvinator washing machine has been engineered to carry a plethora of features that will leave the user amazed. Catering to the need of washing different types of clothes at ease, the multi-wash program gratifies the user in the most efficient manner possible.

On the other hand, the lint collector has been made to adept at collecting lints from clothes in the course of washing. Helping the user to be aware of any unwanted error, the dynamic pulsator seeks to improve the user experience. Having a washing capacity of 6 kg, this Kelvinator washing machine functions with the help of 340 W wash motor and removes bacteria as well as microorganisms from clothes.

Kelvinator washing machine MIRACLE WM KS6714TR-FAU: Unraveling the rejuvenating path for one to avail superior quality washing experience, this washing machine has been manufactured with features like multi pulsator, anti-bacteria filter, lint collector and so on. The multi-wash program paves the path for one to wash different kinds of clothes at ease. The inclusion of the lint collector ensures efficient collection of lint which otherwise will have to removed manually.

While using a washing machine, there are chances that the tap is dry or the load is not properly balanced. In order to eliminate all such problems, the company has introduced the dynamic pulsator, which is adept at indicating all sorts of potential errors. Removal of bacteria and other micro-organism is guaranteed by the presence of the anti-bacterial technology.

Kelvinator washing machine MARVEL PLUS WM KS7363TR-FAU: Enabling one to have clean and fresh clothes on a regular basis, this Kelvinator washing machine is designed to offer efficient and effective washing experience. Fighting with the stains and germs at the same time, the washing machine comes at an affordable price of Rs 9,600.

Boasting of the multi-wash program with which one can actually wash different types of clothes, this Kelvinator washing machine is efficient at collecting lints which usually require manual labor. Performing the self-diagnostic function, the dynamic pulsator is able to inform the user about any sort of indication for errors caused within the machine.

Kelvinator washing machine MARVEL PRIME WM KS7364TB-FAU: Offered at an economical price of Rs 9,600, this Kelvinator washing machine takes pride in being adorned with features that are most sought after when it comes to a washing machine. The presence of multi-wash program ensures that the user is able to wash a variety of clothes at ease.

On the other hand, the incorporation of the lint collector technology paves the path for one to stay away from the manual practice of collecting lints after the cloth is washed. The dynamic pulsator is efficient enough to diagnose the conditions of the washing machine in case it is going through an error like load imbalance, dry tap and so on. The inclusion of the antibacterial technology makes sure that the clothes are protected from bacterias.

Kelvinator washing machine SAMRAT PLUS WM KS7823OB-DVM: Being one of the finest washing machines offered by Kelvinator, the Samrat Plus has taken the bid to amalgamate the essential qualities of a washing machine. Having a washing capacity of 7.8 kg means it can wash a heavy load at a time. This Kelvinator washing machine has been manufactured to function with the help of 375 W wash motor.

While the presence of multi-wash program caters to the need of having different kinds of the wash for different clothes, the lint collector ensures repeated engrossment with the efficient lint collection technology. Besides removing bacteria from clothes, this washing machine can also identify all potential errors with the dynamic pulsator technology. It comes at the cost of Rs 11,600.

Kelvinator washing machine SAMRAT PLUS KS7823DM-DVM: Crafted with utmost care, this Kelvinator washing machine is a true companion of those who need fresh clothes regularly yet suffer from lack of time. Ensuring minimal resources and optimum speed, it guarantees clothes free from bacteria, microorganisms, and odor in compliance with the antibacterial technology.

The powerful dynamic pulsator has been engineered to be adept at indicating any problem that may occur in the process of washing clothes. While the lint collector collects all the lint from clothes, the multi-wash program is ideal for different types of washing required for different types of clothes. It is offered at the economic price of Rs 11,600.

Kelvinator washing machine SAMRAT DX KS8524DM-DVM: Amalgamating some of the crucial features that make a washing machine stand out in the crowd, the Samrat DX comes equipped with features like anti-bacteria filter, lint collector, multi-wash program and multi pulsator. The multi-wash program ensures hassle-free washing for different types of clothes.

The lint collector has been incorporated for the sake of collecting lints as the clothes are being washed. Addition of the dynamic pulsator gives the user an ability to have the potential errors indicated. Functioning with the help of 400 W wash motor, this Kelvinator washing machine has a wash capacity of 8.5 kg. It is offered at the cost of Rs 12,100.

Kelvinator washing machine SAMRAT DL KS8524CG-DVM: Helping one with the daunting task of keeping clothes fresh and clean, this Kelvinator washing machine comes adorned with features like the multi-wash program, lint collector and so on. The multi-wash program provides the user with an opportunity to have different washing programs for different kinds of clothes.

The inclusion of the lint collector actually reduces the manual labor by taking away the lints as the clothes are in the process of being washed. Equipped with the dynamic pulsator, the washing machine can identify any problem that occurs in the course of washing. It is offered at an affordable price of Rs 12,100.

Why buy Kelvinator washing machines?

Durability and Style: Besides being extremely efficient at washing clothes, the washing machines offered by Kelvinator are designed to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Innovative Features: Incorporating innovative features, Kelvinator has come forward with a diverse range of washing machines that contribute to the comfort of the users.

Potential Error Identification: Introducing the dynamic pulsator technology, the Kelvinator enables the washing machines to identify any error that occurs in the course of washing.

Where to buy Kelvinator washing machines in India?

Even though the Kelvinator washing machines are highly available in physical stores throughout the nation, one can also go online and search in online retail websites like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon and so on.

A hefty amount of discounts offered by these online retailers during the festive season can benefit the user to a great extent. However, it is recommended that the user purchases washing machines from authorized dealers only.

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Latest Kelvinator Washing Machine Price List in India 2018

Kelvinator Washing Machine Price ListPrice
Kelvinator KS7315DM 7.3 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 10690
Kelvinator KT6521PF 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing MachineRs. 14290
Kelvinator KS7253DM 7.2Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 10990
Kelvinator KS7052DM-FAU 7kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 8890

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • 1. What's the starting cost for Kelvinator Washing Machines?

    Its depends on washing machine specifications & features, we suggest you to take a look at the Kelvinator washing machine price list and sort it by price. This list is updated regularly.

  • 2. Which type of Kelvinator Washing Machines is recommended to buy?

    Top loading washing machines are good in the Kelvinator Washing Machines lineup.

  • 3. How many years of warranty is available for Kelvinator Washing Machines?

    There are 2 Years comprehensive warranty available on product and 2 years motor warranty.

  • 4. How to Steel Drum is Best for a Washing Machine?

    Some main causes for steel drum washing machines is best. There are; Drum Durability, Resistance to Stains & Laundary Wear.